Whaley Index: S Surnames

The following are the “S” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books. This list includes 696 names.

SAGE, RobertStump Sound Township5
SAGE, SarahStump Sound Township5
SANDERFORD, StephenStump Sound Township2
SANDERS, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
SANDERS, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
SANDERS, (infant)Richlands Township9
SANDERS, AdellStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, AnnieStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, ArthurStump Sound Township5
SANDERS, BookerRichlands Township12
SANDERS, CalvinStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, CarolineRichlands Township6
SANDERS, CarrieRichlands Township8
SANDERS, CoyRichlands Township8
SANDERS, CyrusStump Sound Township5
SANDERS, DarwinRichlands Township8
SANDERS, DavidRichlands Township8
SANDERS, DonnaRichlands Township7
SANDERS, Edward E.Stump Sound Township1
SANDERS, Edward V.Stump Sound Township1
SANDERS, EloiseRichlands Township10
SANDERS, EmmaRichlands Township8
SANDERS, FrancieStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, GertrudeStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, HarmondRichlands Township8
SANDERS, HenriettaStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, HoraceSouthwest Township11
SANDERS, IdaStump Sound Township2
SANDERS, IdaStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, Ida M.Stump Sound Township1
SANDERS, JamesStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, JohnStump Sound Township2
SANDERS, JohnStump Sound Township5
SANDERS, JohnRichlands Township8
SANDERS, John C.Stump Sound Township1
SANDERS, JohnnieStump Sound Township2
SANDERS, JosephStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, JuliusStump Sound Township2
SANDERS, Julius W.Stump Sound Township2
SANDERS, KeziahSouthwest Township3
SANDERS, LeonardStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, LizzieStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, LoisSouthwest Township11
SANDERS, LucilleRichlands Township12
SANDERS, LucyStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, MarlandStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, MarthaStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, MaryRichlands Township6
SANDERS, McCagieStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, MerendaStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, MinnieStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, NathanRichlands Township12
SANDERS, PerteacherRichlands Township8
SANDERS, QueenieRichlands Township8
SANDERS, RobertStump Sound Township2
SANDERS, RoyStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, SaberyStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, SabraStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, SabraSouthwest Township3
SANDERS, SallieStump Sound Township2
SANDERS, SamuelRichlands Township8
SANDERS, SarahStump Sound Township2
SANDERS, SarahRichlands Township8
SANDERS, SimeonSouthwest Township3
SANDERS, TempieStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, VeraStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, VivianRichlands Township8
SANDERS, WilliamStump Sound Township1
SANDERS, WilliamRichlands Township8
SANDERS, William P. Stump Sound Township1
SANDERSON, (twins)Richlands Township7
SANDERSON, CalvinRichlands Township6
SANDERSON, CalvinRichlands Township10
SANDERSON, CynthiaRichlands Township10
SANDERSON, DennieRichlands Township10
SANDERSON, EdieRichlands Township6
SANDERSON, IndiaRichlands Township6
SANDERSON, IndiaRichlands Township10
SANDERSON, JessieRichlands Township6
SANDERSON, JohnRichlands Township6
SANDERSON, JohnRichlands Township12
SANDERSON, KathyRichlands Township7
SANDERSON, LeslieRichlands Township6
SANDERSON, LeslieRichlands Township10
SANDERSON, LevyRichlands Township10
SANDERSON, MyrtieRichlands Township10
SANDERSON, RobertRichlands Township10
SANDERSON, RosaRichlands Township6
SANDERSON, ScottRichlands Township10
SANDERSON, ShirleyRichlands Township6
SANDERSON, ShirleyRichlands Township10
SANDERSON, SteveRichlands Township10
SANDLIN, (infant)Southwest Township3
SANDLIN, AltonSouthwest Township3
SANDLIN, ArthurRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, BerthaSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, CaderRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, CarolSouthwest Township3
SANDLIN, CharleyRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, ChristianSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, DanielStump Sound Township5
SANDLIN, DavidSouthwest Township3
SANDLIN, DavidRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, DeamsRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, DorcasSouthwest Township3
SANDLIN, EarlRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, EdnaSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, EffieSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, EldaSouthwest Township3
SANDLIN, ElizabethRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, EuniceRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, EvaSouthwest Township3
