nc state archives

County Records Guide

The North Carolina State Archives is an overwhelming, treasure trove of information for the genealogy researcher. My visit to the archives was too short! I was there about 4-5 hours. The problem – I didn’t knwo what to expect or how to plan for the visit. I hope the information below will help you make the most of your visit.

To simplify and make the most of  your first visit, follow these guidelines:

  1. Find out what records are in the NC State Archives (see link below);
  2. Decide what information about your ancestor you want to research;
  3. Plan to be there when the door opens and leave when it closes;
  4. When you get there ask for a brief tour or map of the layout of the Archives, specifically finding out about the area for your plan of research (#2 above);
  5. Take quarters (.25¢, change for the copy machine)


Take a look at the list of  research materials for McDowell County at the NC State Archives in Raleigh, NC. Use this list to help plan your visit.