Whaley Index: M Surnames

The following are the “M” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 382 names.

MacGILLIVRAY, DaisyStump Sound Township2
MAINES, JohnStump Sound Township5
MAINES, MildredStump Sound Township5
MANNING, FowlerRichlands Township7
MANNING, RosaRichlands Township7
MARBLE, AnnStump Sound Township2
MARBLE, JarvisStump Sound Township2
MAREADY, BerthaStump Sound Township2
MAREADY, EdnaSouthwest Township3
MAREADY, Homer B.Stump Sound Township2
MAREADY, Homer C.Stump Sound Township2
MARGETT, HughRichlands Township6
MARSHALL, ElizabethStump Sound Township2
MARSHBURN, EthelRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, (infant)Richlands Township8
MARSHBURN, (infant)Richlands Township10
MARSHBURN, (infant)Southwest Township11
MARSHBURN, A.G.Richlands Township6
MARSHBURN, AddieStump Sound Township1
MARSHBURN, AliceSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, AlvaSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, AnnRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, AnnRichlands Township10
MARSHBURN, BenjaminRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, BenjaminRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, BerthaRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, BessieRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, BettieRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, BraxtonRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, CarrawayRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, CeliaRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, CharlesRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, CharleyRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, CharlieRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, CharlieRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, ClaytonSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, CoraRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, DavidRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, DebraSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, DollieRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, DonaldRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, DorisSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, EffieRichlands Township12
MARSHBURN, ElizaSouthwest Township4
MARSHBURN, EmmaRichlands Township7
MARSHBURN, EmmaRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, ErrettRichlands Township7
MARSHBURN, EstelleRichlands Township7
MARSHBURN, EttaRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, FrancesRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, GeorgeRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, GeorgeRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, GertieRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, GusRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, HaskelRichlands Township12
MARSHBURN, HaskellRichlands Township10
MARSHBURN, HenryRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, HenrySouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, HerbertRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, HesterSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, HettieRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, HoseaRichlands Township10
MARSHBURN, HoseaSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, HowellRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, IndianaRichlands Township12
MARSHBURN, IreneRichlands Township12
MARSHBURN, IsadoraRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, J.W.Richlands Township10
MARSHBURN, JacobRichlands Township10
MARSHBURN, JamesRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, JamesSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, JamesRichlands Township12
MARSHBURN, JennieRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, JohnRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, JohnRichlands Township12
MARSHBURN, JonusSouthwest Township4
MARSHBURN, JosephRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, LauraRichlands Township7
MARSHBURN, LauraSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, LinsterRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, LloydStump Sound Township5
MARSHBURN, LloydRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, LoisRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, LonnieRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, LymanRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, MarindaRichlands Township10
MARSHBURN, MarthaRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, MaryRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, MatthewRichlands Township10
MARSHBURN, MiriamRichlands Township10
MARSHBURN, MissouriStump Sound Township5
MARSHBURN, NancyRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, NathanRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, NealieSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, NellieRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, OliveSouthwest Township3
MARSHBURN, OphrahRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, OrvisRichlands Township7
MARSHBURN, PatriciaSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, RachelRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, RachelSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, RobertRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, RobertSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, RuthRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, RuthiaRichlands Township10
