Whaley Index: D Surnames

The following are the “D” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 256 names.

DAIL, AnnieSouthwest Township4
DAIL, AnnieRichlands Township6
DAIL, DorisSouthwest Township4
DAIL, WalterSouthwest Township4
DAIL, WandaSouthwest Township4
DAIL, WilliamRichlands Township6
DAIL, ZebulonSouthwest Township4
DAIVS, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
DANIEL, JasperRichlands Township6
DARROCH, BabyStump Sound Township2
DAUGHETY, AnnieRichlands Township8
DAUGHETY, BranchRichlands Township8
DAUGHETY, DorothyRichlands Township9
DAUGHETY, MaryRichlands Township9
DAUGHETY, MelvinRichlands Township9
DAVIE, MackStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, MalvinaStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, MaryStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, MichaelStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, MikeStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, MilesStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, MinnieStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, MyrtieStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, NoahStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, OlaStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, OrvidStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, RichardStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, RobertStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, SamuelStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, SarahStump Sound Township1
DAVIE, WilburStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, (baby)Stump Sound Township1
DAVIS, (baby)Richlands Township9
DAVIS, (infant)Stump Sound Township2
DAVIS, (infant)Southwest Township3
DAVIS, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
DAVIS, AaronStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, AaronSouthwest Township4
DAVIS, AddieStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, AldenStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, AllisSouthwest Township3
DAVIS, AlvaniaStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, AnnRichlands Township7
DAVIS, AnnaRichlands Township12
DAVIS, ArthurRichlands Township12
DAVIS, BobbyRichlands Township12
DAVIS, BryantStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, BurrellRichlands Township12
DAVIS, CecilStump Sound Township2
DAVIS, CeliaStump Sound Township2
DAVIS, ClarissaStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, ClennieRichlands Township12
DAVIS, CouncilStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, CurtisRichlands Township12
DAVIS, DelphiRichlands Township7
DAVIS, DollieStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, DollyRichlands Township9
DAVIS, DoraStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, E.D.Stump Sound Township1
DAVIS, EdithStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, EdmondStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, ElbertStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, EmanuelRichlands Township10
DAVIS, EmelineStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, EmilyStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, ErnestRichlands Township10
DAVIS, EthelStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, EulaRichlands Township10
DAVIS, EulaRichlands Township12
DAVIS, FloStump Sound Township2
DAVIS, FlossieRichlands Township12
DAVIS, FonnieStump Sound Township2
DAVIS, GenevaStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, GreggRichlands Township10
DAVIS, H.D.Richlands Township10
DAVIS, HatcherRichlands Township12
DAVIS, HermanRichlands Township10
DAVIS, HoseaRichlands Township10
DAVIS, IndaRichlands Township12
DAVIS, IraStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, IreneStump Sound Township2
DAVIS, J.H.Richlands Township10
DAVIS, JamesSouthwest Township3
DAVIS, JamesStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, JanineStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, JasperRichlands Township12
DAVIS, JesseStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, JimmyRichlands Township10
DAVIS, JosephStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, JulieRichlands Township10
DAVIS, K.Stump Sound Township1
DAVIS, KennethStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, LauraStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, LeanderStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, LelandRichlands Township12
DAVIS, LizzieRichlands Township10
DAVIS, LonieStump Sound Township1
DAVIS, LucyRichlands Township10
DAVIS, LutherRichlands Township10
DAVIS, LydiaRichlands Township10
DAVIS, MaggieStump Sound Township2
DAVIS, MaggieRichlands Township12
DAVIS, MaloneyStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, MariahStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, MarthaRichlands Township10
DAVIS, MaryStump Sound Township2
DAVIS, MarySouthwest Township3
DAVIS, MaryRichlands Township10
DAVIS, MaynorRichlands Township12
DAVIS, MelvinRichlands Township10
DAVIS, MissouriStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, MorrisRichlands Township10
