Whaley Index: V-Z Surnames

The following are the “V-Z” surnames from Whaley’s 12-volume cemetery transcription books.  This list includes 563 names.

VELANDIN, HettieSouthwest Township11
VENTERS, (baby)Richlands Township10
VENTERS, (infant)Richlands Township7
VENTERS, (infant)Richlands Township8
VENTERS, (infant)Richlands Township10
VENTERS, AmitteeRichlands Township10
VENTERS, AugustusRichlands Township6
VENTERS, BessieRichlands Township10
VENTERS, BrinsonRichlands Township8
VENTERS, CarolineRichlands Township10
VENTERS, ChristopherRichlands Township7
VENTERS, CoraRichlands Township10
VENTERS, EarlRichlands Township10
VENTERS, GeorgeRichlands Township10
VENTERS, KatieRichlands Township10
VENTERS, LauraRichlands Township10
VENTERS, LeonRichlands Township7
VENTERS, LouisianaRichlands Township8
VENTERS, MirtleRichlands Township8
VENTERS, PaulRichlands Township10
VENTERS, PearlRichlands Township8
VENTERS, PeralRichlands Township10
VENTERS, RachelRichlands Township10
VENTERS, RobertRichlands Township10
VENTERS, RolandRichlands Township8
VENTERS, RubyRichlands Township7
VENTERS, SilasRichlands Township10
VENTERS, WilliamRichlands Township10
VOSE, CatherineSouthwest Township4
VOSE, MarySouthwest Township4
WALLACE, JamesRichlands Township8
WALLACE, JosephRichlands Township7
WALLACE, LouisaRichlands Township8
WALLACE, StephenRichlands Township8
WALLER, (infant)Southwest Township4
WALLER, EllieSouthwest Township3
WALLER, HobertSouthwest Township3
WALLER, JohnSouthwest Township3
WALLER, JohnnieSouthwest Township3
WALLER, LauraSouthwest Township4
WALLER, PearlieSouthwest Township3
WALLER, WilliamSouthwest Township3
WALLER, ZennieSouthwest Township3
WALTON, (infant)Southwest Township4
WALTON, (infant)Richlands Township6
WALTON, AmosSouthwest Township11
WALTON, AnnieSouthwest Township4
WALTON, BertieSouthwest Township4
WALTON, BessieSouthwest Township3
WALTON, BettySouthwest Township4
WALTON, CarrieSouthwest Township4
WALTON, DelbertRichlands Township10
WALTON, EleanorSouthwest Township4
WALTON, EleanorSouthwest Township11
WALTON, ElishaSouthwest Township4
WALTON, ElishaSouthwest Township11
WALTON, ElizaSouthwest Township11
WALTON, ElizabethSouthwest Township4
WALTON, EmanuelSouthwest Township3
WALTON, EmmaSouthwest Township4
WALTON, EslieRichlands Township10
WALTON, EthylSouthwest Township3
WALTON, FloraSouthwest Township4
WALTON, FloydRichlands Township10
WALTON, FonnieSouthwest Township4
WALTON, FurnieSouthwest Township4
WALTON, GeorgeSouthwest Township4
WALTON, H.B.Southwest Township4
WALTON, HelenSouthwest Township3
WALTON, HenriettaSouthwest Township11
WALTON, HenrySouthwest Township4
WALTON, HerbertSouthwest Township4
WALTON, HolenSouthwest Township11
WALTON, HoraceRichlands Township6
WALTON, HughSouthwest Township4
WALTON, HuldahSouthwest Township11
WALTON, IraSouthwest Township4
WALTON, JamesSouthwest Township3
WALTON, JereSouthwest Township4
WALTON, JessieSouthwest Township4
WALTON, JohnSouthwest Township3
WALTON, JohnSouthwest Township4
WALTON, JohnSouthwest Township11
WALTON, KirbyRichlands Township10
WALTON, KittySouthwest Township3
WALTON, KumieRichlands Township10
WALTON, L.C.Southwest Township4
WALTON, LarowSouthwest Township3
WALTON, LarryStump Sound Township1
WALTON, LauraSouthwest Township11
WALTON, LolaRichlands Township10
WALTON, LubyStump Sound Township5
WALTON, MargaretSouthwest Township3
WALTON, MarthaSouthwest Township4
WALTON, MarthaSouthwest Township11
WALTON, MarySouthwest Township4
WALTON, MissouriSouthwest Township4
WALTON, MurtleSouthwest Township4
WALTON, NannieSouthwest Township4
WALTON, NellieSouthwest Township4
WALTON, NoraStump Sound Township5
WALTON, NoraRichlands Township10
WALTON, NorfleetSouthwest Township3
WALTON, PerrySouthwest Township3
WALTON, PersillaSouthwest Township3
WALTON, RaleighSouthwest Township4
WALTON, RebeccaSouthwest Township11
WALTON, RolandSouthwest Township4
WALTON, SidneySouthwest Township4
WALTON, StenemonSouthwest Township4
WALTON, TherionRichlands Township10
WALTON, UnitySouthwest Township11
WALTON, WilliamSouthwest Township3
WALTON, WilliamSouthwest Township4
WALTON, WillieSouthwest Township3
WALTON, ZachariahSouthwest Township4
WARD, AnnRichlands Township10
WARD, CarolineRichlands Township7
WARD, ElizabethStump Sound Township1
WARD, JeffreySouthwest Township11
WARD, JohnSouthwest Township11
WARD, NicySouthwest Township11
WARD, SamStump Sound Township2
WARD, VeraStump Sound Township2
WARNER, VergieSouthwest Township3
WARREN, JacquelinSouthwest Township11
WATERS, TerryRichlands Township9
