Whaley Index: P Surnames

The following are the “P” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 555 names.

PADGETT, (baby)Stump Sound Township1
PADGETT, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
PADGETT, (infant)Southwest Township3
PADGETT, AdaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, AnnaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, AnnaStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, AnnieSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, ArthurStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, B.E.Stump Sound Township1
PADGETT, BeatriceStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, BettieSouthwest Township4
PADGETT, CagieStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, CaterSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, CrayStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, CyrusSouthwest Township4
PADGETT, DelilaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, DelilaStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, DeweySouthwest Township4
PADGETT, DoctorStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, DollasStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, DonaldStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, DoraStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, DoraStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, DuckStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, EdgarStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, EdnaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, EdnaStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, EdwardStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, ElishaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, ElizaSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, ElizabethStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, ElsieStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, EmmaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, EnochSouthwest Township4
PADGETT, ErbyStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, ErnestStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, EthelSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, G.B.Southwest Township11
PADGETT, GenoraStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, GeorgeStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, HatchStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, HellenStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, HughieSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, IdaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, IdaSouthwest Township11
PADGETT, IraStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, IshotahSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, IveyStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, JamesStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, JamesSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, JanieSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, JesseStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, JessieStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, JessieSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, JessieStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, JohnStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, JohnStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, JosephSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, JuliaSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, JuliaSouthwest Township4
PADGETT, JulianSouthwest Township4
PADGETT, KatieSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, KelvinStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, LafayetteSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, LentonStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, LeonSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, LeslieStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, LeslieSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, LolaSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, LukeStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, MarendaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, MarendaStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, MargaretStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, MarthaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, MaryStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, MarySouthwest Township3
