Whaley Index: B Surnames

The following are the “B” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 642 names.

BAKER, (twins)Richlands Township12
BAKER, LeonaRichlands Township10
BAKER, TeboRichlands Township10
BALL, CarlieRichlands Township8
BALL, DarwinRichlands Township10
BALL, EddieRichlands Township9
BALL, MaryRichlands Township9
BALLARD, GroverRichlands Township12
BALLARD, InaRichlands Township12
BANKS, (infant)Richlands Township9
BANKS, CathalineRichlands Township9
BANKS, CharlesRichlands Township9
BANKS, GuyRichlands Township9
BANKS, JosephRichlands Township9
BANKS, JudithRichlands Township9
BANKS, LeslieRichlands Township9
BANKS, LutherRichlands Township9
BANKS, MaryRichlands Township8
BANKS, MaryRichlands Township9
BANKS, RuthRichlands Township9
BANKS, SudieRichlands Township9
BANKS, WalterRichlands Township9
BANKS, WilliamRichlands Township8
BANNERMAN, LucyRichlands Township12
BARBEE, (infant)Richlands Township7
BARBEE, AdelphusRichlands Township8
BARBEE, AnnaRichlands Township6
BARBEE, BaxterRichlands Township6
BARBEE, BessieRichlands Township8
BARBEE, CaderRichlands Township8
BARBEE, ChristineRichlands Township6
BARBEE, DollieRichlands Township9
BARBEE, EdRichlands Township6
BARBEE, EdwardRichlands Township8
BARBEE, ElmerRichlands Township7
BARBEE, FredRichlands Township6
BARBEE, GeorgeRichlands Township6
BARBEE, GraysonRichlands Township6
BARBEE, IdaRichlands Township6
BARBEE, IsaiahRichlands Township6
BARBEE, JohnRichlands Township6
BARBEE, JosephineRichlands Township6
BARBEE, JoyceRichlands Township9
BARBEE, LaryRichlands Township7
BARBEE, LenaRichlands Township8
BARBEE, LillianRichlands Township6
BARBEE, LoisRichlands Township8
BARBEE, LucyRichlands Township7
BARBEE, MargaretRichlands Township6
BARBEE, MarthaRichlands Township6
BARBEE, MarthaRichlands Township8
BARBEE, MaryRichlands Township6
BARBEE, NancyRichlands Township6
BARBEE, NannieRichlands Township6
BARBEE, RalphRichlands Township6
BARBEE, SusanRichlands Township6
BARBEE, ThomasRichlands Township6
BARBEE, ThomasRichlands Township9
BARBEE, VeraRichlands Township6
BARBEE, WilliamRichlands Township6
BARBEE, WilliamRichlands Township7
BARBER, (infant)Southwest Township11
BARBER, AbsolamRichlands Township7
BARBER, AlvanaSouthwest Township11
BARBER, CarrieSouthwest Township11
BARBER, E.J.Richlands Township7
BARBER, ElizabethRichlands Township7
BARBER, ElizabethSouthwest Township11
BARBER, EllenSouthwest Township11
BARBER, EthelSouthwest Township11
BARBER, HenrySouthwest Township11
BARBER, JamesSouthwest Township11
BARBER, JaneRichlands Township7
BARBER, JewellSouthwest Township11
BARBER, JohnSouthwest Township11
BARBER, KillerSouthwest Township11
BARBER, LouisaSouthwest Township11
BARBER, LucretiaSouthwest Township11
BARBER, MicahRichlands Township7
BARBER, MichaelSouthwest Township11
BARBER, MyrtleSouthwest Township11
BARBER, NancySouthwest Township11
BARBER, RichardSouthwest Township11
BARBER, SallieSouthwest Township11
BARBER, StephenSouthwest Township11
BARBER, ThomasSouthwest Township11
BARBER, WilliamSouthwest Township11
BARM, MaggieRichlands Township6
BARNES, BerthaSouthwest Township4
BARRY, (infant)Richlands Township8
BARRY, BasilRichlands Township8
BARRY, BryanRichlands Township8
BARRY, MaryRichlands Township8
BARRY, SarahRichlands Township8
BASDEN, (infant)Richlands Township9