SANDLIN, EvaRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, G.W.Richlands Township7
SANDLIN, GeorgeRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, GilbertRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, GurvisRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, HaroldSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, HattieRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, HenryRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, HenryRichlands Township9
SANDLIN, JasperSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, JesseSouthwest Township3
SANDLIN, JessieSouthwest Township3
SANDLIN, KatieSouthwest Township3
SANDLIN, LanceSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, LaryRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, LauraRichlands Township9
SANDLIN, LeonSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, LeoneSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, LewisRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, LewisSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, LinaSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, LouieSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, LulaRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, MarySouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, MettieRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, MyrtleRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, NancyRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, NellieRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, NellyRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, NormanRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, PennieStump Sound Township5
SANDLIN, RamonRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, RebeccaRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, RillieSouthwest Township11
SANDLIN, RobertSouthwest Township3
SANDLIN, RobertStump Sound Township5
SANDLIN, RobertRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, RobertRichlands Township8
SANDLIN, VirgilRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, WillieRichlands Township7
SANDLIN, WillieSouthwest Township11
SATTERWHITE, DoraStump Sound Township1
SAUNDERS, CherylStump Sound Township5
SAUNDERS, ClarenceRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, D.F.Richlands Township6
SAUNDERS, EdwardRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, EthelRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, HenriettaRichlands Township8
SAUNDERS, JamesRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, JeanetteRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, LeoRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, LewisRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, LindsayRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, LottRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, MaryRichlands Township7
SAUNDERS, MinnieRichlands Township6
SAUNDERS, RathelRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, SidneyRichlands Township12
SAUNDERS, WilliamRichlands Township7
SAUNDERS, WilliamRichlands Township12
SCHADE, MonicaRichlands Township6
SCHAEFER, PhillipSouthwest Township11
SCHAMMA, JohnRichlands Township7
SCHWEITZER, WilliamRichlands Township10
SCOTT, (infant)Southwest Township4
SCOTT, (infant)Southwest Township11
SCOTT, ArthurSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, BarbaraSouthwest Township11
SCOTT, BenjaminSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, ByronSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, CaldoraSouthwest Township11
SCOTT, CallieSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, CarlSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, EliSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, ErnestSouthwest Township11
SCOTT, FlossieSouthwest Township11
SCOTT, GabrielSouthwest Township3
SCOTT, HughSouthwest Township3
SCOTT, IraSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, JamesSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, JamesSouthwest Township11
SCOTT, JohnSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, JohnnieSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, KennethSouthwest Township11
SCOTT, KittyRichlands Township10
SCOTT, LaneySouthwest Township3
SCOTT, LouellaSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, MargaretSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, MarvinSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, MarySouthwest Township3
SCOTT, MarySouthwest Township4
SCOTT, MarySouthwest Township11
SCOTT, MyrtleSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, NanSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, NancySouthwest Township11
SCOTT, NettieSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, OwenSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, RandySouthwest Township4
SCOTT, SusanSouthwest Township4
SCOTT, VelmaRichlands Township10
SCOTT, W.E.Southwest Township11
SCOTT, WesleyRichlands Township10
SCOTT, WilliamSouthwest Township4
SCREWS, JosephSouthwest Township11