PADGETT, MaryStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, MichaelStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, MikeStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, MikeSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, MikeStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, MilesStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, MilesSouthwest Township4
PADGETT, MilesStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, MollieSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, MordentStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, MurphySouthwest Township3
PADGETT, NancyStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, NelsonStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, OleighStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, OwenSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, PearlineStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, PercyStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, RachelSouthwest Township4
PADGETT, ReanorRichlands Township9
PADGETT, RebeccaSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, RebeccaSouthwest Township4
PADGETT, RebeccaStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, RolandStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, RussellStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, RuthyStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, SabraStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, SabryStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, SallieStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, SamStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, SarahStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, SophiaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, SurryStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, SusanStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, SusanStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, ThelmaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, ThomasStump Sound Township5
PADGETT, TravisSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, VannieSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, VerlinzaStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, WalterStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, WilliamStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, WilliamSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, William A.Stump Sound Township1
PADGETT, WillieSouthwest Township3
PADGETT, WoodrowStump Sound Township1
PADGETT, ZonnieStump Sound Township5
PADRICK, (baby)Richlands Township8
PADRICK, (infant)Richlands Township8
PADRICK, (infant)Richlands Township9
PADRICK, AdaRichlands Township6
PADRICK, BertieRichlands Township12
PADRICK, C.K.Richlands Township6
PADRICK, CarrusRichlands Township9
PADRICK, FlossieRichlands Township6
PADRICK, GeorgeRichlands Township6
PADRICK, HattieRichlands Township6
PADRICK, HenriettaRichlands Township6
PADRICK, J.C.Richlands Township9
PADRICK, J.M.Richlands Township9
PADRICK, J.W.Richlands Township8
PADRICK, JackieRichlands Township6
PADRICK, JamesRichlands Township6
PADRICK, JamesRichlands Township6
PADRICK, JuliaRichlands Township9
PADRICK, KinseyRichlands Township6
PADRICK, LeeRichlands Township8
PADRICK, LeonaStump Sound Township2
PADRICK, LewisRichlands Township12
PADRICK, MargaretRichlands Township9
PADRICK, OwenRichlands Township9
PADRICK, PalmettoRichlands Township6
PADRICK, PaulRichlands Township6
PADRICK, PollyRichlands Township8
PADRICK, RobertRichlands Township12
PADRICK, SadieRichlands Township8
PADRICK, SarahRichlands Township12
PADRICK, SybilRichlands Township6
PADRICK, WalterStump Sound Township2
PAE, F.B.Richlands Township8
PAE, KateRichlands Township8
PAGE, AnnieSouthwest Township3
PAGE, JohnSouthwest Township3
PAGE, KatieSouthwest Township3
PAGE, NannieSouthwest Township3
PARKER, (baby)Southwest Township3
PARKER, (infant)Southwest Township3
PARKER, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
PARKER, AdalineRichlands Township7
PARKER, AdalineRichlands Township7
PARKER, AdelineSouthwest Township3
PARKER, AdronStump Sound Township1
PARKER, AlSouthwest Township3
PARKER, AliceSouthwest Township3
PARKER, AlmonSouthwest Township3
PARKER, AltonSouthwest Township3
PARKER, AndrewSouthwest Township3
PARKER, AngelaSouthwest Township3
PARKER, AnnSouthwest Township4
PARKER, ArchibaldSouthwest Township4
PARKER, ArchieSouthwest Township3
PARKER, ArthurStump Sound Township5
PARKER, BeatriceRichlands Township12
PARKER, BenjaminSouthwest Township3
PARKER, BessieSouthwest Township3
PARKER, BessieRichlands Township7
PARKER, BessieRichlands Township7
PARKER, BillieSouthwest Township3
PARKER, CarrieSouthwest Township3
PARKER, CarrieSouthwest Township4
PARKER, CatherineSouthwest Township3
