Whaley Index: K Surnames

The following are the “K” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 195 names.

KASPER, WilliamStump Sound Township5
KAVANAUGH, GladysRichlands Township6
KEEL, RonaSouthwest Township11
KEESLING, KeithStump Sound Township5
KEESLING, TheresaStump Sound Township2
KELLUM, DonnieSouthwest Township11
KELLUM, VirgilSouthwest Township11
KELLY, CalvinStump Sound Township1
KENNEDY, (infant)Richlands Township7
KENNEDY, AlbertSouthwest Township11
KENNEDY, ClydeRichlands Township8
KENNEDY, HermanSouthwest Township11
KENNEDY, HughRichlands Township8
KENNEDY, JamesRichlands Township7
KENNEDY, JamesRichlands Township8
KENNEDY, KatieRichlands Township8
KENNEDY, MariaRichlands Township9
KENNEDY, SusieSouthwest Township11
KENNEDY, ThelmaRichlands Township6
KENNEDY, VirginiaRichlands Township8
KENNEDY, WadeRichlands Township8
KENNION, JamesRichlands Township6
KENNION, JohnRichlands Township6
KENNION, RoscoeRichlands Township6
KENSEY, ThurseyRichlands Township12
KENT, CharlesRichlands Township6
KESLER, (baby)Richlands Township7
KETCHAM, J.E.Southwest Township11
KETCHUM, AdrianSouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, AllenSouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, AnnSouthwest Township4
KETCHUM, AugustusSouthwest Township4
KETCHUM, CharlesSouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, EdnaSouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, GarthSouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, HesterSouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, JohnSouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, JohnSouthwest Township4
KETCHUM, LouSouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, MarySouthwest Township4
KETCHUM, NancySouthwest Township4
KETCHUM, NoahSouthwest Township4
KETCHUM, RichardSouthwest Township4
KETCHUM, RoySouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, StephenSouthwest Township4
KETCHUM, ThaddeusSouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, ThomasSouthwest Township3
KETCHUM, VallieSouthwest Township3
KIMMEL, ConradSouthwest Township3
KIMMEL, JenetSouthwest Township3
KING, (infant)Stump Sound Township2
KING, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
KING, (infant)Southwest Township3
KING, (infant)Southwest Township11
KING, AdolphStump Sound Township2
KING, AliceSouthwest Township3
KING, AllieRichlands Township10
KING, AlmaStump Sound Township2
KING, AnnSouthwest Township3
KING, AnnieSouthwest Township11
KING, ArleneSouthwest Township4
KING, ArthurSouthwest Township11
KING, AtlaStump Sound Township2
KING, BarbaraStump Sound Township1
KING, BerthaSouthwest Township3
KING, BettySouthwest Township3
KING, BrantleySouthwest Township4
KING, CarolineSouthwest Township4
KING, ChellyStump Sound Township2
KING, ChristopherSouthwest Township3
KING, ClaraSouthwest Township3
KING, DellaSouthwest Township4
KING, DevocianSouthwest Township3
KING, DoraSouthwest Township11
KING, DorisStump Sound Township1
KING, DutchieSouthwest Township4
KING, EdithStump Sound Township2
KING, EdwardStump Sound Township1
KING, EnochSouthwest Township4
KING, EthelSouthwest Township3
KING, EvaSouthwest Township3
KING, FlorenceStump Sound Township1
KING, FrederickSouthwest Township3
KING, GeorgeSouthwest Township3
KING, GeorgeStump Sound Township5
KING, HattieSouthwest Township11
KING, HillStump Sound Township2
KING, HillStump Sound Township5
KING, HollenSouthwest Township11
KING, HubertSouthwest Township11