WATKINS, EdwardSouthwest Township4
WATKINS, JosephSouthwest Township3
WATKINS, LawrenceRichlands Township10
WATKINS, LulaRichlands Township10
WATKINS, NorahSouthwest Township3
WATKINS, PerlinaSouthwest Township4
WATKINS, RuzellaSouthwest Township3
WATSON, AnnieStump Sound Township5
WATSON, ThurmanStump Sound Township1
WEATHERFORD, LouiseSouthwest Township11
WEEKS, JeffersonStump Sound Township2
WEEKS, PaulineStump Sound Township2
WEIKEL, GeorgeRichlands Township8
WEIKEL, MaryRichlands Township8
WELLS, (baby)Stump Sound Township1
WELLS, DollisStump Sound Township1
WELLS, ElizaSouthwest Township11
WELLS, ElsieStump Sound Township1
WELLS, GeorgeSouthwest Township11
WELLS, HannahSouthwest Township11
WELLS, HesterSouthwest Township11
WELLS, JamesSouthwest Township11
WELLS, JohnSouthwest Township11
WELLS, LillianSouthwest Township11
WELLS, LucySouthwest Township11
WELLS, ObedStump Sound Township1
WELLS, OdisStump Sound Township1
WELLS, PrestonStump Sound Township1
WELLS, RobertStump Sound Township1
WELLS, SallieSouthwest Township11
WESPHAL, CarolynSouthwest Township11
WESTBROOK, BenjaminRichlands Township6
WESTBROOK, HannahRichlands Township7
WESTBROOK, HubertRichlands Township6
WESTBROOK, NatalieStump Sound Township1
WESTON, AlfredRichlands Township8
WESTON, HelenRichlands Township12
WESTON, JohnRichlands Township10
WESTON, LinwoodRichlands Township12
WESTON, LouRichlands Township7
WESTON, MavisRichlands Township7
WESTON, NeutonRichlands Township7
WESTON, RuthRichlands Township10
WESTON, SandraRichlands Township10
WESTON, ThomasRichlands Township10
WHALEY, (baby)Richlands Township6
WHALEY, (baby)Richlands Township7
WHALEY, (infant)Richlands Township7
WHALEY, (infant)Richlands Township9
WHALEY, (twins)Richlands Township7
WHALEY, AdaRichlands Township9
WHALEY, AdronRichlands Township7
WHALEY, AllenRichlands Township6
WHALEY, AmandaRichlands Township7
WHALEY, AngelaRichlands Township6
WHALEY, AnnaRichlands Township12
WHALEY, AnnieRichlands Township7
WHALEY, BarbaraRichlands Township6
WHALEY, BarbaraRichlands Township9
WHALEY, CarrieRichlands Township9
WHALEY, CarsonRichlands Township7
WHALEY, CaseyRichlands Township7
WHALEY, CaterRichlands Township9
WHALEY, ClaraRichlands Township7
WHALEY, DanielRichlands Township7
WHALEY, DavidRichlands Township7
WHALEY, DoraRichlands Township6
WHALEY, DoraRichlands Township9
WHALEY, DorothyRichlands Township7
WHALEY, DurantRichlands Township7
WHALEY, EddieRichlands Township6
WHALEY, EldaRichlands Township9
WHALEY, ElizaRichlands Township7
WHALEY, ElizabethRichlands Township7
WHALEY, ElsieRichlands Township6
WHALEY, ElsieRichlands Township8
WHALEY, EphriamRichlands Township6
WHALEY, EstelleRichlands Township7
WHALEY, EthelRichlands Township7
WHALEY, EvelynRichlands Township12
WHALEY, GarlandRichlands Township9
WHALEY, GeorgeRichlands Township7
WHALEY, GeorgeRichlands Township9
WHALEY, GeorgiaRichlands Township7
WHALEY, GertieRichlands Township6
WHALEY, HardyRichlands Township7
WHALEY, HarveyRichlands Township6
WHALEY, HelenRichlands Township7
WHALEY, HenryRichlands Township9
WHALEY, IdaRichlands Township7
WHALEY, IsaacRichlands Township7
WHALEY, IsaacRichlands Township9
WHALEY, J.T.Richlands Township12
WHALEY, JackRichlands Township7
WHALEY, JacobRichlands Township7
WHALEY, JamesRichlands Township7
WHALEY, JerryRichlands Township9
WHALEY, JoelRichlands Township6
WHALEY, JohnRichlands Township6
WHALEY, JohnRichlands Township7
WHALEY, JohnieRichlands Township7
WHALEY, JosephStump Sound Township1
WHALEY, JosephineRichlands Township7
WHALEY, KarahRichlands Township6
WHALEY, KatieRichlands Township9
WHALEY, LeonRichlands Township7
WHALEY, LethaRichlands Township7
WHALEY, LeviRichlands Township6
WHALEY, LewisRichlands Township6
WHALEY, LibRichlands Township9
WHALEY, LulaRichlands Township7
WHALEY, MariumRichlands Township6
WHALEY, MaryRichlands Township7
WHALEY, MaryRichlands Township9
WHALEY, MattieRichlands Township7
WHALEY, MicahRichlands Township7
WHALEY, MildredRichlands Township7
WHALEY, NancyRichlands Township7
WHALEY, NannieRichlands Township6
WHALEY, NatashieRichlands Township9
WHALEY, NathanRichlands Township7
WHALEY, NellStump Sound Township1
WHALEY, NimmieRichlands Township7
WHALEY, NormanRichlands Township9
WHALEY, PansiRichlands Township6
WHALEY, PearlRichlands Township9
WHALEY, PerryRichlands Township9
WHALEY, RannieRichlands Township7
WHALEY, RigdonRichlands Township7
WHALEY, RobertRichlands Township6
WHALEY, RobertRichlands Township7
WHALEY, RobertRichlands Township9
WHALEY, RonaldRichlands Township7
