Whaley Index: E Surnames

The following are the “E” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 226 names.

EDENS Jr., EzekielStump Sound Township1
EDENS Sr., EzekielStump Sound Township1
EDENS Sr., ThomasStump Sound Township1
EDENS, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
EDENS, AnnieStump Sound Township2
EDENS, BillyStump Sound Township2
EDENS, CalebStump Sound Township2
EDENS, CalebStump Sound Township5
EDENS, CatherineStump Sound Township2
EDENS, CatherineStump Sound Township5
EDENS, CharlesStump Sound Township1
EDENS, DollieStump Sound Township1
EDENS, DoraStump Sound Township1
EDENS, EdwardStump Sound Township1
EDENS, ElizabethStump Sound Township1
EDENS, EmilyStump Sound Township1
EDENS, EugeneStump Sound Township1
EDENS, Ezekiel L.Stump Sound Township1
EDENS, FrankStump Sound Township1
EDENS, GeorgeStump Sound Township1
EDENS, IdaStump Sound Township1
EDENS, IraStump Sound Township1
EDENS, JamesStump Sound Township2
EDENS, JamesStump Sound Township1
EDENS, JamesStump Sound Township5
EDENS, JohnStump Sound Township1
EDENS, John I.Stump Sound Township1
EDENS, JosieStump Sound Township1
EDENS, JuliaStump Sound Township1
EDENS, JuliusStump Sound Township2
EDENS, LeonardStump Sound Township1
EDENS, LonnieStump Sound Township1
EDENS, MarthaStump Sound Township1
EDENS, Mary EllenStump Sound Township1
EDENS, Mary HowardStump Sound Township1
EDENS, NancyStump Sound Township1
EDENS, NormanStump Sound Township5
EDENS, NovaStump Sound Township1
EDENS, RebeccaStump Sound Township2
EDENS, RebeccaStump Sound Township1
EDENS, RhodaStump Sound Township5
EDENS, RolandStump Sound Township5
EDENS, SamuelStump Sound Township1
EDENS, SarahSouthwest Township3
EDENS, Thomas E.Stump Sound Township1
EDENS, Thomas H.Stump Sound Township1
EDWARDS, AndrewRichlands Township12
EDWARDS, BerniceRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, BerttieRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, BessieRichlands Township12
EDWARDS, CarrieRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, CharlieRichlands Township8
EDWARDS, DanielRichlands Township12
EDWARDS, DavidRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, EllisRichlands Township12
EDWARDS, EthelRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, FelixRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, G.W.Richlands Township8
EDWARDS, GeorgeRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, GlenRichlands Township9
EDWARDS, HollandRichlands Township12
EDWARDS, J.F.Richlands Township6
EDWARDS, JamesRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, JimmieRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, JonasRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, JuliusRichlands Township10
EDWARDS, LaverneRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, LenardRichlands Township9
EDWARDS, MattieSouthwest Township4
EDWARDS, MyrtleStump Sound Township2
EDWARDS, PeniaRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, PercyStump Sound Township2
EDWARDS, RachelRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, RaymondRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, RichardRichlands Township12
EDWARDS, ShannonRichlands Township7
EDWARDS, StellaRichlands Township12
EDWARDS, T.H.Southwest Township4
EDWARDS, ThurmanSouthwest Township4
EDWARDS, WilliamRichlands Township7
ELLIS, AddieRichlands Township8
ELLIS, EdwardRichlands Township8
ELLIS, HenryRichlands Township8
ELLIS, JosephRichlands Township8
ELLIS, LauraRichlands Township8
ELLIS, PenlopeRichlands Township8
ELLIS, RolandRichlands Township8
ELMORE, LenaSouthwest Township3
ENGLISH, EdwinStump Sound Township2
ENGLISH, EvaStump Sound Township2
ENGLISH, NaomiRichlands Township10
ENNETT Jr., HarleeStump Sound Township2
ENNETT Sr., HarleeStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, (infant)Stump Sound Township2
ENNETT, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
ENNETT, AddieStump Sound Township1
ENNETT, AndrewStump Sound Township1
ENNETT, ClarissaStump Sound Township5
ENNETT, DarrellStump Sound Township5
ENNETT, EdwardRichlands Township7
ENNETT, ElijahStump Sound Township1
ENNETT, ElizabethStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, ElizabethStump Sound Township1
ENNETT, EllenStump Sound Township5
ENNETT, EnochStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, ErnestStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, GeneStump Sound Township5
ENNETT, GudrumStump Sound Township5
ENNETT, HannahStump Sound Township1
ENNETT, JennieStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, JosephStump Sound Township1
ENNETT, LidaStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, LolaStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, LorenzoStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, LouiseStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, LutherStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, MargaretStump Sound Township5
