Slave Runaway Notice – Simbo

Forty Dollars Reward

Ran-Away from the subscriber on the 8th of November last, a negro fellow named Simbo. He was formerly the property of Francis Burns dec. of Onslow County, HE IS A METHODIST PREACHER, AND CAN READ AND WRITE.-He is about 6 feet high, very black and smooth skin, and speaks very distinct.

He is supposed to be lurking some times down Neuse river, and at others up the same, and so he ranges through Craven, Jones, and Onslow Counties. Any person apprehending the said negro, and delivering him to the subscriber, within five miles of Swansborough, shall be entitled to the above reward.-Or any person who will so secure him that I get him again, shall receive Twenty Dollars.

The most probable method to catch him, will be at Methodist meetings.-All masters of vessels and others are forewamed from harbouring employing or carrying him away, at their peril.  June 27.  —  Henry Lockey.

The Newbern Gazette — August 15, 1800

Source: “Eighteenth Century Slaves as Advertised by their Masters.” Journal of Negro History 1 (1916): 163-216. Google Books. <>.