BASDEN, AlonzoRichlands Township9
BASDEN, ArillaRichlands Township9
BASDEN, BenjaminRichlands Township7
BASDEN, BonnieRichlands Township9
BASDEN, CellieRichlands Township9
BASDEN, CerillaRichlands Township7
BASDEN, ChristopherRichlands Township9
BASDEN, CoraRichlands Township7
BASDEN, CoyRichlands Township9
BASDEN, DoraRichlands Township9
BASDEN, ElizaRichlands Township9
BASDEN, EllisRichlands Township7
BASDEN, EmmaRichlands Township6
BASDEN, FrancesRichlands Township7
BASDEN, FrancesRichlands Township7
BASDEN, GastonRichlands Township7
BASDEN, GenevaRichlands Township6
BASDEN, GeorgeRichlands Township7
BASDEN, GeorgeRichlands Township7
BASDEN, H.S.Richlands Township9
BASDEN, HozyRichlands Township9
BASDEN, IreneRichlands Township7
BASDEN, JamesRichlands Township9
BASDEN, JanieRichlands Township7
BASDEN, JesseRichlands Township9
BASDEN, LeahRichlands Township9
BASDEN, LevinaRichlands Township9
BASDEN, LottRichlands Township9
BASDEN, LouisaRichlands Township9
BASDEN, LydiaRichlands Township7
BASDEN, MaryRichlands Township7
BASDEN, MaryRichlands Township9
BASDEN, MattieRichlands Township7
BASDEN, OllieStump Sound Township1
BASDEN, OscarRichlands Township6
BASDEN, PercyRichlands Township6
BASDEN, PrestonRichlands Township9
BASDEN, RichardRichlands Township9
BASDEN, RobertRichlands Township7
BASDEN, SarahRichlands Township9
BASDEN, SusanRichlands Township12
BASDEN, W.B.Richlands Township7
BASDEN, WilliamRichlands Township9
BASS, CharlesRichlands Township10
BASS, WilliamRichlands Township7
BASTA, ElizabethRichlands Township8
BATCHELOR, (infant)Richlands Township10
BATCHELOR, AbrahamRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, BradyRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, CatherineRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, DociaRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, DoraRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, DorisRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, ElecRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, EllenStump Sound Township1
BATCHELOR, EmmaRichlands Township8
BATCHELOR, ErnieRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, GregoryRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, HannahRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, J.R.Richlands Township8
BATCHELOR, JamesRichlands Township12
BATCHELOR, JohnRichlands Township8
BATCHELOR, LeslieRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, LewisRichlands Township8
BATCHELOR, LucyRichlands Township8
BATCHELOR, MichaelRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, MollieStump Sound Township2
BATCHELOR, RansomStump Sound Township1
BATCHELOR, RixterRichlands Township8
BATCHELOR, RonieRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, SarahRichlands Township8
BATCHELOR, VernieRichlands Township10
BATCHELOR, WayneStump Sound Township1
BATCHELOR, WesleyRichlands Township10
BATCHLOR, JamesRichlands Township9
BATTELLE, MargaretRichlands Township10
BATTELLE, PhillipRichlands Township10
BATTLE, AsaRichlands Township6
BATTLE, DaisyRichlands Township6
BATTLE, DebbieRichlands Township6
BATTLE, HenryRichlands Township12
BATTLE, MamieRichlands Township12
BATTLE, MaryRichlands Township6
BATTLE, RonnieRichlands Township6
BATTLE, TheodoreRichlands Township6
BATTLE, W.L.Richlands Township6
BATTS Jr., RolandStump Sound Township2
