Whaley Index: G Surnames

The following are the “G” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 182 names.

GALE, ChellieRichlands Township9
GANEY, WilliamSouthwest Township3
GARDNER, AvisRichlands Township10
GARDNER, LucyRichlands Township12
GARFIELD, WilliamStump Sound Township2
GARRISS, SarahStump Sound Township5
GILES, E.S.F.Richlands Township9
GILES, George Richlands Township9
GILES, J.F.Richlands Township9
GILES, SueStump Sound Township1
GILLESPIE, WillieSouthwest Township11
GILLETTE, KatieRichlands Township9
GILLIAM, BenjaminStump Sound Township2
GILLIAM, EverlanderStump Sound Township2
GILLIKIN, FrancesStump Sound Township2
GILLIKIN, LeoStump Sound Township2
GLOVER, EdwardStump Sound Township2
GOFF, BessieRichlands Township7
GOODING, NannieRichlands Township12
GORNTO, HenryStump Sound Township1
GORNTO, IsaacStump Sound Township1
GORNTO, JarrottStump Sound Township1
GORNTO, JosephStump Sound Township1
GORNTO, MaryStump Sound Township1
GOSS, DelilahSouthwest Township11
GOSS, PhillipsSouthwest Township11
GOULD, (baby)Southwest Township4
GOULD, CharlesSouthwest Township4
GOULD, CharlesSouthwest Township11
GOULD, SarahSouthwest Township4
GOULD, TempieSouthwest Township11
GOULD, ThomasSouthwest Township4
GOULD, WalterSouthwest Township11
GOULD, WilliamSouthwest Township4
GRADY, EvaRichlands Township9
GRANT Jr., HoraceStump Sound Township2
GRANT Sr., HoraceStump Sound Township2
GRANT, AnnieStump Sound Township5
GRANT, AugustusStump Sound Township2
GRANT, BenjaminStump Sound Township2
GRANT, BettieStump Sound Township2
GRANT, CallieStump Sound Township2
GRANT, ClarenceStump Sound Township2
GRANT, CorinneStump Sound Township2
GRANT, CorneliaStump Sound Township5
GRANT, ElizabethStump Sound Township2
GRANT, EricStump Sound Township5
GRANT, FreemanStump Sound Township2
GRANT, HelenStump Sound Township2
GRANT, HubertStump Sound Township2
GRANT, JamesStump Sound Township2
GRANT, JamesStump Sound Township5
GRANT, LutherStump Sound Township2
GRANT, MargaretStump Sound Township2
GRANT, PearlStump Sound Township2
GRANT, PearlieSouthwest Township4
GRANT, PercyStump Sound Township2
GRANT, RubyStump Sound Township2
GRANT, StaceyStump Sound Township2
GRANT, StacyStump Sound Township5
GRANT, VincyStump Sound Township2
GRANT, WalterSouthwest Township4
GRAY, GabrielStump Sound Township1
GRAY, JamesSouthwest Township3
GRAY, JohnRichlands Township7
GRAY, LinnaRichlands Township10
GRAY, MaryRichlands Township7
GRAYBILL, ClaudeStump Sound Township1
GRAYBILL, ClaudeStump Sound Township5
GREEN, AlpheusRichlands Township12
GREEN, AnnieRichlands Township7
GREEN, DorisRichlands Township6
GREEN, HubertRichlands Township7
GREEN, IrvinRichlands Township12
GREEN, IsaacRichlands Township6
GREEN, JimRichlands Township7
GREEN, LouisaRichlands Township6
GREEN, RobertRichlands Township7
GREEN, RowanStump Sound Township5
GREEN, SadieRichlands Township12
GREENE, EmmaRichlands Township12
GRESHAM, GracieRichlands Township9
GREY, DurwoodRichlands Township9
GRIFFIN, (infant)Richlands Township7
GRIFFIN, ArthurRichlands Township6
GRIFFIN, CecilRichlands Township12
GRIFFIN, EdnaRichlands Township7
GRIFFIN, GlennRichlands Township7
GRIFFIN, GuyRichlands Township7
GRIFFIN, HelenRichlands Township9
GRIFFIN, JohnnieRichlands Township9
GRIFFIN, JoyceRichlands Township7
GRIFFIN, PrudyRichlands Township7
GRIFFIN, RobenaRichlands Township7
GRIFFIN, VivianRichlands Township7
GRIMSLEY, HarmonRichlands Township8
GUINN, JamesRichlands Township10
GUINN, NettieRichlands Township9
GUINN, SallieRichlands Township10
GURGAINOUS, DanielStump Sound Township5
GURGAINOUS, MaryStump Sound Township5
GURGANOUS, BettieStump Sound Township5
GURGANOUS, JessieStump Sound Township5
GURGANOUS, SusanStump Sound Township5
GURGANOUS, W.M.Stump Sound Township5
GURGANUS (infant)Southwest Township4
GURGANUS, (baby)Southwest Township4
GURGANUS, (infant)Southwest Township3
GURGANUS, AcoreeSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, AliceSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, AllenSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, AmaSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, AnnieSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, AnnieSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, BenjaminSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, BenjaminSouthwest Township11
GURGANUS, BerthaSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, BettieSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, CaroleenSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, CeliaSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, CharlesSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, CyrusSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, DanielSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, DellaSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, DutchSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, EarlSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, EdnaSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, EldaSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, EldaSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, ElizabethSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, EllenSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, ErnestSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, EvelynSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, EwellSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, GeorgeSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, GeorgeSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, GeraldineSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, GloriaSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, HarrySouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, HenrySouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, JamesSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, JamesSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, JaneSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, JohnStump Sound Township1
GURGANUS, JohnnieSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, JohnnieSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, JosephineSouthwest Township11
GURGANUS, LewisStump Sound Township1
GURGANUS, LewisSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, LewisSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, LizzieSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, LucySouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, MarendaSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, MarySouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, MarySouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, MilesSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, MilieSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, NancySouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, NancySouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, NicholasSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, OscarSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, PharoahSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, SallieSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, SamuelSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, SarahSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, SarahSouthwest Township4
GURGANUS, SenaSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, VanderbiltSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, WesleySouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, WilliamSouthwest Township3
GURGANUS, ZachariahSouthwest Township4
GUTHRIE, ClaraStump Sound Township2
GUTHRIE, ElfledaStump Sound Township2
GUTHRIE, JeffersonStump Sound Township2
GUTHRIE, JohnStump Sound Township1
GUTHRIE, LeolaStump Sound Township1
GUTHRIE, MurrayStump Sound Township2
GUTHRIE, RuthStump Sound Township2
GUTHRIE, SadieStump Sound Township2
GUTHRIE, WilliamStump Sound Township2
GWYNN, IdaRichlands Township10
GWYNN, VassRichlands Township10