Whaley Index: H & I Surnames

The following are the “H” and “I” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 733 names.

HAGUE, CharlotteStump Sound Township1
HAGUE, SamuelStump Sound Township1
HAIR, JerryStump Sound Township2
HALL, LethaSouthwest Township4
HALL, LizzieRichlands Township6
HALL, LolaSouthwest Township11
HALL, RandolphRichlands Township6
HALL, RoySouthwest Township11
HAM, BenRichlands Township6
HAM, MaryRichlands Township6
HANCOCK, (infant)Richlands Township9
HANCOCK, CharlesRichlands Township9
HANCOCK, DiamRichlands Township9
HANCOCK, HarryRichlands Township9
HANCOCK, L.D.Richlands Township10
HANCOCK, MollieRichlands Township9
HANCOCK, NannieRichlands Township9
HANCOCK, SallieRichlands Township9
HANNOLD, JoshuaSouthwest Township4
HANSLEY, (baby)Stump Sound Township2
HANSLEY, (infant)Stump Sound Township2
HANSLEY, AnnStump Sound Township1
HANSLEY, DavidSouthwest Township4
HANSLEY, EdwardStump Sound Township5
HANSLEY, EmmaStump Sound Township1
HANSLEY, FrankStump Sound Township5
HANSLEY, GeorgeStump Sound Township1
HANSLEY, HermanStump Sound Township5
HANSLEY, JerryStump Sound Township2
HANSLEY, JessieStump Sound Township5
HANSLEY, LeevernalSouthwest Township4
HANSLEY, LolaStump Sound Township5
HANSLEY, LottieSouthwest Township3
HANSLEY, MaryStump Sound Township2
HANSLEY, MelvinStump Sound Township5
HANSLEY, MollieStump Sound Township1
HANSLEY, NancyStump Sound Township2
HANSLEY, OdessaStump Sound Township2
HANSLEY, OliveStump Sound Township2
HANSLEY, ParkusStump Sound Township1
HANSLEY, RodolphStump Sound Township5
HANSLEY, SadieStump Sound Township5
HANSLEY, SallieSouthwest Township4
HANSLEY, SarahStump Sound Township1
HANSLEY, WilliamSouthwest Township4
HANSLEY, WilloughbyStump Sound Township2
HANSLEY, WinfredStump Sound Township2
HANSLEY, WinfredSouthwest Township3
HANSLEY, WoodrowStump Sound Township5
HARDISON Jr., JesseStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
HARDISON, AltonStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, AnnieStump Sound Township2
HARDISON, AnnieStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, BriceStump Sound Township2
HARDISON, CarmenStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, CarolinaStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, CharlieStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, ColtonStump Sound Township5
HARDISON, EffieStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, ElbertStump Sound Township2
HARDISON, ElizaStump Sound Township5
HARDISON, GraceStump Sound Township2
HARDISON, IraStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, JesseStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, Jesse B.Stump Sound Township2
HARDISON, Jesse W.Stump Sound Township2
HARDISON, JohnStump Sound Township2
HARDISON, JosephStump Sound Township2
HARDISON, KatieStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, KirbyStump Sound Township2
HARDISON, MentaStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, MinnieStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, NaomiStump Sound Township2
HARDISON, RebeccaStump Sound Township2
HARDISON, RillieStump Sound Township2
HARDISON, SamuelStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, Samuel J.Stump Sound Township1
HARDISON, Samuel W.Stump Sound Township1
HARDISON, SarahStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, TreacyStump Sound Township1
HARDISON, William M.Stump Sound Township1
HARDISON, William R.Stump Sound Township1
HARGETT, JamesRichlands Township8
HARGETT, LewisRichlands Township8
HARGETT, NancyRichlands Township8
HARGETT, OliviaRichlands Township6
HARPER, BerthaStump Sound Township2
HARPER, PericlesStump Sound Township2
HARRELL, BrancySouthwest Township11
HARRELL, CeliaStump Sound Township1
HARRELL, E.D.Richlands Township8
HARRELL, EffieRichlands Township8
HARRELL, EliRichlands Township8
HARRELL, GeorgeStump Sound Township1
HARRELL, George A.Stump Sound Township1
HARRELL, LinwoodRichlands Township8
HARRELL, MargueriteRichlands Township8
HARRELL, MarthaSouthwest Township11
HARRELL, StephenSouthwest Township11
HARRELL, WalterRichlands Township8
HARRELL, William A.Stump Sound Township1
HARRELL, William D.Stump Sound Township1
HARRELL, ZebSouthwest Township11
HARRISON, A.B.Richlands Township6
HARRISON, CorinneRichlands Township9
HARRISON, DaisyRichlands Township8
HARRISON, FloraRichlands Township9
HARTSFIELD, ClaudeStump Sound Township1