WHALEY, RosemaryRichlands Township7
WHALEY, RoswithaRichlands Township7
WHALEY, RoyalRichlands Township6
WHALEY, SarahRichlands Township6
WHALEY, SarahRichlands Township7
WHALEY, ShirleyRichlands Township7
WHALEY, SusieRichlands Township9
WHALEY, TharssaRichlands Township6
WHALEY, TomRichlands Township6
WHALEY, TomRichlands Township8
WHALEY, VelmaStump Sound Township1
WHALEY, VelmaRichlands Township7
WHALEY, VernonRichlands Township9
WHALEY, WilliamStump Sound Township1
WHALEY, WilliamRichlands Township6
WHALEY, WilliamRichlands Township6
WHALEY, WilliamRichlands Township7
WHALEY, WilliamRichlands Township9
WHALEY, WilliamRichlands Township12
WHALEY, WillieRichlands Township7
WHITE, DorothyRichlands Township6
WHITE, EldaRichlands Township9
WHITE, GeorgeRichlands Township6
WHITE, GeorgeRichlands Township9
WHITE, JamesRichlands Township6
WHITE, JamesRichlands Township8
WHITE, LeonardRichlands Township6
WHITE, LinsterRichlands Township6
WHITE, LloydRichlands Township6
WHITE, M.C.Richlands Township9
WHITE, MarthaRichlands Township6
WHITE, RenaRichlands Township6
WHITE, ThaddiusRichlands Township10
WHITE, TheresaRichlands Township8
WHITE, WendellRichlands Township6
WHITE, ZoraRichlands Township6
WHITEHURST, ElizaStump Sound Township1
WHITEHURST, ElizabethStump Sound Township1
WHITEHURST, JohnStump Sound Township1
WHITEHURST, John T.Stump Sound Township1
WHITEHURST, SusanSouthwest Township11
WHITFIELD, MaryRichlands Township6
WHITFIELD, WillieRichlands Township6
WIGGINS, LindaSouthwest Township11
WIGGINS, NormanRichlands Township6
WIGGINS, NormanRichlands Township6
WIGGS, BillyRichlands Township10
WIGGS, DunnieRichlands Township9
WIGGS, WilliamRichlands Township9
WILCOX, DonaldRichlands Township8
WILCOX, RonaldRichlands Township8
WILD, ImaStump Sound Township1
WILEY, OattieRichlands Township12
WILIAMS, ChristianStump Sound Township2
WILKINS, CarolineStump Sound Township2
WILKINS, JamesSouthwest Township3
WILKINS, JohnnieRichlands Township12
WILKINS, KathleenSouthwest Township3
WILKINS, LetherSouthwest Township3
WILKINS, MarySouthwest Township3
WILKINS, RogerStump Sound Township5
WILKINS, W.B.Stump Sound Township1
WILKINS, WilliamStump Sound Township2
WILKINS, WinslowStump Sound Township1
WILLAFORD, (infant)Richlands Township9
WILLAFORD, BeulahRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, BlandeRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, CharlesRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, ClaraRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, DanielRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, EllisRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, EthelRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, EvelynRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, G.F.Richlands Township9
WILLAFORD, HarryRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, J.J.Richlands Township9
WILLAFORD, MamieRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, MaryRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, PennieRichlands Township9
WILLAFORD, VeraRichlands Township9
WILLIAMS Jr., BurgessStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, (baby)Southwest Township11
WILLIAMS, (infant)Stump Sound Township5
WILLIAMS, (infant)Richlands Township7
WILLIAMS, A.S.Southwest Township3
WILLIAMS, AdelineRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, AnnieStump Sound Township5
WILLIAMS, AnnieRichlands Township6
WILLIAMS, ArtStump Sound Township1
WILLIAMS, ArtRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, B.T.Stump Sound Township1
WILLIAMS, BarbaraRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, BenjaminSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, BernardSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, BessieStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, BriceStump Sound Township5
WILLIAMS, BryantStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, BuckSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, BurgessStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, BurgessStump Sound Township1
WILLIAMS, CarletonSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, CarolynSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, CarrieStump Sound Township1
WILLIAMS, CaterSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, CatharineSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, ChristianStump Sound Township1