PARKER, CharlieSouthwest Township3
PARKER, ClaudeSouthwest Township3
PARKER, ClaudeSouthwest Township11
PARKER, CleonSouthwest Township4
PARKER, CliftonStump Sound Township5
PARKER, ClydeSouthwest Township4
PARKER, CoraSouthwest Township4
PARKER, CyrusSouthwest Township3
PARKER, DallasSouthwest Township3
PARKER, DoctorSouthwest Township4
PARKER, DorothyStump Sound Township5
PARKER, EdgarSouthwest Township3
PARKER, EdgarSouthwest Township11
PARKER, EdithSouthwest Township3
PARKER, EdnaSouthwest Township4
PARKER, EdwardRichlands Township7
PARKER, ElijahSouthwest Township3
PARKER, EllenSouthwest Township4
PARKER, ErnestSouthwest Township3
PARKER, EssieStump Sound Township5
PARKER, EthelineRichlands Township12
PARKER, EttaRichlands Township12
PARKEr, EuniceSouthwest Township4
PARKER, EvaSouthwest Township4
PARKER, EveleneSouthwest Township3
PARKER, EzekielSouthwest Township3
PARKER, FannieSouthwest Township3
PARKER, GeorgeSouthwest Township3
PARKER, GeraldineRichlands Township12
PARKER, GuyStump Sound Township1
PARKER, GuySouthwest Township3
PARKER, HarleySouthwest Township4
PARKER, HenrySouthwest Township3
PARKER, HenryRichlands Township7
PARKER, I.K.Richlands Township7
PARKER, IrisStump Sound Township1
PARKER, IsaacSouthwest Township3
PARKER, JacobStump Sound Township5
PARKER, JamesSouthwest Township3
PARKER, JamesSouthwest Township3
PARKER, JamesSouthwest Township4
PARKER, JamesStump Sound Township5
PARKER, JaySouthwest Township3
PARKER, JeffStump Sound Township1
PARKER, JerrySouthwest Township3
PARKER, JessicaSouthwest Township4
PARKER, JoeRichlands Township12
PARKER, JohnSouthwest Township3
PARKER, JohnStump Sound Township5
PARKER, JoreRichlands Township12
PARKER, JuliusStump Sound Township5
PARKER, KatieSouthwest Township3
PARKER, KennethRichlands Township12
PARKER, LafayetteSouthwest Township4
PARKER, LauraSouthwest Township3
PARKER, LewisSouthwest Township4
PARKER, LewisStump Sound Township5
PARKER, LilaSouthwest Township3
PARKER, LillianSouthwest Township3
PARKER, LindaSouthwest Township3
PARKER, LouisRichlands Township12
PARKER, LouiseSouthwest Township3
PARKER, LucilleSouthwest Township3
PARKER, LucyRichlands Township12
PARKER, LulaStump Sound Township5
PARKER, LunaStump Sound Township5
PARKER, LutherSouthwest Township3
PARKER, MarendaSouthwest Township3
PARKER, MarendaStump Sound Township5
PARKER, MargaretRichlands Township8
PARKER, MaryRichlands Township7
PARKER, MarySouthwest Township11
PARKER, Mary Stump Sound Township5
PARKER, Mary A.Stump Sound Township1
PARKER, Mary A.Southwest Township3
PARKER, Mary A.Southwest Township4
PARKER, MattieSouthwest Township3
PARKER, NancySouthwest Township3
PARKER, NancyStump Sound Township5
PARKER, NormanSouthwest Township3
PARKER, OrbySouthwest Township4
PARKER, OwenSouthwest Township3
PARKER, OwenSouthwest Township11
PARKER, PattySouthwest Township3
PARKER, PenelopeSouthwest Township3
PARKER, PeniaSouthwest Township11
PARKER, PennieSouthwest Township4
PARKER, PercyStump Sound Township5
PARKER, PercyRichlands Township7
PARKER, RaySouthwest Township3
PARKER, RobertRichlands Township8
PARKER, RobertSouthwest Township11
PARKER, RobertRichlands Township12
PARKER, RoscoeSouthwest Township3
PARKER, RuthSouthwest Township3
PARKER, SallieSouthwest Township3
PARKER, SamSouthwest Township3
PARKER, SarahRichlands Township7
PARKER, ShepardSouthwest Township3
PARKER, SolomonRichlands Township12
PARKER, ThelmaStump Sound Township5
PARKER, TheodoreSouthwest Township3
PARKER, TrassieSouthwest Township4
PARKER, TroyStump Sound Township5
PARKER, VanceSouthwest Township3
PARKER, VeniceSouthwest Township4
PARKER, WayneStump Sound Township1
PARKER, WilliamSouthwest Township3
PARKER, WilliamRichlands Township7
PARKER, WilliamSouthwest Township11
PARKER, WillieStump Sound Township5
PARKER, WillieRichlands Township12
PARKER, WillisSouthwest Township3
PARKER, ZebRichlands Township12
PARRISH, FannieSouthwest Township11
PARRISH, GaryStump Sound Township5
PATT, BenRichlands Township9
PATT, BetRichlands Township9
PATT, RhodaRichlands Township9
PEARCE, AllenRichlands Township10
PEARCE, BillyRichlands Township12
PEARCE, CatherineSouthwest Township3
PEARCE, InaRichlands Township10
PEARCE, JamesRichlands Township9
PEARCE, LizzieRichlands Township9
PEARCE, PerryRichlands Township9
PEARCE, RebeccaRichlands Township9
PEARCE, SarahRichlands Township9
PECCINI, NoniStump Sound Township1
PELLETIER, WilliamSouthwest Township11
PENNINGTON, ClarenceRichlands Township12
PENNINGTON, SaundraRichlands Township12
PENNINGTON, TeddyRichlands Township12
PENNY, (infant)Richlands Township9
PENNY, DerahRichlands Township9
PENNY, ElizabethRichlands Township9