MARSHBURN, SarahRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, TennieRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, ThomasSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, TobeRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, VictoriaSouthwest Township11
MARSHBURN, W.F.Richlands Township6
MARSHBURN, WalterSouthwest Township4
MARSHBURN, WalterRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, WilliamRichlands Township6
MARSHBURN, WilliamRichlands Township8
MARSHBURN, WilliamRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, WillieRichlands Township9
MARSHBURN, ZebRichlands Township6
MARTIN, GeorgeStump Sound Township5
MASON, ElizaSouthwest Township4
MASON, MaryStump Sound Township1
MATHER, MaxStump Sound Township2
MAZINGO, HildaRichlands Township6
MAZINGO, LloydRichlands Township6
MAZINGO, MarvenRichlands Township6
MAZINGO, WilliamRichlands Township6
McBATH, StevenRichlands Township7
McCABE, AnnieStump Sound Township2
McCABE, BasilStump Sound Township2
McCABE, FredStump Sound Township2
McCART, DellaSouthwest Township3
McCARTHY, MarySouthwest Township11
McCLAMMY, G.O.Stump Sound Township1
McCLAMMY, LutherStump Sound Township1
McCLARY, ClarenceStump Sound Township5
McCREA, LennieRichlands Township9
McCREA, ThomasRichlands Township9
McGEE, MaryRichlands Township8
McGOWAN, ClaraRichlands Township12
McGOWAN, FrancesStump Sound Township2
McGOWAN, GeorgeStump Sound Township2
McGOWAN, GeorgeRichlands Township12
McGOWAN, JosephRichlands Township12
McGOWAN, LenaRichlands Township12
McGOWAN, MaryStump Sound Township2
McGOWAN, RichardRichlands Township12
McGOWAN, RosaRichlands Township12
McGOWAN, SarahRichlands Township12
McGOWAN, WilliamRichlands Township12
McINTOSH, LouisSouthwest Township11
McINTOSH, ParthineSouthwest Township11
McINTOSH, PeachieSouthwest Township11
McKENZIE, JoyceStump Sound Township5
McKOY, WandaStump Sound Township2
McLEAN, CalvinSouthwest Township4
McLEAN, EffieSouthwest Township4
McLEAN, JamesSouthwest Township4
McLEAN, PercySouthwest Township3
McLEAN, RubySouthwest Township4
McNABB LaurieStump Sound Township2
McNAIR, JamesStump Sound Township2
McPHERSON, JohnRichlands Township12
MEDFORD, JosephStump Sound Township1
MEDFORD, W.F.Stump Sound Township1
MELTON, BayardRichlands Township8
MELTON, BettieRichlands Township8
MELTON, DoraRichlands Township10
MELTON, HarveyRichlands Township8
MELTON, HebertRichlands Township8
MELTON, HermanRichlands Township12
MELTON, IlaStump Sound Township2
MELTON, JamesSouthwest Township4
MELTON, JamesRichlands Township7
MELTON, JamesRichlands Township8
MELTON, JohnRichlands Township6
MELTON, JohnRichlands Township8
MELTON, JohnRichlands Township12
MELTON, LeonRichlands Township12
MELTON, LinsterRichlands Township7
MELTON, LucyRichlands Township12
MELTON, MadgelineRichlands Township7
MELTON, MarySouthwest Township4
MELTON, MaryRichlands Township7
MELTON, RaymondStump Sound Township2
MELTON, RaymondStump Sound Township5
MELTON, RovineRichlands Township10
MELTON, SarahRichlands Township10
MELTON, SerenaRichlands Township12
MELTON, WilliamRichlands Township12
MERCER, MariaRichlands Township6
MERCER, MinnieRichlands Township12
MERCER, RobertRichlands Township6
MERCER, WilliamRichlands Township12
MERRITTS, HelenStump Sound Township5
MERRITTs, PaulStump Sound Township5
MESSER, JuliusStump Sound Township1
MESSER, MarthaStump Sound Township1
MIDGETT, AlvertaStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, ByrdStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, CallieStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, CharlieStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, DimmieStump Sound Township5
MIDGETT, DorisStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, EdStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, GaryStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, GertrudeStump Sound Township1
MIDGETT, IraStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, IvaStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, JamesStump Sound Township5
MIDGETT, JaneStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, JessieStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, JohnnieStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, JosephStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, JosephStump Sound Township5
MIDGETT, JuliaStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, KennethStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, LeonardStump Sound Township5
MIDGETT, LesterStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, LeviStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, LevieStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, LewisStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, LilaStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, LillieStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, LolaStump Sound Township5
MIDGETT, LutherStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, MaryStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, MaryStump Sound Township5
MIDGETT, Mary E.Stump Sound Township1
MIDGETT, NoraStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, PollyStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, VilaStump Sound Township2
MIDGETT, VioletStump Sound Township5
MIDGETT, WalterStump Sound Township2
MIDGETTE, BeulahStump Sound Township2
MIDGETTE, IvyStump Sound Township2
