Oct 102011

Spec 4 Warren George Haugen, Jr.

Birth: May 5, 1945 Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC

Death: Nov. 21, 1968 Kon Tum Province, Vietnam.

United States Army Specialist 4 Warren George Haugen, Jr. served with the Fourth Infantry Division. Warren was a passenger aboard a helicopter that crashed after it was shot down on “Sniffer mission” in South Vietnam.

WO1 Martin G. Given, co-pilot; WO Robert L. Storey, aircraft commander, Spec Billie J. Ontis, Gunner Spec Eddy G. Sumpter, Sgt Charles F. Rein, an Army photographer, Department of the Army Photographic Office, were also killed in the crash. Sniffer Missions were Helicopters flown configured with ammonia detection sensors attached to the skids would fly low-level just above the tree tops to detect ammonia given off in urine and perspiration of humans. The strength of the signal allowed one to roughly estimate the number of unseen enemy troops below the jungle canopy.

Burial: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington Co., VA

Plot: Section 52 Site 1306.

(Source: Posted with permission of Tom & Jim Reece, #46857744; finding NC Vietnam KIA/MIA’s gravesites; Reconfigured and submitted by: Ron Yates)

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  1. Hi,

    I borne in Saigon in 1968 from orphenage Bien Hoa.

    Warren George was take a lot of pictures here.

    Please contact me to see this pictures.

    Best reagrds


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