Whaley Index: L Surnames

The following are the “L” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 199 names.

LAIB, ClarenceStump Sound Township5
LAIB, HideStump Sound Township5
LAIVADHANA, AndresStump Sound Township2
LANCASTER, HalRichlands Township9
LANCASTER, RobertRichlands Township12
LANDEN, HenryRichlands Township12
LANDEN, HubertRichlands Township12
LANDEN, LethaRichlands Township12
LANDEN, MolcySouthwest Township3
LANDRY, BevrickStump Sound Township2
LANGLEY, ElizabethSouthwest Township3
LANGLEY, JamesSouthwest Township3
LANGLEY, JohnSouthwest Township3
LANGLEY, MichaelSouthwest Township3
LANGLEY, SarahSouthwest Township4
LANGLEY, StephenSouthwest Township3
LANGLEY, SusanSouthwest Township3
LANGLEY, WilliamSouthwest Township3
LANIER, (infant)Richlands Township6
LANIER, (infant)Richlands Township10
LANIER, AdaRichlands Township10
LANIER, AlbertRichlands Township12
LANIER, AliceSouthwest Township4
LANIER, AlonzoSouthwest Township4
LANIER, AlvaniaSouthwest Township4
LANIER, AndrewSouthwest Township11
LANIER, AnsonSouthwest Township11
LANIER, AydenRichlands Township9
LANIER, BessieSouthwest Township4
LANIER, BillieSouthwest Township4
LANIER, BulahSouthwest Township4
LANIER, CarrieStump Sound Township2
LANIER, CecilSouthwest Township11
LANIER, ClaraSouthwest Township11
LANIER, ClarenceRichlands Township12
LANIER, ClaytonSouthwest Township4
LANIER, CurtisRichlands Township6
LANIER, CyrusRichlands Township9
LANIER, DixieSouthwest Township4
LANIER, EarnestSouthwest Township4
LANIER, EdnaStump Sound Township2
LANIER, EdwardSouthwest Township3
LANIER, EllenRichlands Township12
LANIER, ElmerSouthwest Township4
LANIER, ElsieRichlands Township9
LANIER, EvaRichlands Township12
LANIER, FannieRichlands Township12
LANIER, GeorgeSouthwest Township11
LANIER, GraydonStump Sound Township2
LANIER, HamptonRichlands Township12
LANIER, HarveyRichlands Township10
LANIER, HayesRichlands Township10
LANIER, HintonSouthwest Township3
LANIER, IsaacSouthwest Township11
LANIER, IshaStump Sound Township1
LANIER, IvySouthwest Township4
LANIER, J.N.Southwest Township11
LANIER, JamesSouthwest Township3
LANIER, JamesRichlands Township6
LANIER, JamesRichlands Township10
LANIER, JamesSouthwest Township11
LANIER, JaneSouthwest Township11
LANIER, JosephRichlands Township6
LANIER, JoyceSouthwest Township11
LANIER, KatieSouthwest Township3
LANIER, KatieRichlands Township6
LANIER, LeahRichlands Township7
LANIER, LeonSouthwest Township4
LANIER, LesterSouthwest Township4
LANIER, LillianStump Sound Township5
LANIER, LouisSouthwest Township3
LANIER, LutherSouthwest Township4
LANIER, MaconSouthwest Township4
LANIER, MargieSouthwest Township3
LANIER, MarvinSouthwest Township11
LANIER, MavilSouthwest Township3
LANIER, MerendaSouthwest Township3
LANIER, MissouriSouthwest Township11
LANIER, NinaRichlands Township9
LANIER, NorwoodSouthwest Township11
LANIER, OwenRichlands Township10
LANIER, OwenRichlands Township12
LANIER, PennieRichlands Township9
LANIER, RayfordSouthwest Township3
LANIER, SpicerSouthwest Township4
LANIER, SpiceyRichlands Township10
LANIER, SpiousRichlands Township6
LANIER, StephenSouthwest Township11
LANIER, ThomasSouthwest Township3
LANIER, WarrenRichlands Township7
LANIER, WilliamSouthwest Township3
LANIER, WillieStump Sound Township1
LANKAS, AlbertStump Sound Township5
LARKINS, PaulineRichlands Township8
LARRY, JennettSouthwest Township11
LASATER, GertrudeStump Sound Township2
LASATER, JacksonStump Sound Township2
LAWRENCE, HattieStump Sound Township2
LAWSON, KennethRichlands Township10
LEARY, (infant)Southwest Township4
LEARY, AnnieSouthwest Township4
LEARY, BaileySouthwest Township4
LEARY, CarltonSouthwest Township4
LEARY, CatherineSouthwest Township4
LEARY, DaiseyStump Sound Township1
LEARY, DorisSouthwest Township4
LEARY, ElizaStump Sound Township5
LEARY, EulasSouthwest Township4
LEARY, EvaStump Sound Township1
LEARY, HermanSouthwest Township4
