Onslow County Confederate Soldier Burials

nc_csaburialsThe NCGenWeb has a new database online – the result of a project of the North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. You can read more background about the database on the NCGenWeb blog.

For those with Onslow county research interests, you may be interested in the list of burials from Onslow county specifically here.   Happy hunting!


2 thoughts on “Onslow County Confederate Soldier Burials

  1. Lib Sawyers says:

    Just wanted to comment on this list. I’m happy to see all the hard work and know it will be appreciated by searchers. There are a couple of things – namely Wright Shepard Taylor (my greatgreat is buried in Carteret County, and the town name would be Newport vice Swansboro. Then Jeremiah Jabez Peletier in the Weeks cemetery is also in Carteret, but this part of Carteret has a Swansboro address which causes confusion. I hope you will leave their names and can just change the name of town rather than deleting them altogether.

    Thank you.
    Lib Sawyers

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