SCREWS, LewisSouthwest Township11
SCREWS, LiddiaSouthwest Township11
SCREWS, MarthaSouthwest Township11
SCREWS, RebeccaSouthwest Township11
SCREWS, WilliamSouthwest Township11
SEBECK, LenaStump Sound Township1
SECEY, VanSouthwest Township4
SELLERS, BlancheStump Sound Township2
SELLERS, HarolStump Sound Township2
SELLERS, MarthaSouthwest Township11
SELLERS, McElrieStump Sound Township2
SEWELL, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
SEWELL, BradyStump Sound Township5
SEWELL, DaisySouthwest Township11
SEWELL, EldaStump Sound Township5
SEWELL, ElijahStump Sound Township5
SEWELL, ElijahSouthwest Township11
SEWELL, HaywoodSouthwest Township11
SEWELL, LewisStump Sound Township5
SEWELL, MertieStump Sound Township5
SEWELL, MinnieSouthwest Township11
SEWELL, NormanStump Sound Township5
SEWELL, ThurmanSouthwest Township11
SEWELL, VeronaStump Sound Township5
SEWELL, VictoriaStump Sound Township5
SEWELL, WilliamStump Sound Township5
SHACKLEFORD, IndianaRichlands Township10
SHACKLEFORD, JohnRichlands Township8
SHARPLESS, LemuelRichlands Township7
SHAW, AbnerRichlands Township7
SHAW, BarbaraRichlands Township7
SHAW, ChristineRichlands Township7
SHAW, ElizabethRichlands Township10
SHAW, EllaRichlands Township7
SHAW, EmmaRichlands Township10
SHAW, FaywinRichlands Township7
SHAW, FranklinRichlands Township7
SHAW, JohnRichlands Township10
SHAW, LevinaRichlands Township10
SHAW, MaryRichlands Township7
SHAW, MaryRichlands Township10
SHAW, ReubenRichlands Township10
SHAW, RobertaRichlands Township7
SHAW, StephenRichlands Township7
SHAW, StephenRichlands Township10
SHEPARD Jr., Buren H.Stump Sound Township1
SHEPARD Sr., Buren H.Stump Sound Township1
SHEPARD, (infant)Stump Sound Township1
SHEPARD, (infant)Southwest Township3
SHEPARD, (infant)Southwest Township4
SHEPARD, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, (infant)Richlands Township7
SHEPARD, (infant)Southwest Township11
SHEPARD, AbbieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, AndersonStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, AnnieStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, AnnieSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, AnnieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, AnnieRichlands Township9
SHEPARD, BasilSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, BensonSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, BlancheRichlands Township9
SHEPARD, BonnieSouthwest Township11
SHEPARD, BryantSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, CalebSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, CarolineSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, CarolineRichlands Township7
SHEPARD, CarolineRichlands Township8
SHEPARD, CarrolSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, CatharineSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, CharlesSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, CharlieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, ChristopherSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, ClarenceSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, ClarissaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, CordeliaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, CyrusSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, DanielSouthwest Township11
SHEPARD, DeanieRichlands Township9
SHEPARD, DebraSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, DollieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, DorothyStump Sound Township1
SHEPARD, DossieStump Sound Township1
SHEPARD, EdgarSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, EdgarSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, EdgarSouthwest Township11
SHEPARD, EdmundSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, EdwardSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, EffieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, ElmaStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, EmilySouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, EthieStump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, EugeneRichlands Township9
SHEPARD, EugeniaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, FloraSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, FloydSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, FrankRichlands Township7
SHEPARD, FranklinStump Sound Township1
SHEPARD, GabeSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, GenoraSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, GeorgeSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, GeorgeStump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, GeraldineStump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, HannahSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, HatieStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, HenrySouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, HenrySouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, HoseaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, HughSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, IdenraSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, InezSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, IreneStump Sound Township1
