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The North Carolina Digital Collections has an Historical Records Survey of North Carolina available from the Works Projects Administration. Included in these records are cemetery tombstone records that were compiled in the 1930’s. Below is a list of the cemeteries and surnames appearing in the Mecklenburg County compiled records, which you can find at this link. Other counties are also available.

Please keep in mind there may be errors or mistakes in the original transcriptions but the records are valuable nonetheless.

Sharon Cemetery, Charlotte (pp. 2, 3-9)

Surnames: Alexander, Allen, Ashcraft, Baker, Blanchard, Blue, Boatright, Bolick, Brewer, Brown, Caldwell, Clanton, Cook, Culp, Davis, Douglas, Edwards, Elliott, Ferguson, Flanigan, Fleniken, Flenniken, Freeman, Glass, Graham, Griffin, Griffith, Guyer, Hannon, Jessiee, Harkey, Hartis, Hennigan, Henry, Hedge, Helms, Howie, Hutchinson, Jamison, Jerome, Kennedy, Kerr, Kirkpatrick, Lee, Lees, Lilly, Long, Manson, Merritt, Moore, Morris, McAlphin, McCachren, McCall, McDonald, McElhaney, McLelland, McGinn, Orr, Parks, Pender, Pharr, Porter, Rankin, Ray, Rea, Reid, Ross, Russell, Samonds, Sammonds, Shaw, Smith, Stanford, Stephens, Stewart, Sullivan, Thrower, Taylor, Vanderburg, Walker, White, Whitesids, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wolfe, Yandle,

Philadelphia Presby. Cemetery, Matthews (pp 2, 10-15)

Allen, Ardry, Ballard, Bain, Barr, Beaver, Biggers, Black, Blair, Blankinship, Boyetts, Burnett, Condor, Craig, Cross, Crowell, Davis, Dearmon, Dennis, Donaldson, Doster, Estridge, Erwin, Faulkner, Flow, Forbis, Forrest, Freeman, Gaither, Griffin, Harris, Hart, Hartis, Henderson, Hood, Hooks, Honeycutt, Hough, Houston, Jerome, Kirk, Kirkman, Laney, Lemmond, Lipe, Little, Long, Loving, McCall, McCombs, McEwen, McStewart, McWiter, McWhirter, Mann, Miller, Moore, Morris, Morrison, Munge, Nayler, Newell, Nisbit, Nivens, Noles, Orr, Pyron, Ray, Robinson, Rodgeram, Russell, Shaffer, Shelby, Stilwell, Todd, Tomberlin, Vanderburg, Wallace, Watson, Watts, Weddington, Wilson, Woods.

Paw Creek Presby. Cemetery, Paw Creek (pp. 2, 16-31)

Abernathy, Adams, Alexander, Ausband, Auten, Bailes, Baker, Barnbill, Beaty, Blackmon, Buchanan, Bynum, Campbell, Cathey, Cashion, Chapman, Childers, Clanton, Cross, Crouch, Cuin, Davenport, Dunn, Fite, Frazier, Freasure, Freeman, Gatewood, Gibson, Graham, Grass, Gray, Green, Hearn, Henderson, Hinson, Hipp, Hoover, Hope, Hovis, Hudson, Hutchinson, Jamison, Johnson, Johnston, Kenley, King, Kistler, Lawing, Lee, Love, McArver, McCoard, McCord, McCorkle, McDonald, McGee, McGinn, McKenley, McKnight, McLeary, Means, Mills, Montgomery, Mulwee, Neal, Neel, Neil, Ramler, Reid, Rhyne, Robinson, Rodgers, Rosich, Sandifer, Scott, Sharpe, Smity, Smith, Sommerville, Stephens, Suggs, Summerville, Thompson, Todd, Tucker, Underwood, Van Pelt, Wallace, White, Williamson, William, Wilson, Wingate.


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