Whaley Index: A Surnames

The following are the “A” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 79 names.

ADAMS, EddieStump Sound Township5
ADAMS, JohnRichlands Township10
ADAMS, LenaRichlands Township9
ADAMS, ParkerRichlands Township9
ADAMS, SarahRichlands Township10
ALEXANDER, ClarissaStump Sound Township5
ALEXANDER, OliveSouthwest Township11
ALI, PaulStump Sound Township5
ALLEN, EarlStump Sound Township1
ALLEN, EmmaStump Sound Township2
ALLEN, MarvinStump Sound Township2
ALLEN, MildredStump Sound Township1
ALLEN, RudolphStump Sound Township2
ALLISON, RobertStump Sound Township2
ALPHIN, IveyRichlands Township7
ALPHIN, ThelmaRichlands Township6
ALPHIN, ThomasRichlands Township12
AMAN, BessieSouthwest Township3
AMAN, DallieSouthwest Township3
AMAN, EmmaStump Sound Township1
AMAN, JamesSouthwest Township3
AMAN, JamesRichlands Township6
AMAN, JohnSouthwest Township3
AMAN, LucilleSouthwest Township3
AMAN, MargieSouthwest Township3
AMAN, MargorieSouthwest Township3
AMAN, MaryRichlands Township6
AMAN, MinnieSouthwest Township3
AMAN, OliveSouthwest Township3
AMAN, PaulSouthwest Township3
AMAN, RosaRichlands Township6
AMAN, StephenSouthwest Township3
ANDERSON, DonnieRichlands Township12
ANDERSON, FrederickStump Sound Township2
ANDREWS, BillyRichlands Township12
ANDREWS, DaisyRichlands Township6
ANDREWS, GailesStump Sound Township2
ANDREWS, GalesStump Sound Township2
ANDREWS, HuldaRichlands Township12
ANDREWS, JamesRichlands Township12
ANDREWS, JohnRichlands Township10
ANDREWS, JuliusSouthwest Township11
ANDREWS, JuliusRichlands Township12
ANDREWS, LessieSouthwest Township11
ANDREWS, LottieRichlands Township12
ANDREWS, MableStump Sound Township5
ANDREWS, MableRichlands Township12
ANDREWS, MaryRichlands Township10
ANDREWS, MarySouthwest Township11
ANDREWS, MinnieRichlands Township12
ANDREWS, MissouriaRichlands Township12
ANDREWS, RennerRichlands Township12
ANDREWS, SallieSouthwest Township4
ANDREWS, WilliamRichlands Township12
ANTWINE, EdithSouthwest Township11
ANTWINE, JamesSouthwest Township11
APODACA, DavidRichlands Township9
ARIZTIA, PatricoRichlands Township9
ARMSTRONG, FrankSouthwest Township3
ARMSTRONG, GeorgeSouthwest Township3
ARMSTRONG, JohnSouthwest Township3
ARMSTRONG, MarySouthwest Township3
ARMSTRONG, NicholasSouthwest Township3
ARMSTRONG, NorwoodSouthwest Township3
ARNOLD, JesseSouthwest Township11
ARTHUR, (baby)Richlands Township7
ASKEW, (infant)Richlands Township6
ASKEW, AmosRichlands Township7
ASKEW, BarbaraRichlands Township7
ASKEW, EugeneRichlands Township7
ASKEW, LeuneRichlands Township6
AUTRY, (infant)Southwest Township3
AUTRY, (infant)Southwest Township11
AUTRY, DennisSouthwest Township11
AUTRY, EliseSouthwest Township3
AUTRY, ElizabethSouthwest Township3
AUTRY, JamesSouthwest Township11
AUTRY, JaneSouthwest Township3
AUTRY, PennieSouthwest Township11