BATTS Sr., RolandStump Sound Township2
BATTS, AnnieStump Sound Township2
BATTS, DonnaStump Sound Township2
BATTS, JamesStump Sound Township2
BATTS, JohnStump Sound Township1
BATTS, KatieStump Sound Township2
BATTS, RobertStump Sound Township1
BATTS, RoderickStump Sound Township2
BATTS, SallieStump Sound Township2
BATTS, WilliamStump Sound Township1
BAUGUS, CeliaRichlands Township10
BAYSDEN, (infant)Richlands Township7
BAYSDEN, AtwoodRichlands Township7
BAYSDEN, BenjaminRichlands Township6
BAYSDEN, CecilRichlands Township6
BAYSDEN, CharlesRichlands Township7
BAYSDEN, EdwardRichlands Township7
BAYSDEN, EmmaRichlands Township7
BAYSDEN, GeorgeRichlands Township7
BAYSDEN, GloriaRichlands Township9
BAYSDEN, JesseRichlands Township7
BAYSDEN, LillieRichlands Township7
BAYSDEN, MamieRichlands Township7
BAYSDEN, MaryRichlands Township6
BAYSDEN, SadieRichlands Township7
BAYSDEN, TydeRichlands Township7
BAYSDEN, WilliamRichlands Township7
BEASLEY, (baby)Southwest Township11
BEASLEY, GeorgeSouthwest Township11
BEASLEY, LemuelSouthwest Township11
BEASLEY, MaryStump Sound Township2
BEASLEY, WilliamStump Sound Township2
BECKER, FlorenceStump Sound Township2
BECKER, FrancisStump Sound Township2
BEDDARD, DavidRichlands Township7
BEDDARD, DouglasRichlands Township12
BEDDARD, HalRichlands Township12
BEDDARD, LindaRichlands Township7
BEDDARD, MacRichlands Township12
BEDDARD, MonaRichlands Township12
BELL, CharlieSouthwest Township11
BELL, JesseSouthwest Township4
BELL, JesseRichlands Township12
BELL, JohnRichlands Township12
BELL, LauraRichlands Township12
BELL, SharonSouthwest Township4
BENSON, (infant)Southwest Township3
BERRY, LucyRichlands Township6
BERRY, MittieSouthwest Township11
BERRY, O'KeethRichlands Township6
BEST, AaronRichlands Township10
BEST, AliceRichlands Township8
BEST, BarrettRichlands Township10
BEST, EdwardRichlands Township8
BEST, WillieRichlands Township6
BEST, WillieRichlands Township6
BETHEA, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
BETHEA, FannieStump Sound Township1
BETHEA, HollandStump Sound Township1
BETHEA, WilliamStump Sound Township1
BIGGS, PhillipStump Sound Township1
BINKS, AmandaStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, AlfredSouthwest Township3
BISHOP, BannieSouthwest Township3
BISHOP, EldaSouthwest Township4
BISHOP, EmmaStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, HillStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, JacobStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, JesseStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, JohnStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, JohnSouthwest Township4
BISHOP, LucineStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, MillieStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, MillyStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, O.Stump Sound Township1
BISHOP, OswaldStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, RuthSouthwest Township3
BISHOP, TeresaStump Sound Township1
BISHOP, WilliamStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, (baby)Stump Sound Township1
BLAKE, (infant)Southwest Township4
BLAKE, (infant)Southwest Township11