MIKSA, StanleyStump Sound Township1
MIKSZA, MarshallStump Sound Township1
MILANO, RosemaryRichlands Township8
MILLER, JosephRichlands Township10
MILLER, PaulRichlands Township10
MILLINGTON, CharlesStump Sound Township2
MILLINGTON, CharlesStump Sound Township5
MILLIS, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
MILLIS, BenjaminStump Sound Township5
MILLIS, BertieStump Sound Township1
MILLIS, DavidStump Sound Township1
MILLIS, DavidStump Sound Township5
MILLIS, DelilahStump Sound Township5
MILLIS, ElizabethStump Sound Township1
MILLIS, GertrudeStump Sound Township2
MILLIS, HattieStump Sound Township1
MILLIS, JoeStump Sound Township1
MILLIS, JoeStump Sound Township5
MILLIS, JosephStump Sound Township1
MILLIS, JunieStump Sound Township1
MILLIS, LillieStump Sound Township5
MILLIS, MargaretStump Sound Township5
MILLIS, PaulineStump Sound Township5
MILLIS, PussStump Sound Township1
MILLIS, SarahStump Sound Township1
MILLIS, ThomasStump Sound Township1
MILLS, AlbertRichlands Township10
MILLS, AlexRichlands Township7
MILLS, AnnieRichlands Township10
MILLS, BryantRichlands Township7
MILLS, CarltonRichlands Township10
MILLS, CeliaRichlands Township7
MILLS, CharlesRichlands Township10
MILLS, DelbertRichlands Township7
MILLS, GeorgeRichlands Township12
MILLS, GeorgiannaRichlands Township7
MILLS, GrantRichlands Township12
MILLS, InezRichlands Township7
MILLS, IsabelRichlands Township7
MILLS, JohnRichlands Township7
MILLS, LavinaRichlands Township7
MILLS, LewisRichlands Township7
MILLS, MaggieRichlands Township10
MILLS, MattieRichlands Township7
MILLS, MaudeRichlands Township10
MILLS, MinervaRichlands Township7
MOBLEY, DanielRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, EddieRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, ElizabethRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, ElwoodRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, FrancesRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, GertrudeRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, JohnRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, JohnRichlands Township12
MOBLEY, JosephineRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, LawrenceRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, LeslieRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, LucretiaRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, MichelleRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, MyraRichlands Township10
MOBLEY, WillieRichlands Township10
MOHN, TeddieSouthwest Township11
MOHN, WillieSouthwest Township11
MONK, FrankieSouthwest Township3
MONK, GeorgeSouthwest Township11
MONTFORD, BetheStump Sound Township2
MONTFORD, EllaStump Sound Township2
MONTFORD, JamesSouthwest Township11
MONTFORD, ThomasStump Sound Township2
MONTGOMERY, EulaStump Sound Township5
MOORE, AnnieSouthwest Township3
MOORE, EllaStump Sound Township5
MOORE, JuliaStump Sound Township2
MOORE, MamieStump Sound Township5
MOORE, MinnieStump Sound Township2
MOORE, SylvesterRichlands Township6
MORAN, JeanStump Sound Township1
MORGAN, DillonSouthwest Township11
MORRISON, ElijahSouthwest Township11
MORTON, (infant)Southwest Township4
MORTON, AltonSouthwest Township3
MORTON, AndrewSouthwest Township4
MORTON, AnnieSouthwest Township3
MORTON, BazineSouthwest Township4
MORTON, ElizabethSouthwest Township11
MORTON, FannieSouthwest Township11
MORTON, FranklinSouthwest Township3
MORTON, HardySouthwest Township3
MORTON, HardySouthwest Township4
MORTON, IsaacSouthwest Township11
MORTON, IsabelleSouthwest Township3
MORTON, JohnSouthwest Township11
MORTON, JohnnieSouthwest Township4
MORTON, JosephSouthwest Township11
MORTON, KatieSouthwest Township4
MORTON, LettieSouthwest Township4
MORTON, MendenhallSouthwest Township4
MORTON, MillieSouthwest Township4
MORTON, RuthSouthwest Township11
MORTON, SamuelSouthwest Township4
MORTON, SarahSouthwest Township4
MORTON, ThomasSouthwest Township3
MOZINGO, BettieSouthwest Township11
MOZINGO, CliftonRichlands Township10
MOZINGO, EldieRichlands Township10
MULLIGAN, NealStump Sound Township2
MUMFORD, EllaStump Sound Township2
MUMFORD, JosephRichlands Township8
MUMFORD, SarahRichlands Township8
MUMFORD, ThaddeusRichlands Township8
MURPHY, JunieRichlands Township7
MURPHY, MarcellusRichlands Township12
MURPHY, WilliamRichlands Township7
MURRAY, (baby)Stump Sound Township2
MURRAY, MarthaRichlands Township8
MURRELL, LarryRichlands Township12
MURRELL, SidneyRichlands Township6
MURRIEL, LottRichlands Township12
MURRILL, AlfredSouthwest Township11
MURRILL, AnnRichlands Township8
MURRILL, BettieRichlands Township8
MURRILL, BryantSouthwest Township11
MURRILL, DanileRichlands Township8
MURRILL, DannieRichlands Township8
MURRILL, EdwardRichlands Township8
MURRILL, ElijahRichlands Township7
MURRILL, ElijahRichlands Township8
MURRILL, ElijahRichlands Township8
MURRILL, FranklinRichlands Township12
MURRILL, HenryRichlands Township8
MURRILL, HenrySouthwest Township11
MURRILL, JamesRichlands Township8
MURRILL, JosephRichlands Township8
MURRILL, LeeRichlands Township8
MURRILL, MamieRichlands Township8
MURRILL, NancyRichlands Township8
MURRILL, NancyRichlands Township8
MURRILL, OliveSouthwest Township11
MURRILL, PenelopeRichlands Township7
MURRILL, RachelRichlands Township8
MURRILL, RachieRichlands Township8
MURRILL, RobertSouthwest Township11
MURRILL, WalterRichlands Township8
MURRLLL, LillianRichlands Township8
MURVIN, TanStump Sound Township1
MUSE, JamesRichlands Township12
MUSE, RosaRichlands Township12