Whaley Index: R Surnames

The following are the “R” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 283 names.

RAND, ElsieRichlands Township6
RAND, JohnRichlands Township6
RAND, RosabelleRichlands Township6
RASNICK, JaniceRichlands Township7
RAWLS, (baby)Southwest Township3
RAWLS, (infant)Southwest Township3
RAWLS, CatharineSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, CyrusSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, DavidStump Sound Township1
RAWLS, DollieSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, FlorenceSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, Henry L.Stump Sound Township1
RAWLS, HesterSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, HewSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, IveySouthwest Township3
RAWLS, JamesSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, JimSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, JoannaSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, KaderSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, LannieSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, LewisStump Sound Township1
RAWLS, LithaSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, MarySouthwest Township3
RAWLS, Mary A.Stump Sound Township1
RAWLS, Mary C.Stump Sound Township1
RAWLS, MikeSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, MyrtleSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, NancySouthwest Township3
RAWLS, NicodemusSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, Ruth Stump Sound Township1
RAWLS, SabrySouthwest Township3
RAWLS, SusanSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, WilburSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, WilliamStump Sound Township1
RAWLS, WilliamSouthwest Township3
RAWLS, ZonnieStump Sound Township1
RAYBORN, ThomasSouthwest Township4
RAYNOR, BettieSouthwest Township11
RAYNOR, ColonStump Sound Township1
RAYNOR, CyrusSouthwest Township11
RAYNOR, DavidSouthwest Township11
RAYNOR, E.L.Southwest Township4
RAYNOR, EllisSouthwest Township4
RAYNOR, HassieSouthwest Township11
RAYNOR, HobartSouthwest Township11
RAYNOR, JamesStump Sound Township1
RAYNOR, JamesSouthwest Township11
RAYNOR, JennieSouthwest Township11
RAYNOR, JohnSouthwest Township3
RAYNOR, JohnSouthwest Township4
RAYNOR, LatishaStump Sound Township1
RAYNOR, LeonaSouthwest Township3
RAYNOR, LesterStump Sound Township1
RAYNOR, LucySouthwest Township4
RAYNOR, MarySouthwest Township11
RAYNOR, MozelleSouthwest Township11
RAYNOR, NancySouthwest Township4
RAYNOR, RodolphSouthwest Township3
RAYNOR, SabraSouthwest Township4
RAYNOR, SusanSouthwest Township4
RAYNOR, ThelmaSouthwest Township3
RAYNOR, TroySouthwest Township3
RAYNOR, VerdieSouthwest Township11
RAYNOR, WillieSouthwest Township11
REDD, JoannaStump Sound Township2
REDD, AnitaStump Sound Township2
REDD, BazelStump Sound Township1
REDD, FrancisStump Sound Township2
REDD, GenevriaStump Sound Township2
REDD, IsabellStump Sound Township2
REDD, JamesStump Sound Township2
REDD, JosephStump Sound Township2
REDD, RosalieStump Sound Township2
REECE, DollieRichlands Township9
REECE, HubertRichlands Township9
REECE, IraRichlands Township9
REECE, WilliamRichlands Township9
REED, FrederickRichlands Township12
REVELL, DelilahStump Sound Township5
REVELL, GeneveveStump Sound Township5
REVELL, JamesStump Sound Township5
REVELL, LindaStump Sound Township5
REVELL, ManthyStump Sound Township5
RHODES, (infant)Stump Sound Township2
RHODES, AaronSouthwest Township11
RHODES, AgnesStump Sound Township2
RHODES, AnnieStump Sound Township2
RHODES, AnnieSouthwest Township11
RHODES, AnthonyStump Sound Township1
RHODES, AnthonySouthwest Township11
RHODES, ArchieStump Sound Township1
RHODES, CarryRichlands Township6
RHODES, CatherineRichlands Township9
RHODES, ClaraSouthwest Township11
RHODES, ClaraRichlands Township12
RHODES, ClarenceStump Sound Township2
RHODES, D.J.Southwest Township4
RHODES, DellaStump Sound Township1
RHODES, DunnieSouthwest Township11
RHODES, DurantSouthwest Township11
RHODES, EastherSouthwest Township11
RHODES, ElzaSouthwest Township11
RHODES, EmelineSouthwest Township11
RHODES, FredRichlands Township9
RHODES, GeorgeRichlands Township12
RHODES, HellenSouthwest Township4
RHODES, HenryStump Sound Township2
RHODES, HenrySouthwest Township11
RHODES, HettieSouthwest Township11
RHODES, J.P.Southwest Township3
RHODES, JamesStump Sound Township2
RHODES, JamesStump Sound Township1
RHODES, JohnSouthwest Township11
RHODES, JohnieStump Sound Township2
RHODES, JosephSouthwest Township11
RHODES, LauraStump Sound Township2
RHODES, LauraRichlands Township7
RHODES, LewisSouthwest Township11
RHODES, LewisRichlands Township12
RHODES, LinzaStump Sound Township2
RHODES, LinzaStump Sound Township5
RHODES, ListonSouthwest Township11
RHODES, LolaStump Sound Township2
RHODES, LulaStump Sound Township2
RHODES, LulaStump Sound Township1
RHODES, MarthaStump Sound Township2
RHODES, MarySouthwest Township3
RHODES, MarySouthwest Township4
RHODES, NannieRichlands Township6
RHODES, OdieStump Sound Township2
RHODES, ParleySouthwest Township4
RHODES, RichardStump Sound Township2
RHODES, RobertRichlands Township9
RHODES, ThurbyStump Sound Township2
RHODES, TroyStump Sound Township2
RHODES, UsherRichlands Township12
RHODES, WillieSouthwest Township11
RICH, (baby)Stump Sound Township1
RICHARD, BessieRichlands Township12
RICHARD, GarneyRichlands Township12
RICHARDSON, AddieRichlands Township6
RICHARDSON, BarnardRichlands Township6
RICHARDSON, DelilaStump Sound Township5
RICHARDSON, KirbyRichlands Township6
RICHARDSON, NathanStump Sound Township5
RIGGS, BessieStump Sound Township2
RIGGS, BettyStump Sound Township2
RIGGS, BeulahStump Sound Township2
RIGGS, EldaStump Sound Township2
RIGGS, ElizaStump Sound Township2
RIGGS, EmmaStump Sound Township5
RIGGS, FrankStump Sound Township2
RIGGS, GracieStump Sound Township2
RIGGS, JackStump Sound Township2
RIGGS, JamesStump Sound Township2
RIGGS, NeedhamStump Sound Township2
RIGGS, SylviaStump Sound Township5
RIGGS, WilliamStump Sound Township2
RITTER, LucyStump Sound Township1
RITTER, WilliamStump Sound Township1
RIVENBARK, J.Stump Sound Township5
ROBINSON, AmandaStump Sound Township2
