Updated Bibliography

The Bibliography page is now updated with additional books.  As before, each book contains a link to Worldcat.org where you can search to find a library that holds the item of interest.  In the process, I also found a book that is available full-text online, it is called Some Onslow Families: with Collateral Lines by Michael A.  Stroscio.

In his research compilation, he covers his family lineages with ties to Onslow & Pender counties. Surnames covered include Sidbury, Thompson, Horne, Fisher, Lloyd, King & Redd.  This is a great read and has a lot of data about these families.   The book is part of the Family History Archives collection @ Brigham Young University.  Because navigation on the site can be cumbersome, I’ve included the PDF file as a link from the bibliography page and or, you can go directly to it here.

Newspaper Articles Section Added

Tonight I’ve added a new section to the website – one for holding various newspaper article transcriptions. As if I don’t have enough on my plate, one of my genea-activities is transcribing old issues of newspapers – namely, the Kinston Free Press of Kinston, NC and the Roanoke Beacon of Plymouth, NC. The Kinston paper happens to have a column for news around the state and while I don’t add that to my own database, I do try to disseminate them in hopes the information is of use to others.

I’ve come across several related to Onslow county, so I thought it would be nice to have a location here to share them.
The Misc. Newspaper Articles page is linked from the Newspapers page and can be found here. So far, I only have one entry, but over time I do hope this will grow.

Tombstone Tuesday: Zannie Koonce Creagh Hatch


Zilphia “Zannie” Koonce was the daughter of Francis Duval Koonce & Hannah Rebecca Rhodes.  She married twice that I can tell, once to a Creagh and 2nd to John R. Hatch.  Zannie is buried in Koonce Cemetery in Richlands, the latest addition to the Cemeteries page on this site.  This cemetery has members of the Howard, Koonce & Taylor families.

Find-A-Grave contributor Caroline, who took pictures of all the tombstones in the cemetery, was kind enough to allow them to be shared on this site.  According to census records, Zannie did not have any children, but did have stepchildren with John.

1860 Slave Census Added

Newly added to the Census page is the 1860 Slave Census.  This data was contributed by Onslow County researcher Richard Phillips who has done an amazing job transcribing and analyzing the data using Microsoft Excel.

The graphical representations really help provide an overall understanding of the slave population/holders in the district.

Update: November 2012 — Richard has requested his contributions be removed from the site, so they have been.

Ramp Jones (1873-1947)

In the NC State Archives’ Flickr Photostream is this picture of Old Captain Ramp Jones

This picture was taken around 1939 and Ramp died January 11, 1947.  He was a sea captain of merchant ships and died in Stump Sound Townshihp.  He was the son of Harden Jones & Alphena Bloodgood.  His wife was named Minnie.  A larger version of the picture can be seen here.