McDowell County Citizens listed in the NC Yearbook Index

Several McDowell County citizens are listed the NC Yearbook Index.

What is the North Carolina Yearbook Index? It is a website dedicated to indexing students listed in a variety of North Carolina Yearbooks.  Through this index, you potentially could locate a family member to learn more about their college years.

Is it worth researching? Well as of August 14, 2011 there are 28, 575 names in the index.

Here is an example of the information that you might find as you search the index. Note that you can view the yearbook. Once at the yearbook, you can perform a search with a surname and it will list all surnames throughout the yearbook.

id: 13998

Name: BURGIN, William Taylor

City: Old Fort

County: McDowell

State: NC

Year: 1923

Class: Senior

School: NC State University

Link: View Yearbook