DAVIS, NetaRichlands Township10
DAVIS, OraRichlands Township12
DAVIS, OwenRichlands Township10
DAVIS, PharoahRichlands Township9
DAVIS, RaleighRichlands Township10
DAVIS, RellaSouthwest Township3
DAVIS, RhondaRichlands Township10
DAVIS, RobertSouthwest Township3
DAVIS, RobertStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, RobertaRichlands Township10
DAVIS, SallyStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, SarahRichlands Township10
DAVIS, SusanRichlands Township10
DAVIS, SuttonRichlands Township12
DAVIS, ThomasStump Sound Township2
DAVIS, ThurmanStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, VictoriaRichlands Township12
DAVIS, WilliamStump Sound Township2
DAVIS, WilliamStump Sound Township5
DAVIS, WilliamRichlands Township10
DAVIS, WillieStump Sound Township2
DAVIS, WillieRichlands Township9
DAVIS, WyattRichlands Township10
DAW, CharlieSouthwest Township11
DAW, LucySouthwest Township11
DAWSON, (infant)Southwest Township11
DAWSON, DellaSouthwest Township11
DAWSON, FrancesSouthwest Township11
DAWSON, HesterSouthwest Township4
DAWSON, HoraceSouthwest Township11
DAWSON, JohnSouthwest Township4
DAWSON, JohnSouthwest Township11
DAWSON, LucretiaSouthwest Township4
DAWSON, MargaretSouthwest Township4
DAWSON, NaomiSouthwest Township4
DAWSON, RobertSouthwest Township4
DAWSON, SusanSouthwest Township4
DAY, (infant)Richlands Township8
DAY, CarolynRichlands Township8
DAY, ChristineRichlands Township8
DAY, ChristineRichlands Township8
DAY, ElizabethRichlands Township8
DAY, ElizabethRichlands Township8
DAY, NathanielRichlands Township8
DAY, NereRichlands Township8
DAY, NereRichlands Township8
DEAVER, AllenRichlands Township12
DEAVER, AlonzoRichlands Township12
DEAVER, AugustusRichlands Township12
DEAVER, BeaulahRichlands Township12
DEAVER, HenryRichlands Township12
DEAVER, JesseRichlands Township12
DEAVER, LauraRichlands Township12
DEAVER, LeonaRichlands Township12
DEAVER, MaryRichlands Township12
DEAVER, MolseyRichlands Township12
DEAVER, NaomiRichlands Township12
DEAVER, OraRichlands Township12
DEAVER, RooseveltRichlands Township12
DEAVER, WilliamRichlands Township12
DeFORD, JeanetteRichlands Township8
DeFRANCIS, DominickRichlands Township8
DEXTER, LeonaRichlands Township8
DEXTER, WilliamRichlands Township8
DIAZ, AsellaRichlands Township12
DICKSON, IrmaRichlands Township6
DICKSON, JoeannaSouthwest Township11
DIXON, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
DIXON, (infant)Southwest Township4
DIXON, AlphonzoStump Sound Township1
DIXON, AndrewSouthwest Township11
DIXON, AudraSouthwest Township4
DIXON, BurrellStump Sound Township1
DIXON, CallieStump Sound Township1
DIXON, CarrieStump Sound Township1
DIXON, CecilStump Sound Township1
DIXON, CharlieSouthwest Township4
DIXON, CherylSouthwest Township11
DIXON, DellaStump Sound Township1
DIXON, EmmieSouthwest Township11
DIXON, FrankStump Sound Township1
DIXON, FrankSouthwest Township11
DIXON, FurnieSouthwest Township11
DIXON, GeorgeStump Sound Township1
DIXON, HannahStump Sound Township1
DIXON, HermanStump Sound Township1
DIXON, HollanStump Sound Township1
DIXON, IrisRichlands Township9
DIXON, JamesSouthwest Township4
DIXON, JohnStump Sound Township1
DIXON, JohnSouthwest Township11
DIXON, JuliaStump Sound Township1
DIXON, LethaStump Sound Township1
DIXON, LizzieSouthwest Township3
DIXON, MarcusSouthwest Township11
DIXON, MarySouthwest Township3
DIXON, MarySouthwest Township4
DIXON, NoraSouthwest Township4
DIXON, OscarStump Sound Township1
DIXON, RomRichlands Township9
DIXON, StephenSouthwest Township3
DIXON, StephenSouthwest Township4
DIXON, StevenSouthwest Township4
DIXON, WilburSouthwest Township11
DIXON, WinnieSouthwest Township11
DOBSON, ArggiaRichlands Township12
DOBSON, LillieRichlands Township12
DONALDSON, DavidStump Sound Township5
DONALDSOn, GaryStump Sound Township5
DONALDSON, GeorgeStump Sound Township5
DONALDSON, IsabelleStump Sound Township5
DONALDSON, JimmyStump Sound Township5
DOVE, BurneyRichlands Township12
DOVE, HazelRichlands Township12
DOVE, IndianaRichlands Township7
DOVE, LawyerRichlands Township12
DUDLEY, GeorgeStump Sound Township2
DUDLEY, LilaStump Sound Township2
DUFF, AdaStump Sound Township5
DUFF, AnnieStump Sound Township2
DUFF, CharlieStump Sound Township5
DUFF, CoreyStump Sound Township5
DUFF, IvaStump Sound Township5
DUFF, MalcolmStump Sound Township5
DUFFY, (infant)Richlands Township8
DUFFY, AnnieRichlands Township8
DUFFY, PalmetaRichlands Township6
DUFFY, RodolphRichlands Township8
DUKES, G. DanielStump Sound Township1
DUNN, CharlieRichlands Township6
DUNN, HenryRichlands Township6
DUNN, MariahRichlands Township6
DUNSTON, AbramStump Sound Township1
DUNSTON, AbramStump Sound Township5
DUNSTON, ClaraStump Sound Township2
DUNSTON, GeorgeStump Sound Township1
DUNSTON, JohnStump Sound Township2
DUNSTON, JohnStump Sound Township5
DUNSTON, LydiaStump Sound Township5
DUNSTON, MariahStump Sound Township5
DUNSTON, MillieStump Sound Township5
DUNSTON, PriscillaStump Sound Township5
DUNSTON, SilveannahStump Sound Township1
DUNSTON, WilliamStump Sound Township5