Jul 032011


The website offers a sampling of what is available at the museum. The  “collections of aircraft, helicopters, equipment, gadgets and printed material cover years of aviation history and accomplishments.”

The museum is located near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Museum hours can be found here, and a list of exhibits is available here.

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Jul 032011

“Trolleys made possible the development of Charlotte’s earliest neighborhoods, and they served as a catalyst for the city’s first era of economic growth at the turn of the last century. But they also moved residents around town, bringing people from all classes together to interact on a daily basis. As a result, trolleys played a defining role in the creation of the young city’s social and economic fabric.”

Text from Charlotte Trolley About us page. For more information and a list of events see the Charlotte Trolley website.

Jun 262011

Following is the Mission Statement of the Charlotte Museum of History, as it appears on the Museum website:

The Charlotte Museum of History, an educational organization, captures and shares the stories of the Charlotte region from settlement forward through exhibits and programs. The museum collects, preserves, researches, and interprets regional artifacts, including the oldest surviving house in Mecklenburg County, the 1774 Hezekiah Alexander Homesite.”

The Hezekiah Alexander House is the oldest structure on the eight-acres on which the Museum is located in east Charlotte.