PENNY, GladysRichlands Township9
PENNY, NellyRichlands Township9
PENNY, PhillipRichlands Township9
PENNY, RobertRichlands Township9
PERDUE, DouglasRichlands Township12
PETTEWAY, AlvinSouthwest Township11
PETTEWAY, CharlesSouthwest Township11
PETTEWAY, DonaldSouthwest Township11
PETTEWAY, FrankSouthwest Township4
PETTEWAY, G.M.Richlands Township6
PETTEWAY, JosephineSouthwest Township11
PETTEWAY, LillieSouthwest Township4
PETTEWAY, MarySouthwest Township4
PETTEWAY, WilliamRichlands Township6
PHILLIPS, CarmencitaRichlands Township7
PHILLIPS, GeorgeSouthwest Township4
PHILLIPS, JamesSouthwest Township4
PHILLIPS, LaVernRichlands Township7
PHILLIPS, MarySouthwest Township4
PHILLIPS, MourningSouthwest Township3
PHILLIPS, MourningSouthwest Township4
PHILLIPS, PatrickRichlands Township7
PHILLIPS, SarahRichlands Township8
PHILLIPS, TamarSouthwest Township4
PHILLIPS, WhitneyStump Sound Township5
PHILYAW, EdmondRichlands Township6
PHILYAW, GlennieRichlands Township6
PHIPPIN, WilliamStump Sound Township2
PICKETT, CassieSouthwest Township3
PICKETT, ClaudeSouthwest Township3
PICKETT, DinahSouthwest Township11
PICKETT, EdwardSouthwest Township3
PICKETT, FlorenceSouthwest Township11
PICKETT, LoisStump Sound Township5
PICKETT, SarahSouthwest Township11
PIERCE, (baby)Stump Sound Township5
PIERCE, (infant)Stump Sound Township2
PIERCE, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
PIERCE, AbramStump Sound Township5
PIERCE, AdmiralStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, AlanRichlands Township12
PIERCE, AlbertRichlands Township12
PIERCE, AndrewSouthwest Township11
PIERCE, AraRichlands Township12
PIERCE, BenjaminStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, BertieStump Sound Township5
PIERCE, BettySouthwest Township3
PIERCE, BillyStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, CatherineSouthwest Township3
PIERCE, ClydeSouthwest Township3
PIERCE, DessieSouthwest Township3
PIERCE, EarlStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, EdwardStump Sound Township5
PIERCE, EdwinaRichlands Township10
PIERCE, EffieSouthwest Township11
PIERCE, ElijahStump Sound Township5
PIERCE, ElizaSouthwest Township11
PIERCE, Eliza J.Stump Sound Township2
PIERCE, EmmaStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, ErmaRichlands Township12
PIERCE, FannieStump Sound Township1
PIERCE, FannieRichlands Township12
PIERCE, GeorgeStump Sound Township1
PIERCE, GeorgeRichlands Township10
PIERCE, GeorgeRichlands Township12
PIERCE, GeorgiannaSouthwest Township11
PIERCE, GrangerSouthwest Township3
PIERCE, JamesStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, JamesStump Sound Township5
PIERCE, JamesSouthwest Township11
PIERCE, JohnSouthwest Township3
PIERCE, LauraSouthwest Township3
PIERCE, LunaStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, LunaStump Sound Township5
PIERCE, LutherSouthwest Township3
PIERCE, ManleyRichlands Township12
PIERCE, MarendaStump Sound Township5
PIERCE, MargieStump Sound Township5
PIERCE, Mary Richlands Township12
PIERCE, MinnieRichlands Township12
PIERCE, NorahSouthwest Township11
PIERCE, OliveStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, OliveRichlands Township12
PIERCE, PearlieRichlands Township12
PIERCE, RalphSouthwest Township3
PIERCE, RichardStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, RoxieStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, RuthSouthwest Township3
PIERCE, ShariRichlands Township10
PIERCE, StarkieRichlands Township12
PIERCE, SudieStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, TishieStump Sound Township5
PIERCE, VanStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, VirginiaStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, W.M.Stump Sound Township5
PIERCE, WandaRichlands Township12
PIERCE, WillardStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, WilliamStump Sound Township1
PIERCE, WillieStump Sound Township2
PIERCE, WillieSouthwest Township11
PIERCE, WoodrowStump Sound Township5
PIKE, (infant)Richlands Township6
PIKE, CharlieRichlands Township7
PIKE, MarthaRichlands Township7
PIKE, MinnieRichlands Township7
PIKE, ValerieRichlands Township6
PIKE, VirdieRichlands Township6
PIKE, W.B.Richlands Township7
PIKE, WalterRichlands Township6
PIKE, WilliamRichlands Township6
PINER, BryanStump Sound Township2
PINER, CraneStump Sound Township2
PINER, DanielStump Sound Township2
PINER, DellaStump Sound Township2
PINER, MableStump Sound Township2
PINER, SarahStump Sound Township2
PINER, SarahmandaStump Sound Township2
PINER, VernellStump Sound Township2
PINER, WilliamsStump Sound Township2
PITTMAN, (infant)Richlands Township9