HARTSFIELD, FlaviousStump Sound Township5
HARTSFIELD, ThelmaStump Sound Township1
HASSELL, MaryStump Sound Township2
HASSELL, WilliamStump Sound Township2
HATCH, LillianSouthwest Township11
HATCH, ManlyRichlands Township7
HATCH, ZannieRichlands Township8
HAWK, MattieSouthwest Township4
HAYES, FurneyStump Sound Township2
HEATH, CallieRichlands Township12
HEATH, DennisRichlands Township10
HEATH, EuniceRichlands Township7
HEATH, FannyRichlands Township6
HEATH, FurneyRichlands Township10
HEATH, HenyRichlands Township10
HEATH, J.H.Richlands Township7
HEATH, J.L.Richlands Township8
HEATH, JamesStump Sound Township1
HEATH, KathleenSouthwest Township11
HEATH, L.L.Richlands Township7
HEATH, MaggieRichlands Township8
HEATH, MargieStump Sound Township1
HEATH, MaryRichlands Township7
HEATH, MaryRichlands Township10
HEATH, MollieRichlands Township8
HEATH, SallyRichlands Township10
HEATH, WoodrowRichlands Township7
HEDGEPETH, SamuelRichlands Township6
HEDNERSON, JoeannerRichlands Township6
HEMBY, (infant)Southwest Township4
HEMBY, BerthaSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, ClideSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, EdithSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, EdwardSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, ElizabethSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, EnochSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, EnochRichlands Township7
HEMBY, FannieSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, GaynellSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, HannahSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, JamesSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, JuliaSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, KatieSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, KermitSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, LenaSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, LouiseSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, MinnieSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, RachelSouthwest Township3
HEMBY, SarahSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, SimonSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, StephenSouthwest Township4
HEMBY, WilliamSouthwest Township4
HEMNESS, KermitSouthwest Township11
HENDERSON, AddieStump Sound Township2
HENDERSON, DanielStump Sound Township1
HENDERSON, FlorenceStump Sound Township1
HENDERSON, GarlenStump Sound Township1
HENDERSON, GeorgeStump Sound Township2
HENDERSON, HollandStump Sound Township1
HENDERSON, IdaStump Sound Township2
HENDERSON, JamesStump Sound Township1
HENDERSON, KennethStump Sound Township2
HENDERSON, LydiaStump Sound Township1
HENDERSON, MargaretRichlands Township10
HENDERSON, MingoStump Sound Township2
HENDERSON, RichardStump Sound Township1
HENDERSON, SarahSouthwest Township11
HENDERSON, SidneyStump Sound Township2
HENDERSON, StephenSouthwest Township3
HENDERSON, TemperanceStump Sound Township1
HENDERSON, WilliamStump Sound Township1
HENDERSON, WilliamRichlands Township10
HENRY, PearlSouthwest Township11
HERRING, ColonSouthwest Township4
HERRING, TroySouthwest Township4
HERRITAGE, JereSouthwest Township11
HERRITAGE, JosephineSouthwest Township11
HERRITAGE, LeonSouthwest Township11
HERRITAGE, PhillipSouthwest Township11
HERRITAGE, SarahSouthwest Township11
HEWITT, (infant)Southwest Township3
HEWITT, AlonzaSouthwest Township3
HEWITT, DennisStump Sound Township1
HEWITT, HattieSouthwest Township3
HEWITT, JeromeSouthwest Township3
HEWITT, JohnSouthwest Township3
HEWITT, LorineStump Sound Township1
HEWITT, MansonRichlands Township10
HEWITT, MarieSouthwest Township3
HEWITT, MaryRichlands Township10
HEWITT, MaySouthwest Township3
HEWITT, OwenSouthwest Township3
HEWITT, RachelSouthwest Township3
HEWITT, SarahSouthwest Township3
HEWITT, SerenaSouthwest Township3
HICKS, CherylRichlands Township12
HICKS, ElizabethStump Sound Township2
HICKS, JohnStump Sound Township2
HICKS, JuliaStump Sound Township2
HICKS, RobertRichlands Township12
HICKS, VeraRichlands Township12
HIGGINS, (infant)Southwest Township4
HIGGINS, ElijahSouthwest Township3
HIGGINS, ElmerSouthwest Township3
HIGGINS, NancySouthwest Township3
HIGGINS, SusanSouthwest Township3
HILL, (baby)Stump Sound Township2
HILL, (infant)Stump Sound Township2
HILL, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
HILL, AgnesStump Sound Township2
HILL, AliceRichlands Township12