BLAKE, AbramStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, AgnesStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, AllenSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, AlonzoStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, CharlesStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, CyrusSouthwest Township4
BLAKE, CyrusSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, DorisSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, EvangelineStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, FlorenceStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, GeorgeSouthwest Township4
BLAKE, I.E.Southwest Township11
BLAKE, JamesStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, JamesSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, JennieSouthwest Township4
BLAKE, JereStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, JereSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, JohnStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, John D.Stump Sound Township1
BLAKE, John F.Stump Sound Township1
BLAKE, KingSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, KyleSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, LewisSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, LucySouthwest Township11
BLAKE, LudiaSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, MarthaStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, MaryStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, MissouriSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, NinaSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, NurcieStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, PaulineStump Sound Township1
BLAKE, RobertSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, RosaSouthwest Township4
BLAKE, RowSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, SarahSouthwest Township4
BLAKE, WilliamSouthwest Township11
BLAKE, ZenobiaSouthwest Township4
BLIZZARD, (baby)Richlands Township12
BLIZZARD, LeviRichlands Township12
BLIZZARD, SusanRichlands Township12
BOGGS, ElizaRichlands Township9
BOGGS, J.F.Richlands Township8
BOGGS, JuliaRichlands Township8
BOGGS, LeinsterRichlands Township8
BOGGS, MahlonRichlands Township8
BOGGS, MaudeRichlands Township8
BOGGS, MurrillRichlands Township9
BOGGS, R.H.Richlands Township8
BOND, GeorgeStump Sound Township2
BOND, PaulStump Sound Township1
BOONE, LucyStump Sound Township1
BORDEAUX, MyraRichlands Township6
BOWEN, CarolineRichlands Township8
BOWEN, HelenRichlands Township8
BOWEN, HenryRichlands Township8
BOWEN, MattieRichlands Township8
BOWEN, ShermanRichlands Township9
BOYED, J.J.Richlands Township10
BOYED, JamesStump Sound Township2
BOYED, MaryStump Sound Township2
BRACKEEN, GraceSouthwest Township11
BRACKEEN, JoeSouthwest Township11
BRADLEY, CarinaRichlands Township6
BRADLEY, SarahRichlands Township7
BREECE, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
BREECE, AbigailStump Sound Township5
BREECE, AlonzoStump Sound Township5
BREECE, AndrewStump Sound Township5
BREECE, AnnieStump Sound Township5
BREECE, BriceStump Sound Township5
BREECE, CorneliusStump Sound Township5
BREECE, ElizabethStump Sound Township5
BREECE, FrederickStump Sound Township5
BREECE, HezekiahStump Sound Township5
BREECE, IraStump Sound Township2
BREECE, IraStump Sound Township2
BREECE, IrisStump Sound Township2
BREECE, JamesStump Sound Township5
BREECE, LillieStump Sound Township2
BREECE, MannieStump Sound Township2
BREECE, MaryStump Sound Township5