PITTMAN, AcoreeRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, AliceRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, AliefRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, BobbyRichlands Township6
PITTMAN, BryantStump Sound Township5
PITTMAN, CarrieStump Sound Township5
PITTMAN, CarrieRichlands Township8
PITTMAN, CarrieRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, CeliaSouthwest Township4
PITTMAN, ChalliaRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, ClarenceRichlands Township6
PITTMAN, ClarenceRichlands Township6
PITTMAN, CurtisRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, DaisyRichlands Township6
PITTMAN, DellaRichlands Township6
PITTMAN, DorothyRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, GertrudeRichlands Township8
PITTMAN, HaywoodRichlands Township8
PITTMAN, HoseaSouthwest Township4
PITTMAN, JohnSouthwest Township4
PITTMAN, JohnRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, JuliaRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, LavernRichlands Township6
PITTMAN, LewisRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, LillyRichlands Township8
PITTMAN, LilyRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, MaggieRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, MaryRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, MelvinRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, PaulRichlands Township8
PITTMAN, PhineasRichlands Township6
PITTMAN, PhylissRichlands Township12
PITTMAN, ThelmaRichlands Township6
PITTMAN, ThurmanRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, TroyRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, VectorRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, VestonRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, WilliamRichlands Township6
PITTMAN, WilliamRichlands Township8
PITTMAN, WilliamRichlands Township9
PITTMAN, ZackRichlands Township9
PITTS, BuchardRichlands Township9
PITTS, DavidRichlands Township9
PITTS, JohnRichlands Township9
PITTS, RuthRichlands Township9
POE, ThomasRichlands Township9
POE, VirginiaRichlands Township9
POINTE, JeffreyRichlands Township6
POLLARD, BenjaminSouthwest Township11
POLLARD, BessieSouthwest Township11
POLLARD, EdwardSouthwest Township4
POLLARD, EvaSouthwest Township11
POLLARD, JohnSouthwest Township3
POLLARD, JosephSouthwest Township4
POLLARD, LucindaSouthwest Township11
POLLARD, MarthaSouthwest Township11
POLLARD, MattieSouthwest Township11
POLLARD, MyrtieSouthwest Township4
POLLARD, RuthSouthwest Township4
POLLOCK, AnnieSouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, ArthurSouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, EnockSouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, HannahSouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, HenrySouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, LillieSouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, LouisSouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, LucySouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, RobertSouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, RudolphSouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, WandaSouthwest Township11
POLLOCK, WillieSouthwest Township11
PORTER, ElishaStump Sound Township2
PORTER, RachelSouthwest Township11
POTTER, LemuelSouthwest Township11
POWELL, (infant)Southwest Township4
POWELL, (infant)Richlands Township9
POWELL, AdellaRichlands Township9
POWELL, AmberSouthwest Township3
POWELL, ChancyRichlands Township8
POWELL, DavidRichlands Township9
POWELL, EddieRichlands Township7
POWELL, ElbertSouthwest Township4
POWELL, ElizabethRichlands Township6
POWELL, EveretteRichlands Township12
POWELL, IreneSouthwest Township4
POWELL, JosephRichlands Township9
POWELL, LouRichlands Township9
POWELL, MaryStump Sound Township2
POWELL, MaryStump Sound Township5
POWELL, MenerviaRichlands Township8
POWELL, PaulRichlands Township8
POWELL, PaulRichlands Township9
POWELL, RobertSouthwest Township4
POWELL, SilasRichlands Township8
POWELL, ThorntonStump Sound Township2
POWELL, WilliamRichlands Township8
POWELL, WilliamRichlands Township9
POWELL, ZannieRichlands Township9
PRESCOTT, EssieStump Sound Township2
PRESCOTT, JesseStump Sound Township2
PRICE, AlonzaRichlands Township6
PRICE, IdaRichlands Township7
PRICE, JamesRichlands Township6
PRICE, KatieRichlands Township12
PRICE, LemeulRichlands Township6
PRICE, WalterRichlands Township12
PRICE, WilliamRichlands Township6
PRINCE, SandraSouthwest Township4
PROVOW, PenelopeRichlands Township8
PUCKETT, JamesSouthwest Township3
PUCKETT, L.L.J.Southwest Township4
PUCKETTE, (infant)Southwest Township4
PUGH, JamesStump Sound Township5