Right White – Request for Pension

I, Right WHITE age 51 years old; and was Born in january 1846, and used to belonged to Ned WHITE whom died in March in 1866 & Therefore was a slave and oftern hearing that there had been a Provision made to give all of the old slave darkies a Pension when in the sent for and his name to be placed on the books of record to meet the benefit of said law or ? is the ? be may be.   — yours respectfully,

P.o. Tar Landing
Onslow Co, NC

Source:  Correspondence and Case Files of the Bureau of Pensions Pertaining to the Ex-Slave Pension Movement, 1892-1922. Microfilm M2110, 1 roll. Records of the Veterans Administration, Record Group 15. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C. — Contributed by Taneya Koonce 5 Feb 2012.

Query: Possible Harrison-Ward Connection

The following query is submitted on behalf of Max Harrison Williams (deloutre@yahoo.com).
My earliest identified Harrison ancestor is Joseph Harrison, who died testate in Jones County, Georgia in 1828. His wife was named Charlotte. Her surname remains unknown. Most of their 10 children were born in North Carolina before they moved farther south. We know nothing else about their earlier lives. The earliest record of Joseph and Charlotte in GA is the census of 1820. There is a reference in the Onslow records about a Joseph Harrison becoming the guardian of a Charlotte Ward in 1797. The records do not state the circumstances. Could Charlotte Ward have married Joseph Harrison, her guardian? Would appreciate hearing from anybody who might have further info. Thanks very much.

Cox Cemetery

This cemetery was surveyed in 1938 as part of the Works Project Administration Historical Records Survey.  The information here may not be current but is provided as a resource.

This cemetery is located approximately 3 miles from Catherine Lake, on a dirt road on the way to the nine mile section.


  • COX, Edward – (29 Apr 1891 – 28 Jun 1892) – Son of J.E. and C. Cox
  • COX, Edward – (3 Oct 1905 – 18 May 1906) – Son of R.L. & Dennie  Cox
  • COX, Lucy Glenmore – (23 Oct 1902 – 21 May 1903) – Daughter of R.L. & Dennie Cox
  • COX, Olive – (8 Jan 1878 – 14 Nov 1881) – Daughter of J.F. and C. Cox
  • COX, William Grave – (7 Oct 1895 – 1 Jun 1897)
  • MURRILL, Elijah – (17 Dec 1823 – 21 Jan 1893)
  • MURRILL, Penelope N. – (15 May 1831 – 13 Feb 1901) – wife of Elijah Murrill

The original transcription is available online.


J.T. Henderson Cemetery

This cemetery was surveyed in 1938 as part of the Works Project Administration Historical Records Survey.  The information here may not be current but is provided as a resource.

The WPA indicates this cemetery is located in Belgrade, NC on the dirt road leading to Swansboro, NC.


  • HENDERSON, John Morton – (8 Aug 1913 – 4 Dec 1913) — son of Fred C. and Mattie M. Henderson
  • HENDERSON, Nettie Elizabeth – (19 Oct 1879 – 25 Dec 1894) — Daughter of John T. and Jasteel Henderson
  • REDD, Stewart B. — (12 Jun 1909 – 20 Aug 1910) – Son of A.T. and Nonie Redd

The original transcription is available online.

Marine Base Homes – Documents from Camp Lejune

Thanks to a multi-year effort of several collaborators and the permission of the United States Marine Corps, a new website is available for reviewing primary documentation for the many families displaced by the building of Camp Lejune.

Titled MarineBase Homes – the site is a large virtual gallery of documents & photos of records related to the 1941 purchases.  This is an incredible resource everyone! I just can’t say it strongly enough!

photo highlights of the Lee Foy Family property

The documents are organized by 15 geographical areas.  The areas and their land owners were published in the 1983 publication by the Onslow County Genealogical Society, The Heritage of Onslow County. I have started to place the maps and owner lists online and in the next few weeks will link each one to their documentation as I’m able to.  So… check back for updates!

The Former Landowners of Camp Lejune are to be congratulated for this massive undertaking.

1781 Tax Assessment (Excerpt)

Many thanks to Patty Lynn for submitting this one page excerpt from the 1781 tax assessment documents for Onslow County.  She obtained this during a recent research trip to the NC State Archives.  This page is only ONE page of the larger file.

While I’m not the best at reading it, some of the surnames here included are:  Brown, Duval, Gideon, Hidleburg, Jenkins, Johnston, Jones, Landing, Miller, Pollock, Prescott, Rhodes, Roach, Sanford, Simpson, Stout, Thompson, and Whitehurst. Patty’s ancestor listed here is Content Stout in case there are others researching the same line.

Onslow Assessment 1781

Blog: Swansboro History

A new link has been added to the Links of Interest section in the sidebar – to Swansboro, North Carolina – History.  I think the title is fairly self-explanatory 🙂

Swansboro History Blog

Sponsored by Tidewater Gallery in downtown Swansboro, the site provides extensive historical information on the people and places of Swansboro.  For example, the latest posting provides information about David Ward SANDERS and family with pictures of their homes, lineage information, family documents, and census & burial information.

An extensive Table of Contents is provided on the site sidebar – you’ll definitely want to use this to navigate around the blog.  Since it is a blog, you can keep up with it by either checking the site periodically or subscribing to the RSS feed using your preferred feed reader.

African American Soldiers & Sailors

Contributor Richard Phillips continues to create resources for military information in Onslow County.  His most recent work is the site African American Soldiers & Sailors.

The purpose of the site is to share information about African Americans who joined the Army & Navy during the Civil War.  Richard has several sections to the site:

  • information about a monument in Hertford in memory of these soldiers
  • scholarly articles on the topic
  • information on battles
  • links to the wonderful graphs he’s created documenting slaveholders in the county; he’s also contributed the graphs to this site
  • unit rosters

This link has been added to both the African-American page and the Military page on the site.  As a blog-powered site you have the ability to get the new posts sent directly to your feed reader via the RSS feed, or you can regularly visit.   Spend some time exploring it!