LEARY, JamesSouthwest Township4
LEARY, LulaStump Sound Township1
LEARY, MarcusStump Sound Township1
LEARY, MinnieSouthwest Township4
LEARY, PenelopeSouthwest Township3
LEARY, Robert M.Stump Sound Township1
LEARY, Robert TStump Sound Township1
LEARY, RubySouthwest Township4
LEARY, TrixieSouthwest Township4
LEARY, VistulaSouthwest Township3
LEARY, WilliamSouthwest Township4
LEARY, WilsonSouthwest Township3
LEARY, ZillieStump Sound Township1
LEE, CarolineRichlands Township6
LEE, FelixRichlands Township6
LEE, MolsieRichlands Township6
LEE, RhodaRichlands Township7
LEFLER, AubreyStump Sound Township5
LEONARD, MaryRichlands Township9
LETCHWORTH, A.T.Stump Sound Township2
LETCHWORTH, D.S.Stump Sound Township2
LETCHWORTH, L.W.Stump Sound Township2
LEWIS, (infant)Stump Sound Township2
LEWIS, AddieStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, AliceSouthwest Township4
LEWIS, BessieStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, BeulahSouthwest Township11
LEWIS, BryantStump Sound Township5
LEWIS, CharlesStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, CharlieStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, CyrusStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, DaiseyStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, DaveStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, DorothyStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, EdwardStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, GeorgeStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, HattieStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, HerbertStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, IdaStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, IsaacStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, IzoraStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, JamesStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, JohnStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, JuliaRichlands Township9
LEWIS, LauraStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, LesterStump Sound Township5
LEWIS, LolaStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, LucyStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, MamieStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, NancyStump Sound Township5
LEWIS, PriscillaStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, SamuelStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, SidneyStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, SueStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, SusanStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, ValimaStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, ValmaStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, VannieSouthwest Township11
LEWIS, WallaceStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, WalterStump Sound Township2
LEWIS, WillieStump Sound Township2
LITTLEJOHN, AaronStump Sound Township2
LITTLETON, MargaretSouthwest Township3
LIVERMAN, AlvaStump Sound Township5
LIVERMAN, DollieStump Sound Township2
LIVERMAN, DollyStump Sound Township5
LIVERMAN, GarlandStump Sound Township5
LIVERMAN, HarryStump Sound Township5
LIVERMAN, MalcolmStump Sound Township5
LIVERMAN, MurrellStump Sound Township5
LIVERMAN, NaomiStump Sound Township5
LIVERMAN, PaulStump Sound Township5
LOCKAMY, HazelRichlands Township7
LOCKAMY, LenaSouthwest Township11
LOCKAMY, OrmanRichlands Township7
LOF, LucyStump Sound Township2
LOFTON, DemmieSouthwest Township11
LOOMIS, MarzellaRichlands Township6
LOOMIS, ShadeRichlands Township6
LOVELESS, EmmaRichlands Township12
LOVITT, EthelRichlands Township8
LOVITT, RaefordRichlands Township8
LUCAS Jr., CharlesStump Sound Township2
LUCAS Sr., CharlesStump Sound Township2
LUCAS, AnnieStump Sound Township2
LUCAS, ColeyStump Sound Township2
LUCAS, JohnStump Sound Township2
LUCAS, LelaStump Sound Township2
LUCAS, ValeriaStump Sound Township2