BREECE, NancyStump Sound Township5
BREECE, SarahStump Sound Township5
BREECE, SusanStump Sound Township5
BREECE, VanStump Sound Township2
BREECE, WilliamStump Sound Township5
BRICE, CharlesStump Sound Township5
BRICE, EdnaStump Sound Township5
BRIGHT, HazelSouthwest Township11
BRINSON, (infant)Richlands Township6
BRINSON, AaronRichlands Township9
BRINSON, AgnessRichlands Township6
BRINSON, AlbertRichlands Township9
BRINSON, BarbaraRichlands Township6
BRINSON, BeraRichlands Township9
BRINSON, BlancheRichlands Township9
BRINSON, ChristopherRichlands Township7
BRINSON, ClarenceRichlands Township9
BRINSON, DeliaRichlands Township9
BRINSON, EdwardSouthwest Township3
BRINSON, G.W.Richlands Township9
BRINSON, GaylorRichlands Township7
BRINSON, GusRichlands Township9
BRINSON, HesterRichlands Township7
BRINSON, HoseaRichlands Township6
BRINSON, IdaRichlands Township9
BRINSON, J.M.Richlands Township7
BRINSON, JimmieRichlands Township7
BRINSON, JohnRichlands Township9
BRINSON, KatieRichlands Township6
BRINSON, KempsterRichlands Township9
BRINSON, KimsterRichlands Township9
BRINSON, LeonRichlands Township9
BRINSON, LillyRichlands Township9
BRINSON, MargaretRichlands Township6
BRINSON, MarvinRichlands Township9
BRINSON, MattieRichlands Township7
BRINSON, MildredRichlands Township9
BRINSON, NorwoodRichlands Township7
BRINSON, OzoraRichlands Township9
BRINSON, PaulRichlands Township9
BRINSON, PeachieRichlands Township9
BRINSON, PennieSouthwest Township3
BRINSON, R.R.Richlands Township7
BRINSON, RalphRichlands Township9
BRINSON, SarahRichlands Township9
BRINSON, SarahRichlands Township9
BRINSON, SenaRichlands Township9
BRINSON, SinclairRichlands Township12
BRINSON, SudieRichlands Township7
BRINSON, SusieRichlands Township9
BRINSON, WayneRichlands Township9
BRINSON, ZedocRichlands Township6
BRITTAIN, AdalineRichlands Township6
BRITTAIN, ArthurRichlands Township6
BRITTAIN, D.W.Richlands Township6
BRITTAIN, JosephRichlands Township6
BRITTAIN, LucyRichlands Township6
BRITTAIN, NannieRichlands Township6
BRITTAIN, O.W.Richlands Township6
BRITTAIN, OscarRichlands Township6
BRITTAIN, V.G.Richlands Township6
BRITTION, ArthurSouthwest Township11
BROCK, (?)Southwest Township11
BROCK, (infant)Richlands Township8
BROCK, DellRichlands Township6
BROCK, DraperRichlands Township8
BROCK, EdithRichlands Township8
BROCK, HeberRichlands Township8
BROCK, IgnatiusRichlands Township8
BROCK, JohnRichlands Township8
BROCK, JohnnieRichlands Township8
BROCK, KaraRichlands Township8
BROCK, LethaRichlands Township9
BROCK, MaryRichlands Township8
BROCK, MaryRichlands Township9
BROCK, MattieRichlands Township6
BROCK, R.M.Richlands Township6
BROCK, RaymondRichlands Township8
BROCK, RoyceRichlands Township9
BROCK, ThadiusRichlands Township8
BROCK, TysonRichlands Township6
BRONJES, VirginiaSouthwest Township3
BRONSON, BenjaminStump Sound Township2
BROOKS, LouiseStump Sound Township2
BROOKS, MaryRichlands Township8
BROOKS, SamuelStump Sound Township2
BROWN, (infant)Southwest Township3
BROWN, (infant)Richlands Township6
BROWN, (infant)Richlands Township9
BROWN, (infant)Richlands Township10
BROWN, (infant)Southwest Township11
BROWN, (twins)Richlands Township9
BROWN, AbsalomRichlands Township10
BROWN, AliceStump Sound Township1
BROWN, AliceSouthwest Township3
BROWN, AlseySouthwest Township4
BROWN, AlseyRichlands Township10
