Right White – Request for Pension

I, Right WHITE age 51 years old; and was Born in january 1846, and used to belonged to Ned WHITE whom died in March in 1866 & Therefore was a slave and oftern hearing that there had been a Provision made to give all of the old slave darkies a Pension when in the sent for and his name to be placed on the books of record to meet the benefit of said law or ? is the ? be may be.   — yours respectfully,

P.o. Tar Landing
Onslow Co, NC

Source:  Correspondence and Case Files of the Bureau of Pensions Pertaining to the Ex-Slave Pension Movement, 1892-1922. Microfilm M2110, 1 roll. Records of the Veterans Administration, Record Group 15. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C. — Contributed by Taneya Koonce 5 Feb 2012.

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