SHEPARD, IsaacRichlands Township9
SHEPARD, IsabellSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, IveySouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, JacksonSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, JacobSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, JamesSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, JayStump Sound Township1
SHEPARD, JayStump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, JesseStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, JohnSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, JosephSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, JosephRichlands Township7
SHEPARD, JuliaSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, JuliaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, KirbyStump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, KizzieStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, LafayetteSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, LauraSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, LelandSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, LenaSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, LessieSouthwest Township11
SHEPARD, LewisRichlands Township9
SHEPARD, LidaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, LillieStump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, LorrellRichlands Township9
SHEPARD, LouisaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, LoyceSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, LucilleStump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, LucyStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, LukeSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, LulaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, LulaRichlands Township9
SHEPARD, MaggieStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, MaryStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, MarySouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, MarySouthwest Township11
SHEPARD, MillySouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, MissouriaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, MollieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, MonaSouthwest Township11
SHEPARD, MosesSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, NellieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, NettieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, NoraSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, OllieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, OwenSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, OwenSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, ParleyStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, PennieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, PercilSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, PoseyRichlands Township9
SHEPARD, RandolphSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, RaymondSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, RaymondSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, RebeccaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, RenaRichlands Township9
SHEPARD, ReubenSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, RileyStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, RileySouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, RileyStump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, RobertSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, RolandSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, RoxieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, SabraSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, SallieSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, SamanthaStump Sound Township1
SHEPARD, SarahSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, SarahSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, StephenSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, SylvesterSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, TaraSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, ThomasSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, UnionSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, ValmonSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, VernonStump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, ViolaSouthwest Township11
SHEPARD, VioletSouthwest Township11
SHEPARD, WilburStump Sound Township5
SHEPARD, WilliamStump Sound Township2
SHEPARD, WilliamSouthwest Township3
SHEPARD, WilliamSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, ZedocSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, ZellaSouthwest Township4
SHEPARD, ZillaSouthwest Township3
SHEPPARD, ElizabethRichlands Township9
SHEPPARD, MaryRichlands Township9
SHHIVER, SarahRichlands Township6
SHIVAR, JamesRichlands Township6
SHIVAR, MaryRichlands Township6
SHIVER, (infant)Richlands Township6
SHIVER, BrinsonRichlands Township6
SHOLAR, EldaSouthwest Township4
SHORES, RodneyStump Sound Township2