ROBINSON, JohnStump Sound Township2
ROCHELL, GarrySouthwest Township3
ROCHELLE, (baby)Southwest Township4
ROCHELLE, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, (infant)Southwest Township4
ROCHELLE, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, AlvaniaSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, AmosSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, AnnieSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, AnthonySouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, ArnettSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, AvySouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, BenjaminSouthwest Township3
ROCHELLE, BernardStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, BertSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, BertaSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, BettieStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, CharlesStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, CharlotteSouthwest Township3
ROCHELLE, ClarenceSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, ClaytonSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, ClfitonStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, ClineSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, ClydeSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, CouncilSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, DeweyStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, DollieStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, DorothySouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, DorothyStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, DossieSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, DoxieSouthwest Township11
ROCHELLE, E.J.W.Southwest Township4
ROCHELLE, EdStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, EdnaSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, EdwardSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, ElizabethStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, EllenSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, EphraimSouthwest Township3
ROCHELLE, ErnestSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, ErnestStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, ErnestineStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, EssieSouthwest Township11
ROCHELLE, EvelynStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, FurneySouthwest Township3
ROCHELLE, HermanSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, IdellaSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, IderySouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, IsaacStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, IshaStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, IshaStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, JacobStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, JoeStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, JohnStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, KennethSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, LauraSouthwest Township3
ROCHELLE, LeamonSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, LenaSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, LesterStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, LulaSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, LutherSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, MaieStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, MamieStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, MariahSouthwest Township11
ROCHELLE, MarthaRichlands Township6
ROCHELLE, MarySouthwest Township3
ROCHELLE, MarySouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, MichaelStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, MikeStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, MillieStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, MonnieStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, NellieSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, NettieStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, NormanSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, OscarStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, PeanieStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, RachelSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, RaleighStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, RalphSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, RobertSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, RoySouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, RufusStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, RufusStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, SarahSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, SudieStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, SudieSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, ThelmaSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, TomSouthwest Township11
ROCHELLE, TroyStump Sound Township1
ROCHELLE, WalterSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, WarrenSouthwest Township4
ROCHELLE, WarrenStump Sound Township5
ROCHELLE, WilliamSouthwest Township4
ROCHLLE, BarbaraSouthwest Township4
ROGERS, AllenStump Sound Township5
ROGERS, EllaRichlands Township10
ROGERS, JordanSouthwest Township11
ROGERS, MarthaRichlands Township10
ROGERS, OliveRichlands Township10
ROGERS, RansomRichlands Township10
ROGERS, SallieStump Sound Township5
ROLLINS, LillyStump Sound Township5
ROLLINS, NorwoodStump Sound Township2
ROLLINS, RosellaStump Sound Township2
ROTEN, NathanielSouthwest Township3
ROUSE, (infant)Richlands Township6
ROUSE, EmmaRichlands Township6
ROUSE, IdaRichlands Township7
ROUSE, MaggieStump Sound Township2
ROUSE, MaggieStump Sound Township5
ROUSE, MaryRichlands Township6
ROUSE, RandolphStump Sound Township2
ROUSE, RichardRichlands Township6
ROUSE, WilliamStump Sound Township2
ROUSE, WilliamRichlands Township6
ROWE, HenryStump Sound Township2
ROWE, LorenceStump Sound Township1
ROWE, MaggieStump Sound Township2
ROWE, WilliamStump Sound Township1
RUFFIN, CharlesRichlands Township6
RUFFIN, MatthewRichlands Township6
RUSS, JeanSouthwest Township3