BROWN, AnnieSouthwest Township4
BROWN, AstorSouthwest Township3
BROWN, BessieSouthwest Township4
BROWN, BettieSouthwest Township11
BROWN, BrinceRichlands Township12
BROWN, CandaceSouthwest Township4
BROWN, CarltonSouthwest Township3
BROWN, CarolineSouthwest Township4
BROWN, CarolineRichlands Township9
BROWN, CaroltonRichlands Township6
BROWN, CarrieSouthwest Township11
BROWN, CharlesRichlands Township9
BROWN, CharlieRichlands Township12
BROWN, CleoRichlands Township12
BROWN, ClydeSouthwest Township3
BROWN, D.C.Southwest Township3
BROWN, D.C.Southwest Township11
BROWN, DanielRichlands Township6
BROWN, DavidSouthwest Township3
BROWN, DavidRichlands Township8
BROWN, DavidSouthwest Township11
BROWN, DexterRichlands Township10
BROWN, DollieRichlands Township10
BROWN, EdwardSouthwest Township11
BROWN, ElizabethRichlands Township10
BROWN, EugeniaRichlands Township9
BROWN, GeorgeSouthwest Township4
BROWN, GeraldineRichlands Township12
BROWN, GrahamSouthwest Township11
BROWN, HannahRichlands Township6
BROWN, HedrickSouthwest Township4
BROWN, HenriettaSouthwest Township3
BROWN, HenriettaSouthwest Township11
BROWN, HeyrumRichlands Township10
BROWN, HoraceSouthwest Township3
BROWN, HoseaRichlands Township8
BROWN, HowellRichlands Township9
BROWN, IsaacRichlands Township9
BROWN, IsaacSouthwest Township11
BROWN, JacobSouthwest Township4
BROWN, JamesSouthwest Township4
BROWN, JamesRichlands Township10
BROWN, JamesSouthwest Township11
BROWN, JanieSouthwest Township11
BROWN, JeanRichlands Township9
BROWN, JimRichlands Township7
BROWN, JohnSouthwest Township4
BROWN, JohnRichlands Township9
BROWN, JohnRichlands Township10
BROWN, JosephSouthwest Township3
BROWN, JosephRichlands Township7
BROWN, JosephRichlands Township8
BROWN, JuliaSouthwest Township11
BROWN, KennethSouthwest Township11
BROWN, L.C.Richlands Township7
BROWN, LauraRichlands Township12
BROWN, LeeRichlands Township9
BROWN, LelaRichlands Township9
BROWN, LeonRichlands Township12
BROWN, LillieRichlands Township12
BROWN, LoydSouthwest Township11
BROWN, LulaSouthwest Township11
BROWN, MaryRichlands Township6
BROWN, MaryRichlands Township10
BROWN, MarySouthwest Township11
BROWN, MurraySouthwest Township11
BROWN, MyronRichlands Township12
BROWN, NanieRichlands Township7
BROWN, NannieRichlands Township8
BROWN, OliverSouthwest Township4
BROWN, OliverRichlands Township6
BROWN, OscarSouthwest Township11
BROWN, ParhamRichlands Township10
BROWN, PeacheySouthwest Township4
BROWN, PhilpenaRichlands Township6
BROWN, R.D.Southwest Township11
BROWN, RichardRichlands Township10
BROWN, RobertSouthwest Township4
BROWN, RobertSouthwest Township11
BROWN, RosaSouthwest Township3
BROWN, RoyRichlands Township9
BROWN, SallieStump Sound Township1
BROWN, SallieSouthwest Township4
BROWN, SallieRichlands Township10
BROWN, SamuelSouthwest Township11
BROWN, SarahSouthwest Township3
BROWN, SarahSouthwest Township4
BROWN, SarahRichlands Township6
BROWN, SarahRichlands Township8
BROWN, SarahSouthwest Township11
BROWN, SenaSouthwest Township3
BROWN, SharlotteRichlands Township10
BROWN, SherwoodRichlands Township7
BROWN, StephenSouthwest Township4
BROWN, SwindellRichlands Township6
BROWN, TempeRichlands Township9
BROWN, VerneyRichlands Township9
BROWN, WalterRichlands Township6
BROWN, WilliamRichlands Township10
BROWN, WilliamSouthwest Township11
BRYAN, (infant)Richlands Township9