WILLIAMS, ClarenceRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, DaisySouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, DanielRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, DavidRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, DebbieRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, DellieRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, DorseStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, EddieStump Sound Township5
WILLIAMS, EdnaRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, EdwardSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, ElbertStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, EldaStump Sound Township5
WILLIAMS, EldaSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, EliStump Sound Township5
WILLIAMS, ElizaStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, ElizabethStump Sound Township1
WILLIAMS, EmmaRichlands Township9
WILLIAMS, EmmaRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, EsleyRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, EstelleRichlands Township10
WILLIAMS, EzekielSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, FrankSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, GaryRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, GeorgeRichlands Township6
WILLIAMS, GibsonSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, GladysRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, GorySouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, GroverSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, HannahSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, HarelRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, HeberSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, HenrySouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, HermanRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, HillStump Sound Township5
WILLIAMS, HiramRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, HoseaSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, HubertRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, HubertRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, IreneRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, J.J.Richlands Township7
WILLIAMS, JameRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, JamesSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, James T.Stump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, James W.Stump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, JesseRichlands Township9
WILLIAMS, JessieRichlands Township9
WILLIAMS, JimmieSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, JoabRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, JohnStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, JohnRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, JonasStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, JosephRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, KatieStump Sound Township5
WILLIAMS, LambRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, LammSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, LamuelSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, LeeSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, LemuelRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, LenaStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, LeslieRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, LeviSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, LevySouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, LillianStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, LloydRichlands Township10
WILLIAMS, LottSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, LottieRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, LouisSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, LucretiaStump Sound Township1
WILLIAMS, LucySouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, LulaSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, MargaretRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, MaryStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, MaryStump Sound Township1
WILLIAMS, MaryRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, MaryRichlands Township8
WILLIAMS, MarySouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, MaryRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, MaxineSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, MaySouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, MelbraSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, MenthaSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, NannieSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, NathanielRichlands Township6
