Maps of McDowell County, NC

The maps at the USGenWeb Archives Maps Library are great visuals for counties lines and in what time period. This will help you locate where you should search for a particular reside during a particular time period.

In reviewing some of these North Carolina maps from the UNC Library collection, I noticed names of “homesteads”, creeks and mountains for location purposes.  Names such as Wm Hawkins, Jno Dobson, or Shadrach Creek, etc. By using the zoom, then the map locator in the top left corner, names can be identified.

1854 Survey Map of WNC Railroad: Second Section

1854 Survey Map of WNC Railroad: MacDowell County

1858 Map of the Surveys & Location of the Western North Carolina Rail Road

1881 Map of Railroad Tunnels

1894 Map of Marion, NC

1918 Old Fort, McDowell County, NC

USGenWeb Digital Collection of North Carolina Maps

Civil War Battles in NC Map