McDowell County NC

Nannie Wright Letter

Sept. 16, 1936

Old Fort, N.C.


Dear UncleNannie Wright Letter

How are you all by this time well I hope we are all well at this time

Will did Ellar get out of the hospital and how is she and the baby

Till her I said hello. I would like to  see her and the baby

Ill Uncle Will how is your cotton I guess you have got a pretty field of cotton by now I would like to come down there again. We sure did have a good time down there in June at the birthday dinner. We got home just fine that Sunday evening just before dark.

Your friend,

Nannie Wright



(age 25, mother of 2 children, got to 3rd or 4th grade. Has had 4 or 5 lessons in Adult School)

Wash Price Letter

Wash Price Letter
Wash Price Letter

Sept. 12, 1936

Old Fort, N. C.


Mrs. Day, I will write you a short letter about the adult school. I think it is fine. I have learned more about reading and writing and counting and I  hope it will last. Tell all will learn to read and write.


Yours truly

Wash Price




(age 55, wrote this letter without help. Father of 7 children. Interested very much in school)

Dora Dalton Letter

(This woman is 28 yrs. old. Mother of 5 children. She is a faithful Adult Student)Letter by Dora Dalton


Old Fort, N.C.   Sept. 16, 1936


Dear Teacher,

I will write you a few lines telling you about my trip to chimmily Rock to see the President. I enjoyed my trip just fine. I saw thing I haven’t seen before. I see an old fashion looms. I am 28 years old and han’t see one befor. I sure did enjoy see it and all so the President.

Your true friend.

Dora Dalton

Cherry Spring and Jackson Creek Adult Student Letters

Letter Covers
Letter Covers

I found the letters in my mother’s estate, along with the Adult Student newsletter. I have transcribed them for ease of reading. The letters were in a paperclip with a a front and back cover with the following titles

“Letters written by Students”

“Cherry Springs Classes and Jackson Creek Classes”

Click on the links below to review each individual letter by the following students:

Dora Dalton
Mary Davis
Eva Davis
Lurcie Harris
Maggie Price
Wash Price
Nannie Wright
















1901 Pension Applications Online for McDowell County

History for All the People  is a NC State Archives blog that has recently posted a blog about the 1901 Confederate Pensions project.

Through the Digital Access division of the department, they have begun scanning and uploading the Pension Applications Online.

You can access the site at North Carolina Digital Collections 1901 Confederate Pension Application Online. You can browse all the applications or type in surname of interest or McDowell County for results. (Or any of the 100 NC Counties)

Currently there are approximately 200 images for McDowell County, NC. Remember to bookmark and check back often as this is an ongoing project, only about 4,500 0f the 35,000 are completed.

Index of Veterans Schedule 1890

1890 Veterans Schedule Index: McDowell County

Township Veteran  
Broad River Township Robert Lankford Susan Learcy ~ Widow
John S Leakey
Crooked Creek Township Albert L Bird William Gultharie
James M Bradly ~ Deceased Alney B Halford
Philadelphia Bradly ~ Widow Francis M Harris
Benjamin M Burgen William Hogan
Joseph T Burgin James D Jackey
John C Condrey Milton P Lytle
Jonathan B Coxey Thomas Y Lytle
Job H Dalton Benjamin M Mann
Sarah Dalton ~ Widow Thomas W Noblitt
John W Davis William T Noblitt
Mary A Davis ~ Widow William Parker
Patric E Davis Enos G Sherrill
Robert Davis Finlys Township
Silace Davis ~ Deceased Joseph A Dale
Louis Genley Alfred M Haskin
Alfred M Gibson Thomas M Jones
Palon Gibson
McDowell Township Edward Carr Paul Kraemer
Jane Elliott ~ Widow Daniel Lucas
James M Hicks Archibald McAlister
Henry Hutchins Prissy Portis ~ Widow
Daniel A Kanipse William Sweeney
Joseph Williams
Montford Township Colman Allen Joseph Williams
Thomas C Bradley

Maps of McDowell County, NC

The maps at the USGenWeb Archives Maps Library are great visuals for counties lines and in what time period. This will help you locate where you should search for a particular reside during a particular time period.

In reviewing some of these North Carolina maps from the UNC Library collection, I noticed names of “homesteads”, creeks and mountains for location purposes.  Names such as Wm Hawkins, Jno Dobson, or Shadrach Creek, etc. By using the zoom, then the map locator in the top left corner, names can be identified.

1854 Survey Map of WNC Railroad: Second Section

1854 Survey Map of WNC Railroad: MacDowell County

1858 Map of the Surveys & Location of the Western North Carolina Rail Road

1881 Map of Railroad Tunnels

1894 Map of Marion, NC

1918 Old Fort, McDowell County, NC

USGenWeb Digital Collection of North Carolina Maps

Civil War Battles in NC Map