SHOULARS, (baby)Southwest Township4
SHROADS, BarbaraRichlands Township10
SHYVER, JaniceRichlands Township8
SHYVER, JessieRichlands Township9
SHYVER, LarryRichlands Township9
SIDBURY, FannieStump Sound Township2
SIDBURY, FrancesStump Sound Township2
SIDBURY, KirbyStump Sound Township2
SIDBURY, VerlinzaStump Sound Township2
SIDBURY, WilliamStump Sound Township2
SILANCE, EchordSouthwest Township4
SILANCE, ElizabethStump Sound Township5
SILANCE, EzekielSouthwest Township4
SILANCE, FrankSouthwest Township3
SILANCE, FranklinSouthwest Township3
SILANCE, HenryStump Sound Township5
SILANCE, JerrySouthwest Township4
SILANCE, LeoraSouthwest Township4
SILANCE, MarySouthwest Township3
SILANCE, NormanSouthwest Township4
SILANCE, PaulineSouthwest Township4
SILANCE, WarrenSouthwest Township4
SILANCE, WilliamSouthwest Township3
SILANCE, WilliamStump Sound Township5
SILENCE, AltonSouthwest Township11
SILENCE, ClaraSouthwest Township3
SILENCE, GeorgeSouthwest Township11
SILENCE, HannahSouthwest Township11
SILENCE, HenrySouthwest Township3
SILENCE, IveySouthwest Township3
SILENCE, LulaSouthwest Township3
SILENCE, MinnieSouthwest Township3
SILENCE, ReubenSouthwest Township11
SILENCE, TobeSouthwest Township3
SIMERARO, FrankStump Sound Township2
SIMERARO, NinaStump Sound Township2
SIMMONS, ChristopherRichlands Township7
SIMMONS, EdwardSouthwest Township11
SIMMONS, ElizaRichlands Township9
SIMMONS, FurneyRichlands Township7
SIMMONS, GeorgeRichlands Township6
SIMMONS, JamesSouthwest Township11
SIMMONS, JohnRichlands Township9
SIMMONS, KittyRichlands Township7
SIMMONS, LeviSouthwest Township11
SIMMONS, LewisSouthwest Township11
SIMMONS, LouiseSouthwest Township4
SIMMONS, LucySouthwest Township4
SIMMONS, LucyRichlands Township6
SIMMONS, M.T.Southwest Township4
SIMMONS, SadieSouthwest Township11
SIMMONS, TimothySouthwest Township11
SIMMONS, VinaSouthwest Township11
SIMMONS, WilliamRichlands Township7
SIMMONS, WillieRichlands Township12
SIMPSON, (infant)Richlands Township9
SIMPSON, (infant)Richlands Township10
SIMPSON, AbieRichlands Township9
SIMPSON, AliciaRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, AnnaRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, AnnieSouthwest Township4
SIMPSON, AsaSouthwest Township4
SIMPSON, BenjaminRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, BettyRichlands Township9
SIMPSON, CharlesRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, CleamRichlands Township6
SIMPSON, CurtisRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, DelbertRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, GarlandRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, GertrudeRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, GoldbergRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, GrahamRichlands Township9
SIMPSON, IdaRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, JamesRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, JoeRichlands Township9
SIMPSON, JohnStump Sound Township2
SIMPSON, JohnRichlands Township9
SIMPSON, JosephRichlands Township9
SIMPSON, KatyRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, KitseyRichlands Township9
SIMPSON, MollieRichlands Township9
SIMPSON, NancyRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, RandallRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, RillieRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, RosaRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, SallieRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, SenaRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, StephenRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, ThomasRichlands Township9
SIMPSON, ThomasRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, VelaRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, WalterRichlands Township10
SIMPSON, WillieSouthwest Township4
SMITH, AbeRichlands Township12
SMITH, AddieStump Sound Township2
SMITH, AndrianSouthwest Township3
SMITH, AngelaRichlands Township6
SMITH, BettieSouthwest Township3
SMITH, BobbyRichlands Township10
SMITH, CliftonStump Sound Township2
SMITH, CottieRichlands Township10
SMITH, DanielSouthwest Township4
SMITH, DanielStump Sound Township5
SMITH, DolieRichlands Township10
SMITH, EarlSouthwest Township11
SMITH, ElizaSouthwest Township3
SMITH, EmmaStump Sound Township2
SMITH, EstellRichlands Township10
SMITH, HaywoodSouthwest Township3
SMITH, HenrySouthwest Township3
SMITH, IsaacSouthwest Township11
SMITH, JamesRichlands Township10
SMITH, LindsayStump Sound Township5
SMITH, LisaRichlands Township7
SMITH, LuannaSouthwest Township3
SMITH, LucyRichlands Township10
SMITH, MarthaSouthwest Township4
SMITH, MillieStump Sound Township1
SMITH, MinnieStump Sound Township2
SMITH, MyrtieRichlands Township12
SMITH, PaulineSouthwest Township4
SMITH, RaySouthwest Township3
SMITH, RobertStump Sound Township1
SMITH, SolomonStump Sound Township2
SMITH, StanselSouthwest Township4
SMITH, ThelmaSouthwest Township3
SMITH, VirginiaSouthwest Township11
SMITH, WalterRichlands Township10
SMITH, WilliamStump Sound Township2
SMITH, WilliamSouthwest Township3
SMITH, WilliamRichlands Township6
SMITHERMAN, MaryRichlands Township9
