Thomas Jarman Cemetery

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the Thomas Jarman Cemetery in Onslow County, NC.

Located at the intersection of State Roads #1301 (Richlands Loop Rd) and #1300 (Barbee Road) in the field and enclosed in a chain link fence.

Surveyed by Martha Hodnet; Ann Davis; and Ervin, Patrick and Logan Morton May 2011.  Click on each name to view a picture of the tombstone.

Contributed by Leven Morton ( in July 2013. 



Onslow County Cemetery Transcriptions – Book Indexes


In 1989,  James Michael Whaley published a 12-volume set of Onslow County cemetery transcriptions covering the Richlands, Southwest, and Stump Sound communities.   Below are lists of the more than 6,200 names included in the books.

See the book indexes for further information:  Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | Volume 4 | Volume 5 | Volume 6 | Volume 7 | Volume 8 | Volume 9 | Volume 10 | Volume 11 | Volume 12 

Select a letter to see lists organized by last name

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These are a great resource to have and you may find someone you’re looking for.   The books are available for purchase from the Old New Hanover Genealogical Society or you may be fortunate to be located near a library that owns them.  If you have questions, please contact us.  Copyright the New Hanover County Public Library and used on this site with their permission.

Index posted online by Taneya Koonce.

Photo credit:  Cemetery in Jacksonville, NC.  Photo by Louis Shackleton.

Onslow County Confederate Soldier Burials

nc_csaburialsThe NCGenWeb has a new database online – the result of a project of the North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. You can read more background about the database on the NCGenWeb blog.

For those with Onslow county research interests, you may be interested in the list of burials from Onslow county specifically here.   Happy hunting!


Cox Cemetery

This cemetery was surveyed in 1938 as part of the Works Project Administration Historical Records Survey.  The information here may not be current but is provided as a resource.

This cemetery is located approximately 3 miles from Catherine Lake, on a dirt road on the way to the nine mile section.


  • COX, Edward – (29 Apr 1891 – 28 Jun 1892) – Son of J.E. and C. Cox
  • COX, Edward – (3 Oct 1905 – 18 May 1906) – Son of R.L. & Dennie  Cox
  • COX, Lucy Glenmore – (23 Oct 1902 – 21 May 1903) – Daughter of R.L. & Dennie Cox
  • COX, Olive – (8 Jan 1878 – 14 Nov 1881) – Daughter of J.F. and C. Cox
  • COX, William Grave – (7 Oct 1895 – 1 Jun 1897)
  • MURRILL, Elijah – (17 Dec 1823 – 21 Jan 1893)
  • MURRILL, Penelope N. – (15 May 1831 – 13 Feb 1901) – wife of Elijah Murrill

The original transcription is available online.


J.T. Henderson Cemetery

This cemetery was surveyed in 1938 as part of the Works Project Administration Historical Records Survey.  The information here may not be current but is provided as a resource.

The WPA indicates this cemetery is located in Belgrade, NC on the dirt road leading to Swansboro, NC.


  • HENDERSON, John Morton – (8 Aug 1913 – 4 Dec 1913) — son of Fred C. and Mattie M. Henderson
  • HENDERSON, Nettie Elizabeth – (19 Oct 1879 – 25 Dec 1894) — Daughter of John T. and Jasteel Henderson
  • REDD, Stewart B. — (12 Jun 1909 – 20 Aug 1910) – Son of A.T. and Nonie Redd

The original transcription is available online.

That’s Dedication

Researcher Jack Robinson, of the Historical Researcher’s Blog, spends countless hours preserving cemeteries in the Onslow county area.   Jack also has authored a book on Captain Otway Burns, an Onslow County native.  Capt. Burns had sea adventures against British Tall wind-sail vessels and Jack is so into this history that he recently got a tattoo of a Tall wind-sail vessel.  That’s dedication!

Jack's tattoo in honor of Capt. Otway Burns

Tombstone Tuesday: Zannie Koonce Creagh Hatch


Zilphia “Zannie” Koonce was the daughter of Francis Duval Koonce & Hannah Rebecca Rhodes.  She married twice that I can tell, once to a Creagh and 2nd to John R. Hatch.  Zannie is buried in Koonce Cemetery in Richlands, the latest addition to the Cemeteries page on this site.  This cemetery has members of the Howard, Koonce & Taylor families.

Find-A-Grave contributor Caroline, who took pictures of all the tombstones in the cemetery, was kind enough to allow them to be shared on this site.  According to census records, Zannie did not have any children, but did have stepchildren with John.