Nov 162011

Master Sergeant Douglas Lloyd

Birth:  Jun. 4, 1929 Cornelius, Mecklenburg Co., NC

Death:  May 28, 1967, Vietnam.

Army Master Sergeant served with Alpha Company, Fifth Special Forces Group. He has been missing in action from combat operations when his organization had engaged in a hostile a firefight in Binh Long, South Vietnam and was later recovered.

A Master Sergeant is the eighth enlisted rank in the U.S. Army, just above sergeant first class, below sergeant major, and equal in grade but not authority to first sergeant. It is abbreviated as “MSG” and indicated by three chevrons above three rockers. Age: 37 Caucasian and was married SSN/Service #: 53083515 Length of Service was 16 years and was a specialist in Infantry Operations and Intelligence.  He was the son of Henry Loyd and Laura Elizabeth Muller Loyd

Burial: Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery Cornelius, Mecklenburg Co., NC

Plot: Old Section Row A.

(Source: Posted with permission of Tom & Jim Reece, #46857744; finding NC Vietnam KIA/MIA’s gravesites; Reconfigured and submitted by: Ron Yates)

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