SNELL, (infant)Richlands Township10
SNELL, MildredRichlands Township10
SNELL, WalterRichlands Township10
SNIPES, (infant)Southwest Township4
SNIPES, AltonSouthwest Township4
SNIPES, BessieSouthwest Township4
SNIPES, LeanSouthwest Township4
SNIPES, OttieSouthwest Township4
SOUTHERLAND, BarbaraRichlands Township7
SOUTHERLAND, JamesRichlands Township6
SOUTHERLAND, P.Richlands Township6
SOUTHERLAND, ReubenRichlands Township6
SOUTHERLAND, WilliamRichlands Township7
SPARKES, PearlRichlands Township12
SPEARS, GoldieSouthwest Township11
SPEARS, RaySouthwest Township11
SPERR, ChristinaStump Sound Township1
SPERRY, FrancisStump Sound Township1
SPICER, CapersStump Sound Township5
SPICER, CharlotteStump Sound Township2
SPICER, EstherStump Sound Township1
SPICER, GeorgeStump Sound Township2
SPICER, GeorgeStump Sound Township1
SPICER, JamesStump Sound Township1
SPICER, JohnStump Sound Township1
SPICER, John FoyStump Sound Township1
SPICER, NancyStump Sound Township1
STALLBORIES, DonaldStump Sound Township2
STALLBORIES, RoseStump Sound Township2
STALLINGS, WesleyRichlands Township8
STANFORD, SylviaRichlands Township12
STANLEY, AliceSouthwest Township11
STANLEY, WilliamRichlands Township6
STEED, CyrusRichlands Township6
STEED, DurwoodRichlands Township8
STEED, JohnRichlands Township8
STEED, KatieRichlands Township8
STEED, McKenzieRichlands Township6
STEED, McKenzieRichlands Township8
STEED, OrphaRichlands Township6
STEED, VelmaRichlands Township8
STEPEHNS, MaryRichlands Township7
STEPHENS, ChristopherRichlands Township7
STEPHENS, FurneyRichlands Township7
STEPHENS, GraceRichlands Township9
STEPHENS, IdaRichlands Township7
STEPHENS, JamesRichlands Township7
STEPHENS, JohnRichlands Township7
STEPHENS, JuliaRichlands Township7
STEPHENS, KitRichlands Township8
STEPHENS, MarguriteRichlands Township7
STEPHENS, RaleighRichlands Township8
STEPHENS, SimRichlands Township7
STEPHENS, WilliamRichlands Township7
STEPHENSON, CarlSouthwest Township11
STEPHENSON, IreneSouthwest Township11
STEVENS, AshleyRichlands Township6
STEVENS, CleophusRichlands Township6
STEVENS, LucianRichlands Township6
STEVENS, MamieRichlands Township6
STEVENS, NoraRichlands Township9
STEVENS, RuthRichlands Township6
STEVENS, SolRichlands Township9
STEVENS, SophiaRichlands Township6
STEVENS, ZannieRichlands Township6
STILLEY, MinnieRichlands Township9
STOKES, MagdaleneSouthwest Township3
STOKES,W.W.Southwest Township3
STOKLEY, JohnStump Sound Township1
STRANGE, (infant)Southwest Township4
STRANGE, BucknerRichlands Township7
STRANGE, CarolynSouthwest Township4
STRANGE, EmmaRichlands Township7
STRANGE, ErnestSouthwest Township4
STRANGE, GeorgeRichlands Township7
STRANGE, GraceSouthwest Township4
STRANGE, HughSouthwest Township4
STRANGE, J.D.Richlands Township7
STRANGE, JamesSouthwest Township4
STRANGE, JohnRichlands Township7
STRANGE, LeonoraRichlands Township7
STRANGE, MaryRichlands Township7
STRANGE, R.F.Richlands Township7
STRANGE, RalphRichlands Township7
STRANGE, RebeccaRichlands Township7
STRANGE, SarahRichlands Township7
STRANGE, WelthyRichlands Township7
STRAUGHN, NettieRichlands Township7
STRAUGHN, NormaRichlands Township7
STRICKLAND, LucyRichlands Township12
STROUD, BenSouthwest Township11
STROUD, BerniceRichlands Township7
STROUD, ClaytonRichlands Township7
SUMMERLIN, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
SUMMERLIN, CharlesStump Sound Township5
SURCEY, MarySouthwest Township4
SWINSON, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
SWINSON, AliceRichlands Township10
SWINSON, BethaniaRichlands Township9
SWINSON, CalopRichlands Township12
SWINSON, CarrieRichlands Township9
SWINSON, CatharineStump Sound Township5
SWINSON, EarlRichlands Township9
SWINSON, ElizabethRichlands Township12
SWINSON, EmmaSouthwest Township3
SWINSON, G.F.Richlands Township9
SWINSON, GeorgeRichlands Township9
SWINSON, GeorgeRichlands Township12
SWINSON, GussieRichlands Township12
SWINSON, HenryRichlands Township10
SWINSON, HokeStump Sound Township5
SWINSON, HoseaRichlands Township10
SWINSON, HoseaSouthwest Township11
SWINSON, HuldahSouthwest Township11
SWINSON, JamesRichlands Township10
SWINSON, JessieRichlands Township12
SWINSON, KatieRichlands Township12
SWINSON, L.Richlands Township6
SWINSON, LeslieSouthwest Township3
SWINSON, LizzieRichlands Township9
SWINSON, MaryRichlands Township12
SWINSON, MaudeSouthwest Township11
SWINSON, MellieRichlands Township9
SWINSON, NancyRichlands Township8
SWINSON, NannieRichlands Township6
SWINSON, OliveRichlands Township10
SWINSON, PalmettaRichlands Township6
SWINSON, RebeccaRichlands Township10
SWINSON, SallieRichlands Township12
SWINSON, SarahRichlands Township8
SWINSON, SilasRichlands Township12
SWINSON, WilliamRichlands Township9
SYKES, ElizabethStump Sound Township2
SYKES, GeorgeStump Sound Township2
SYKES, MaryStump Sound Township2
SYKES, WilliamStump Sound Township2
SYLVESTER, InaRichlands Township8
SYLVESTER, JohnRichlands Township8
SYLVESTER, LeonRichlands Township8
SYLVESTER, MaryRichlands Township8
SYLVESTER, NathanielRichlands Township8
SYLVESTER, RichardRichlands Township8
SYLVESTER, WinifredRichlands Township8