WILLIAMS, NickieRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, OlaSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, OwenStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, PatienceRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, PaulineRichlands Township6
WILLIAMS, PeniaSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, PennieRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, PollySouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, RayStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, RebeccaStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, RebeccaSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, RetaSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, RhondaRichlands Township10
WILLIAMS, RobenaRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, RobertRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, RoxieSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, SallieRichlands Township9
WILLIAMS, SallieSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, SamuelSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, SarahStump Sound Township2
WILLIAMS, SarahSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, SarahStump Sound Township5
WILLIAMS, SimonRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, TalithSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, TerryRichlands Township10
WILLIAMS, ThomasRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, VernaSouthwest Township3
WILLIAMS, VernalRichlands Township12
WILLIAMS, W.L.Richlands Township7
WILLIAMS, WesleyRichlands Township7
WILLIAMS, WilliamSouthwest Township4
WILLIAMS, WilliamSouthwest Township11
WILLIAMS, WylantaRichlands Township9
WILLIAS, RetaSouthwest Township4
WILLIEFORD, LacyRichlands Township9
WILLIEFORD, RonaldRichlands Township9
WILLIFORD, CharleyRichlands Township9
WILLIS, AgnesStump Sound Township2
WILLIS, HettieStump Sound Township5
WILLIS, JohnStump Sound Township2
WILLIS, JosephStump Sound Township5
WILLIS, KateStump Sound Township5
WILLIS, KizzleStump Sound Township5
WILLIS, LonnieStump Sound Township5
WILLIS, MaryStump Sound Township5
WILLIS, RachelStump Sound Township5
WILLIS, RubenStump Sound Township5
WILLIS, WallaceStump Sound Township5
WILSON, B.H.Stump Sound Township1
WILSON, UnionStump Sound Township1
WILSON, WalterStump Sound Township2
WILT, WilliamStump Sound Township2
WILT, WilliamStump Sound Township5
WINSTEAD, LeonaRichlands Township9
WINSTEAD, LindseyRichlands Township9
WINSTEAD, LucilleRichlands Township9
WISELY, ShirleyRichlands Township7
WOFFORD, DennisRichlands Township10
WOMACK, ElizaRichlands Township9
WOOD, AdamSouthwest Township4
WOOD, AlbertRichlands Township10
WOOD, AlbertSouthwest Township11
WOOD, AnnaRichlands Township9
WOOD, CarlRichlands Township10
WOOD, CarolineSouthwest Township4
WOOD, CatorRichlands Township10
WOOD, EarlSouthwest Township11
WOOD, EthelRichlands Township10
WOOD, GertrudeRichlands Township10
WOOD, HazelRichlands Township10
WOOD, IdaRichlands Township12
WOOD, JamesRichlands Township10
WOOD, JesseSouthwest Township4
WOOD, JuliaSouthwest Township11
WOOD, MackRichlands Township12
WOOD, PenelopeSouthwest Township11
WOOD, WalterRichlands Township9
WOODWARD, JamesRichlands Township6
WOODWARD, JohnRichlands Township6
WOODWARD, LeonardRichlands Township6
WORRELL, EllenStump Sound Township2
WORRELL, EvelynStump Sound Township2
WORRELL, EvelynStump Sound Township5
WORRELL, ListonStump Sound Township2
WORTMAN, MaxieStump Sound Township2
WRIGHT, BillieSouthwest Township4
WRIGHT, DelilaStump Sound Township5
WRIGHT, ErcelleRichlands Township7
WRYICK, CraigRichlands Township6
YOPP, (baby)Southwest Township3
YOPP, AnnieStump Sound Township2
YOPP, DeanStump Sound Township2
YOPP, EddieStump Sound Township1
YOPP, EldaStump Sound Township1
YOPP, ElizabethStump Sound Township2
YOPP, ElizabethStump Sound Township5
YOPP, HaroldStump Sound Township2
YOPP, J.E.Southwest Township3
YOPP, JereStump Sound Township2
YOPP, Jerry B.Stump Sound Township2
YOPP, Jerry B.Stump Sound Township2
YOPP, Jerry R. Stump Sound Township2
YOPP, JohnSouthwest Township3
YOPP, LucySouthwest Township3
YOPP, MarendaStump Sound Township2
YOPP, NormaStump Sound Township2
YOPP, RobertStump Sound Township5
YOPP, Robert L. Stump Sound Township2
YOPP, Robert W.Stump Sound Township2
YOPP, RufusStump Sound Township2
YOPP, SarahStump Sound Township2
YOPP, SarahSouthwest Township3
YOPP, ThomasStump Sound Township2
YOPP, WilliamStump Sound Township1