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Indexing by Ron Yates, 2011

This Viet Nam War Casualty Listing is meant to add meaningful additional information about individuals who gave their full measure in this conflict and not to duplicate the efforts of others. Other sources are available for comprehensive Unit and Organizational details. One example is The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina suffered 95 casualties resulting in death during the Viet Nam era. Of total deaths 19% were caused by Accidents, infectious disease and suicide. This is a significantly lower rate compared to the US Civil War when this rate was about 67%. That means that about 424,000 people died in the Civil War of ‘Non-hostile” causes.

In the Viet Nam era 5 of the deaths were related to vehicular crashes-incidents, 4 were fixed winged aircraft crewmen and two helicopter crewmen. Two deaths were recorded of individuals who died simply being passengers going about their business. One of these very unlucky folks was traveling home as he had completed his tour of duty. Three of our Mecklenburg deaths were the result of drowning and two from self-inflicted mortal wounds.

The oldest person to be killed was 38 years old and the youngest was 19. The US Army represented 64% of the deaths, the Marine Corps had 26% including the Hospital Corpsman serving with the FMF, the Air Force lost 6% and the Navy the remaining 3%. The greatest number of death types among hostile deaths in the Army or USMC was explosive device which is another way to describe “booby traps”.


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