HILL, AudreyStump Sound Township2
HILL, CharlesStump Sound Township2
HILL, CharlieRichlands Township12
HILL, CinderellaStump Sound Township2
HILL, ClarenceRichlands Township8
HILL, DavidStump Sound Township5
HILL, EdnaStump Sound Township2
HILL, FrankRichlands Township6
HILL, GeorgeStump Sound Township2
HILL, HarriettStump Sound Township5
HILL, HenriettaStump Sound Township2
HILL, HowardRichlands Township6
HILL, JohnRichlands Township7
HILL, John T.Stump Sound Township2
HILL, John W.Stump Sound Township2
HILL, LydeRichlands Township8
HILL, MargaretStump Sound Township2
HILL, MettsStump Sound Township5
HILL, NoahStump Sound Township5
HILL, SarahStump Sound Township2
HILL, SidneyStump Sound Township2
HILL, SophiaRichlands Township7
HILL, SusieStump Sound Township2
HILL, ThomasStump Sound Township2
HILL, WilliamStump Sound Township2
HILL, WisterStump Sound Township2
HINES, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
HINES, (infant)Southwest Township3
HINES, ArchieStump Sound Township1
HINES, BessieStump Sound Township1
HINES, C.Stump Sound Township1
HINES, CliftonStump Sound Township1
HINES, DaneyStump Sound Township1
HINES, ElijahStump Sound Township1
HINES, EmmaStump Sound Township1
HINES, FrankStump Sound Township1
HINES, Frank A.Stump Sound Township1
HINES, GeorgeStump Sound Township1
HINES, GladysStump Sound Township1
HINES, HesterStump Sound Township1
HINES, IreneStump Sound Township1
HINES, IrvinStump Sound Township1
HINES, IsaacStump Sound Township1
HINES, JesseStump Sound Township1
HINES, John A.Stump Sound Township1
HINES, John E.Stump Sound Township1
HINES, MarshallStump Sound Township1
HINES, MarvinStump Sound Township1
HINES, MaryStump Sound Township1
HINES, OascarStump Sound Township1
HINES, PhillipStump Sound Township1
HINES, SarahStump Sound Township1
HINES, ZanStump Sound Township1
HINSON, DaleRichlands Township12
HITCH, BeulahSouthwest Township4
HITCH, EuniceSouthwest Township4
HITCH, JohnSouthwest Township4
HITCH, LeoSouthwest Township4
HITCH, MathewSouthwest Township4
HITCH, WilliamSouthwest Township4
HOAR, EleanorStump Sound Township2
HOAR, JenniferStump Sound Township2
HOAR, RalphStump Sound Township2
HOAR, RalphStump Sound Township5
HOBBS Jr., CapiasStump Sound Township1
HOBBS Sr., CapiasStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, (baby)Stump Sound Township1
HOBBS, (baby)Richlands Township10
HOBBS, (infant)Stump Sound Township2
HOBBS, AlbertStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, AnnieStump Sound Township2
HOBBS, AnnieStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, BeatriceRichlands Township10
HOBBS, BettyStump Sound Township5
HOBBS, BradRichlands Township12
HOBBS, BrittanyRichlands Township12
HOBBS, BryanStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, DolphusStump Sound Township5
HOBBS, DonnieStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, EarlStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, ElizabethStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, ElwoodStump Sound Township2
HOBBS, EmelineStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, FannieStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, FranklinStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, FrederickStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, GeorgeStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, GeorgeRichlands Township10
HOBBS, GladysStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, GurmanRichlands Township10
HOBBS, HarriettStump Sound Township2
HOBBS, HelenRichlands Township10
HOBBS, HoraceRichlands Township10
HOBBS, IdaStump Sound Township2
HOBBS, IsaacStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, J.T.Stump Sound Township2
HOBBS, JamesStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, JamesStump Sound Township5
HOBBS, JerryStump Sound Township5
HOBBS, JosephStump Sound Township2
HOBBS, JosephStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, Joseph T.Stump Sound Township1
HOBBS, JuliaStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, KirbyStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, LenaStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, LorenzaStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, LorenzoStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, LouiseRichlands Township10
