Waters Family Cemetery

Located off Waters Road; State Road 1411, Jacksonville, Onslow County, North Carolina

Surveyed by Deborah J. Edmunds and Beverly G. Cole. January 30, 1999.

01.  Morton, Fannie B. Waters  
	w/o Ander Morton				11-11-1878	07-??-1958
        d/o John H. and Joann Waters
02.  Waters, John H.					1851		08-31-1929
03.  Waters, Joann  w/o John H. Waters			1857		07-16-1936
04.  Waters, Lonella  "Lola"				02-04-1877	03-??-1934   
	 d/o John H. and Joann Waters
05.  Waters, Mittie Green Thomas
	w/o Randolf Waters				12-21-1897	09-15-1983
06.  Waters, Randolf D.  
	s/o John H. and Joann Waters			04-29-1886	04-29-1957
07.  Waters, Edna Earl					10-04-1938	05-17-1996
08.  Waters, John T.					04-14-1936	10-16-1975
09.  Waters, Betsy Jane Stanley w/o John Lee Waters	10-09-1901	11-21-1967
10.  Waters, John Lee s/o John H. and Joann Waters	01-28-1898	08-27-1978
11.  Ellis, Clyde W.					10-19-1918	06-23-1919   
     s/o Clyde & Martha A. Waters Ellis
12.  stone labeled M. W.
13.  stone labeled B. W.
14.  Waters, Lenora  d/o John H. and Joann Waters	09-09-1882	03-31-1889
15.  Waters, Grover Cleveland				07-07-1884	07-07-1887
	s/o John H. and Joann Waters
16.  Waters, Nancy  "Nanny"				01-28-1895	07-27-1897
	d/o John H. and Joann Waters
17.  Waters, Willie  
	s/o John H. and Joann Waters			03-05-1880	08-23-1906
18.  Waters, inf s/o Clifton and Doris Freeman Waters
19.  Waters, inf s/o Ernest & Margaret Johnson Waters	04-??-1953	04-??-1953
20.  Waters, infant s/o John H. and Joann Waters	04-??-1891	07-18-1891
NOTES: Many of the graves in this cemetery are marked by small stones with initials. The information regarding those markers was provided by Ernest Lee Waters, Sr., son of John Lee and Betsy Jane Waters. Other information was obtained from a family record written on June 10, 1974 by Gary R. Waters and John L. Waters. This book indicates that the parents of John H. Waters (#2) were Harris Waters and Merenda Moore who were married on July 27, 1841 in Onslow County, North Carolina. It is not known if they are also buried in this family cemetery.