ENNETT, MauriceStump Sound Township5
ENNETT, NathanielStump Sound Township5
ENNETT, NobleStump Sound Township5
ENNETT, RavenellStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, RillieStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, RubyStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, RubyStump Sound Township5
ENNETT, SarahStump Sound Township2
ENNETT, WilliamStump Sound Township5
EREXSON, CeliaStump Sound Township2
ERVIN, (infant)Richlands Township6
ERVIN, AbnerRichlands Township6
ERVIN, AdaRichlands Township12
ERVIN, AlsoodRichlands Township6
ERVIN, CarolineRichlands Township8
ERVIN, CyrusRichlands Township6
ERVIN, EdwardRichlands Township6
ERVIN, EdwardRichlands Township8
ERVIN, EmmaRichlands Township9
ERVIN, GeorgeRichlands Township6
ERVIN, HarryRichlands Township12
ERVIN, IdaRichlands Township12
ERVIN, JamesRichlands Township12
ERVIN, JohnRichlands Township6
ERVIN, JohnRichlands Township9
ERVIN, LauraRichlands Township6
ERVIN, LilahRichlands Township6
ERVIN, LillianRichlands Township6
ERVIN, LucianRichlands Township6
ERVIN, LucileRichlands Township9
ERVIN, LucyRichlands Township6
ERVIN, MarthaRichlands Township6
ERVIN, MaryRichlands Township6
ERVIN, MaudeRichlands Township9
ERVIN, MollyRichlands Township6
ERVIN, NannieRichlands Township8
ERVIN, NelsonRichlands Township9
ERVIN, OpalRichlands Township12
ERVIN, OscarRichlands Township6
ERVIN, RaymondRichlands Township9
ERVIN, SallieRichlands Township9
ERVIN, SarahRichlands Township6
ERVIN, SudieRichlands Township6
ERVIN, VeraRichlands Township9
ERVIN, WilliamRichlands Township6
ERVIN, WilliamRichlands Township9
EUBANKS, EdenRichlands Township9
EUBANKS, LinnieStump Sound Township1
EUBANKS, MatalaRichlands Township9
EUBANKS, WilliamSouthwest Township3
EUBANKS, WillieStump Sound Township1
EVANS, AroraSouthwest Township3
EVANS, BessieSouthwest Township4
EVANS, CatherineSouthwest Township3
EVANS, DorsaSouthwest Township11
EVANS, EttaSouthwest Township11
EVANS, GertrudeSouthwest Township11
EVANS, GibsonSouthwest Township11
EVANS, HerbertSouthwest Township11
EVANS, HoytSouthwest Township11
EVANS, JamesSouthwest Township4
EVANS, JimmieSouthwest Township11
EVANS, JohnSouthwest Township11
EVANS, K.D.Southwest Township11
EVANS, MarySouthwest Township11
EVANS, SallieSouthwest Township11
EVANS, SamuelSouthwest Township11
EVANS, StephenSouthwest Township11
EVANS, WilliamSouthwest Township3
EVANS, ZelphaSouthwest Township3
EVERETT, (infant)Stump Sound Township2
EVERETT, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
EVERETT, AnnieStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, ArthurStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, ClaraStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, ClareStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, CollierStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, DelilahStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, DelphiaStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, DonlinStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, ElizabehtStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, EmmaStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, EstelleStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, GuyStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, HenryStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, HesterStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, IraStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, IsadoraStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, J. WoodmanStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, John A.Stump Sound Township2
EVERETT, JurneyStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, LeanderStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, LinaStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, MamieStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, MathewStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, MolllieStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, NoraStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, ReubenStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, RodolphStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, RuthyStump Sound Township5
EVERETT, ThomasStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, VanStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, WadeStump Sound Township1
EVERETT, WalterStump Sound Township2
EVERETT, WilliamStump Sound Township1
EVERITT, JerrieStump Sound Township1
EZZELL, DonaldSouthwest Township11
EZZELL, LeonSouthwest Township11
EZZELL, LiddieSouthwest Township11