HOBBS, LucyStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, MarendiaStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, MargieStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, MartinStump Sound Township5
HOBBS, MaryStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, MassStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, MurrayRichlands Township10
HOBBS, NaomiStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, PerscillaStump Sound Township5
HOBBS, PirhamStump Sound Township2
HOBBS, RalphStump Sound Township2
HOBBS, RayStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, RobertStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, RufusStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, RuthieStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, SallieStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, SarahStump Sound Township2
HOBBS, SenosStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, StricklandStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, SusanStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, SylvesterStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, TemperanceStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, ThomasStump Sound Township1
HOBBS, VirginiaStump Sound Township5
HOBBS, WilliamStump Sound Township2
HOBBS, WIlliamStump Sound Township1
HOFFMAN, (baby)Richlands Township10
HOFFMAN, BerniceRichlands Township10
HOFFMAN, ChrisRichlands Township10
HOFFMAN, DonnaRichlands Township10
HOFFMAN, SamuelRichlands Township10
HOFFMAN, TedRichlands Township10
HOFFMAN, WalterRichlands Township10
HOLDEN, JohnStump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, ArthurStump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, DavidSouthwest Township4
HOLLIS, ElizabethStump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, EllisStump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, FrankStump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, JamesStump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, Joseph E.Stump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, Joseph W.Stump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, MaryStump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, NancyStump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, RillieStump Sound Township1
HOLLIS, SarahSouthwest Township4
HOLMES, LeeRichlands Township8
HOLSONBACK, IoneStump Sound Township2
HOLSONBACK, MarionStump Sound Township2
HOLSONBACK, MerrittStump Sound Township5
HORN, BillieRichlands Township12
HORN, EthelRichlands Township10
HORN, HardySouthwest Township11
HORN, JamesSouthwest Township11
HORN, LennieRichlands Township10
HORN, LieuRichlands Township10
HORN, MariahRichlands Township10
HORN, OwenRichlands Township9
HORN, PaulRichlands Township10
HORN, SadieRichlands Township10
HORN, TingleRichlands Township9
HORN, VirginiaRichlands Township12
HORN, WilsonSouthwest Township11
HORN, WrightRichlands Township10
HORNE, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
HORNE, (infant)Richlands Township9
HORNE, AlifRichlands Township9
HORNE, AltonRichlands Township6
HORNE, AndrewRichlands Township10
HORNE, AnnieRichlands Township8
HORNE, ArchieRichlands Township10
HORNE, AugustusStump Sound Township1
HORNE, BennieRichlands Township12
HORNE, BertieRichlands Township6
HORNE, BlandRichlands Township9
HORNE, BryanRichlands Township6
HORNE, CallieRichlands Township10
HORNE, CatherineRichlands Township10
HORNE, ChristopherRichlands Township12
HORNE, ClaytonRichlands Township9
HORNE, CordeliaStump Sound Township2
HORNE, CyrusRichlands Township7
HORNE, DeliaRichlands Township10
HORNE, DenaRichlands Township10
HORNE, DollieRichlands Township9
HORNE, EarlRichlands Township7
HORNE, EdmundRichlands Township12
HORNE, EdwardRichlands Township9
HORNE, ElbertRichlands Township12
HORNE, EliRichlands Township10
HORNE, EllenRichlands Township9
HORNE, EmelineStump Sound Township1
HORNE, GladysRichlands Township9
HORNE, H. ThomasStump Sound Township1
HORNE, H.W.Richlands Township9
HORNE, HannahRichlands Township10
HORNE, HaroldRichlands Township12
HORNE, HenryRichlands Township10
HORNE, HerbertRichlands Township6
HORNE, HillkiahRichlands Township9
HORNE, HubertRichlands Township10
HORNE, HuertaRichlands Township12
HORNE, IndiaRichlands Township8
HORNE, InezRichlands Township10
HORNE, IveyRichlands Township10
HORNE, JamesRichlands Township9
HORNE, JerryStump Sound Township1
HORNE, JesseStump Sound Township1