KING, JakieRichlands Township10
KING, JamesSouthwest Township3
KING, JerrySouthwest Township4
KING, JohnSouthwest Township3
KING, JohnSouthwest Township4
KING, JohnnieSouthwest Township3
KING, JuliaSouthwest Township11
KING, KatieSouthwest Township3
KING, LauraStump Sound Township1
KING, LenaRichlands Township9
KING, LesterStump Sound Township1
KING, LewisSouthwest Township3
KING, LouisSouthwest Township3
KING, LucyRichlands Township12
KING, MamieSouthwest Township4
KING, MargarettStump Sound Township1
KING, MarkSouthwest Township11
KING, MarySouthwest Township4
KING, MaryStump Sound Township5
KING, Mary P.Stump Sound Township2
KING, MattieSouthwest Township4
KING, MertieStump Sound Township1
KING, MinnieStump Sound Township1
KING, MinnieSouthwest Township4
KING, MyrtieSouthwest Township3
KING, NancyRichlands Township7
KING, NorrisSouthwest Township3
KING, OscarStump Sound Township1
KING, P.J.Southwest Township3
KING, ParleySouthwest Township3
KING, PriscillaSouthwest Township3
KING, PriscillaSouthwest Township4
KING, RachelSouthwest Township3
KING, RebeccaStump Sound Township1
KING, RileySouthwest Township3
KING, RobertStump Sound Township2
KING, RobertStump Sound Township5
KING, SabraSouthwest Township4
KING, SamuelSouthwest Township4
KING, SamuelSouthwest Township11
KING, SarahStump Sound Township1
KING, SarahSouthwest Township3
KING, StellaSouthwest Township11
KING, VictorStump Sound Township1
KING, WayneSouthwest Township3
KING, WilliamStump Sound Township1
KING, WilliamRichlands Township9
KING, ZedockSouthwest Township3
KINSALL, RoxieRichlands Township12
KINSELY, LURichlands Township6
KINSEY, AddieRichlands Township6
KINSEY, CharlieRichlands Township6
KINSEY, CouncilRichlands Township6
KINSEY, DavidRichlands Township12
KINSEY, EthelRichlands Township12
KINSEY, HenriettaRichlands Township7
KINSEY, JosephRichlands Township6
KINSEY, NormanRichlands Township6
KIRK, GlennStump Sound Township1
KIRK, James L.Stump Sound Township1
KIRK, LizzieStump Sound Township1
KIRK, RonaldStump Sound Township1
KNOSKY, JohnStump Sound Township5
KNOSKY, RickyStump Sound Township2
KNOSKY, RubyStump Sound Township2
KOONCE, (infant)Richlands Township8
KOONCE, AldaRichlands Township8
KOONCE, AlexanderRichlands Township8
KOONCE, AllieRichlands Township8
KOONCE, AnnRichlands Township8
KOONCE, BessieRichlands Township8
KOONCE, BryanRichlands Township8
KOONCE, CalvinRichlands Township9
KOONCE, CarlStump Sound Township1
KOONCE, CharlieRichlands Township8
KOONCE, DanielRichlands Township6
KOONCE, DavidRichlands Township12
KOONCE, E.B.Richlands Township8
KOONCE, EddieRichlands Township8
KOONCE, EdgarRichlands Township8
KOONCE, FrancisRichlands Township8
KOONCE, HannahRichlands Township8
KOONCE, HenryRichlands Township8
KOONCE, HenryRichlands Township8
KOONCE, JamesRichlands Township9
KOONCE, JohnRichlands Township8
KOONCE, JohnnieRichlands Township10
KOONCE, LiliaRichlands Township6
KOONCE, LillianRichlands Township9
KOONCE, LucyRichlands Township6
KOONCE, MaryRichlands Township9
KOONCE, NannieRichlands Township8
KOONCE, OliveRichlands Township8
KOONCE, RannieRichlands Township8
KOONCE, SadieRichlands Township8
KOONCE, SarahRichlands Township8
KOONCE, StanleyRichlands Township8
KOONCE, SusanRichlands Township8
KOONCE, VernaRichlands Township8
KOONCE, VirginiaRichlands Township8
KOONCE, WillieStump Sound Township1
KORNEGAY, AlbertRichlands Township12
KORNEGAY, HezekiahRichlands Township12
KORNEGAY, LillieRichlands Township12
KORNEGAY, WilliamRichlands Township12