Weeks, Benjamin: Estate Records, 1867

Estate records of Benjamin Weeks, McDowell Co, NC
(box CR 064.508.85 NC State Archives):
Contributed by: Elaine Kahler

“I, James H. Duncan, Sheriff of McDowell County by William F. Cannon, Dep Sheriff, attended by the following jury of good and lawful men, Robert Burgin, John Haney, Zephaniah Young, T. P. Cuthbertson, and Thomas B. Wilson who for being sworn according to law proceeded on the 4th day of October 1867 in obedience to the annexed writ to lay off and allot to Mary Weeks her dower and third in the lands of Benjamin Weeks deceased, described in said writ according to the following meets and bounds.

Beginning on the right hand fork of the creek above the mill pond on a white oak marked A and runs to a white oak on the side of the road below the mill about two hundred yards marked B then with the road to a white oak on the bank of the creek marked C then up the creek with its meanders to a white oak marked D then a west course to the Corpening line then a south course so as to include all the improvements where Stephen Flemming lives and to Newlands line then with Newlands line to the Catawba River then down the River with Burgins line to the corner of the Isbell tract then with the Isbell line to the outside divisional corner between Isbell & Weeks then with the outside line of the Carson tract to the beginning.  And the Abbott tract containing one hundred acres including the dwelling house in which the deceased was accustomed to dwell most generally next before his death commonly called  the mansion house together with the offices out houses buildings and improvements thereunto belonging or appertaining and proceeded also to put her in possession of the same.

Given under the hands and seals of the said jurors before the 4th day of October AD 1867.”