HORNE, JesseRichlands Township9
HORNE, JesseRichlands Township10
HORNE, JessieRichlands Township9
HORNE, JoeStump Sound Township2
HORNE, JohnRichlands Township10
HORNE, JuliaStump Sound Township2
HORNE, JuliusStump Sound Township2
HORNE, KirbyStump Sound Township1
HORNE, LelandRichlands Township10
HORNE, LewisStump Sound Township1
HORNE, LewisRichlands Township10
HORNE, LoranzoRichlands Township9
HORNE, LucyRichlands Township9
HORNE, LutherRichlands Township8
HORNE, MamieRichlands Township10
HORNE, MarthaStump Sound Township1
HORNE, MaryRichlands Township9
HORNE, MinnieRichlands Township10
HORNE, NancyStump Sound Township1
HORNE, NettieRichlands Township7
HORNE, NoraRichlands Township12
HORNE, PaulRichlands Township9
HORNE, PearcyRichlands Township6
HORNE, PenieRichlands Township9
HORNE, PerryRichlands Township10
HORNE, RobertStump Sound Township1
HORNE, RobertRichlands Township8
HORNE, RobertRichlands Township9
HORNE, RobertRichlands Township12
HORNE, RolandRichlands Township10
HORNE, RonaldRichlands Township10
HORNE, RoyRichlands Township10
HORNE, RubyRichlands Township10
HORNE, RubyRichlands Township12
HORNE, SarahStump Sound Township1
HORNE, SarahRichlands Township10
HORNE, SavannahStump Sound Township1
HORNE, SenaRichlands Township9
HORNE, SereneRichlands Township9
HORNE, SophiaStump Sound Township1
HORNE, SpiceyRichlands Township10
HORNE, ThomasRichlands Township6
HORNE, TrixieRichlands Township9
HORNE, TullieRichlands Township10
HORNE, VelmaRichlands Township10
HORNE, VictoriaRichlands Township12
HORNE, VincentRichlands Township10
HORNE, W. I.Richlands Township9
HORNE, WarrenRichlands Township10
HORNE, WilliamRichlands Township9
HORTON, ClarenceSouthwest Township11
HOWARD, (infant)Richlands Township7
HOWARD, CharlesStump Sound Township5
HOWARD, ClarissStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, DavidRichlands Township8
HOWARD, EdwardRichlands Township8
HOWARD, GeorgeRichlands Township7
HOWARD, GuyStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, HenrietaRichlands Township7
HOWARD, HenryStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, HettieStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, J.C.Stump Sound Township1
HOWARD, JesseStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, JohnRichlands Township7
HOWARD, JohnnieRichlands Township7
HOWARD, JonahRichlands Township6
HOWARD, JonahRichlands Township10
HOWARD, JudyRichlands Township7
HOWARD, JuliaStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, KaterStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, LeviStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, LevyStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, LewisStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, LillieStump Sound Township5
HOWARD, LizzieRichlands Township6
HOWARD, LulaStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, LummieRichlands Township6
HOWARD, LummieRichlands Township10
HOWARD, MamieStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, MaryRichlands Township8
HOWARD, MaryRichlands Township12
HOWARD, Mary E.Stump Sound Township1
HOWARD, Mary M.Stump Sound Township1
HOWARD, NaomiRichlands Township7
HOWARD, PatriciaRichlands Township7
HOWARD, PhileyRichlands Township6
HOWARD, PhileyRichlands Township10
HOWARD, RobertStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, RubyStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, Ruby E.Stump Sound Township1
HOWARD, Ruby V.Stump Sound Township1
HOWARD, SamuelStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, SarahRichlands Township8
HOWARD, WilliamStump Sound Township1
HOWARD, WilliamStump Sound Township5
HOWARD, WilliamRichlands Township8
HOWARD, WillieRichlands Township8
HOYT, ListonSouthwest Township3
HOYT, MosesSouthwest Township3
HUCKABEE, BruceSouthwest Township4
HUCKS, AgnesSouthwest Township11
HUCKS, HenrySouthwest Township11
HUDLER, HerbertRichlands Township7
HUDSON, BenjaminRichlands Township10
HUDSON, BryantRichlands Township12
HUDSON, BurniceStump Sound Township1
HUDSON, CeliaRichlands Township12
HUDSON, DaisyRichlands Township12
HUDSON, DanielSouthwest Township3
HUDSON, DanielRichlands Township12
HUDSON, EdmonRichlands Township12
HUDSON, ElizabethRichlands Township12
HUDSON, GeorgeRichlands Township12
HUDSON, IndiaSouthwest Township3
HUDSON, JamesSouthwest Township3
HUDSON, JohnSouthwest Township3
HUDSON, JosephStump Sound Township1