BRYAN, AdeleRichlands Township8
BRYAN, AdeleRichlands Township12
BRYAN, AlbertRichlands Township7
BRYAN, BenjaminSouthwest Township3
BRYAN, BenjaminSouthwest Township11
BRYAN, BenjaminRichlands Township12
BRYAN, BennieRichlands Township12
BRYAN, BobRichlands Township12
BRYAN, CarolineRichlands Township10
BRYAN, CharlesRichlands Township12
BRYAN, CharleyRichlands Township9
BRYAN, ClaraSouthwest Township3
BRYAN, ClaraSouthwest Township11
BRYAN, ClarenceRichlands Township9
BRYAN, ClydieRichlands Township12
BRYAN, CyrusRichlands Township9
BRYAN, EdwardRichlands Township12
BRYAN, EldiaRichlands Township12
BRYAN, EleanorRichlands Township9
BRYAN, EliRichlands Township9
BRYAN, ElizaRichlands Township12
BRYAN, EllenRichlands Township12
BRYAN, EnochRichlands Township9
BRYAN, ErvinRichlands Township12
BRYAN, FamyRichlands Township9
BRYAN, FurnieRichlands Township9
BRYAN, GardnerRichlands Township12
BRYAN, GarlandRichlands Township9
BRYAN, GladysRichlands Township9
BRYAN, GuyRichlands Township9
BRYAN, HatchRichlands Township9
BRYAN, HazelRichlands Township12
BRYAN, JohnRichlands Township12
BRYAN, KillisRichlands Township9
BRYAN, KitRichlands Township9
BRYAN, LennieRichlands Township9
BRYAN, LinaRichlands Township9
BRYAN, ListonRichlands Township9
BRYAN, LorenzoSouthwest Township3
BRYAN, LouiseRichlands Township10
BRYAN, MaryRichlands Township9
BRYAN, MaryRichlands Township12
BRYAN, MattieRichlands Township9
BRYAN, MaudeRichlands Township7
BRYAN, McKenneyRichlands Township12
BRYAN, MinnieRichlands Township9
BRYAN, OliveRichlands Township9
BRYAN, OrvisRichlands Township9
BRYAN, PenieRichlands Township9
BRYAN, RannieRichlands Township12
BRYAN, RobertRichlands Township9
BRYAN, RobertRichlands Township12
BRYAN, RubenRichlands Township9
BRYAN, SamRichlands Township9
BRYAN, SarahRichlands Township12
BRYAN, SenaRichlands Township9
BRYAN, SenaRichlands Township10
BRYAN, TabithaSouthwest Township3
BRYAN, ThelmaRichlands Township7
BRYAN, ThomasRichlands Township9
BRYAN, ThurmanRichlands Township12
BRYAN, VenaRichlands Township9
BRYAN, W.B.Richlands Township12
BRYAN, WileyRichlands Township10
BRYAN, WilliamRichlands Township9
BRYAN, WilliamRichlands Township12
BRYAN, WilliamRichlands Township12
BRYAN, Wright Richlands Township9
BRYAN, ZeddockRichlands Township9
BRYANT, DavidStump Sound Township2
BRYANT, DavisStump Sound Township2
BRYANT, JeniferRichlands Township6
BRYANT, NancyRichlands Township6
BRYSON, DallasStump Sound Township5
BRYSON, DeanieStump Sound Township5
BULLOCK, ColonSouthwest Township11
BULLOCK, JoyceSouthwest Township11
BULLOCK, SarahSouthwest Township11
BURDEN, WilliamStump Sound Township5
BURNEY, BurtonSouthwest Township11
BURNEY, GloriaSouthwest Township11
BURNS, HarriettSouthwest Township3
BURNS, NellieRichlands Township7
BURROUGHS, GeorgeStump Sound Township2
BURTON, (infant)Southwest Township3
BURTON, (infant)Southwest Township4
BURTON, DeliaSouthwest Township4
BURTON, JuliaSouthwest Township4
BURTON, LucindaSouthwest Township3
BURTON, MichaelSouthwest Township3
BURTON, MinnieRichlands Township8
BURTON, OwenSouthwest Township11
BURTON, SadieSouthwest Township3
BURTON, StrattonSouthwest Township3
BUSH, CharlesStump Sound Township1
BUSH, LorraineRichlands Township12
BUSH, RuthStump Sound Township1
BYRUM, MollieStump Sound Township5
BYRUM, OrphieStump Sound Township5