HUDSON, JuliaSouthwest Township3
HUDSON, LeonSouthwest Township3
HUDSON, LucyStump Sound Township1
HUDSON, LulaSouthwest Township3
HUDSON, LutherSouthwest Township3
HUDSON, RufusSouthwest Township3
HUDSON, SarahRichlands Township12
HUDSON, ThelmaRichlands Township7
HUDSON, ThomasSouthwest Township3
HUFFMAN, (baby)Richlands Township6
HUFFMAN, (infant)Richlands Township10
HUFFMAN, AlbertRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, AlcyRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, AleisRichlands Township10
HUFFMAN, AnnieRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, ArlineRichlands Township12
HUFFMAN, BessieRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, BettieRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, BryantRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, CalvinRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, CharlesRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, CharlieRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, CindaRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, ClaraRichlands Township12
HUFFMAN, CorneliusRichlands Township10
HUFFMAN, EllaRichlands Township10
HUFFMAn, ErnesRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, GeorgeRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, HannahRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, HaywoodRichlands Township12
HUFFMAN, HellenRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, HenryRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, IndiaRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, IsaacRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, IsaiahRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, JacobRichlands Township10
HUFFMAN, JerryRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, JesseRichlands Township12
HUFFMAN, JohnRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, JohnRichlands Township10
HUFFMAN, JohnnieRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, JosephRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, KateRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, LauraRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, LessieRichlands Township12
HUFFMAN, LevyRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, LizaRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, LottRichlands Township10
HUFFMAN, LucindaRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, LucindaRichlands Township10
HUFFMAN, LucyRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, MamieRichlands Township12
HUFFMAN, ManaRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, MargueriteRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, MaryRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, MattieRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, NancyRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, PaulineRichlands Township12
HUFFMAN, PenelopeRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, PercyRichlands Township10
HUFFMAN, RachelRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, RobertRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, RosaRichlands Township12
HUFFMAN, RoyRichlands Township12
HUFFMAN, SallieRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, SarahRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, StonewallRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, ThomasRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, TimothyRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, VernonRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, ViolaRichlands Township10
HUFFMAN, VivianRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, WalterRichlands Township6
HUFFMAN, WilliamRichlands Township6
HUIE, PaulStump Sound Township5
HUIE, VinaStump Sound Township5
HULL, LinnieStump Sound Township5
HULL, MinnieStump Sound Township5
HUMPHREY, (infant)Southwest Township4
HUMPHREY, (twins)Richlands Township7
HUMPHREY, AliceRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, AliffSouthwest Township4
HUMPHREY, AlisaRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, AmbroseRichlands Township10
HUMPHREY, AnnRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, AnnieRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, AnnieRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, AveryRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, BobbyRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, CarltonRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, CharlotteRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, CorbertRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, DanielRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, DoctorRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, EdgarRichlands Township10
HUMPHREY, EdgarSouthwest Township11
HUMPHREY, GeorgeSouthwest Township4
HUMPHREY, GeorgeRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, GeorgeSouthwest Township11
HUMPHREY, GertrudeSouthwest Township11
HUMPHREY, GreenseyRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, GuyRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, HenryRichlands Township8
HUMPHREY, HoraceRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, HughRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, IsabelSouthwest Township4
HUMPHREY, IsabelRichlands Township8
HUMPHREY, JamesRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, JamesSouthwest Township11
HUMPHREY, JennieRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, JerrellRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, JohnRichlands Township8
HUMPHREY, JohnnyRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, JuliusRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, JuliusRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, LacyRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, LafayetteSouthwest Township11
HUMPHREY, LauraRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, LeeRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, LeeRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, LeolaRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, LethaRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, LewisRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, LillieRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, LindaRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, ListonRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, LouiseRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, LucindaSouthwest Township11
HUMPHREY, MamieRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, MarcellusRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, MaryRichlands Township8
HUMPHREY, MarySouthwest Township11
HUMPHREY, MaySouthwest Township3
HUMPHREY, MazieRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, MorrisRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, NathanSouthwest Township4
HUMPHREY, OliverSouthwest Township11
HUMPHREY, PhoebeRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, PrudieRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, RannieRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, ReathaSouthwest Township11
HUMPHREY, RebeccaRichlands Township10
HUMPHREY, RichardRichlands Township10
HUMPHREY, RichardSouthwest Township11
HUMPHREY, RobinRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, SallieSouthwest Township4
HUMPHREY, SwannieRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, TelithaRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, ThomasRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, VanceRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, VictorSouthwest Township4
HUMPHREY, VirgilRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, WadeRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, WalterRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, WhiteheadRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, WilliamRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, WilliamsRichlands Township10
HUMPHREY, WillieRichlands Township6
HUMPHREY, WoodrowRichlands Township9
HUMPHREY, ZaraRichlands Township7
HUMPHREY, ZilphiaRichlands Township7
HUNTER, AneyRichlands Township12
HUNTER, BessieRichlands Township12
HUNTER, ClaudRichlands Township12
HUNTER, EldaRichlands Township12
HUNTER, HarveyRichlands Township12
HUNTER, HenryRichlands Township12
HUNTER, HughRichlands Township12
HUNTER, IsaacRichlands Township7
HUNTER, OrphaRichlands Township7
HUNTER, PhillipRichlands Township12
HUNTER, RosaStump Sound Township1
HUNTER, SarahRichlands Township12
HUNTER, VirginiaRichlands Township7
HUNTER, WilliamRichlands Township12
HUTCHINSON, BruceRichlands Township6
HUTSON, DonaldRichlands Township12
INGRAM, JosephStump Sound Township2
INGRAM, WilliamStump Sound Township2
INGRUM, SallieRichlands Township8