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Orange County History Research Guide from UNC University Libraries

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  • Orange County, 1752 – 1952, edited by Hugh Lefler & Paul Wager, printed in 1953
  • The Illustrative History of Chapel Hill, by Vickers
  • Farming Dissenters: The Regulation Movement in North Carolina
  • Kinship and Neighborhood in a Southern Community: Orange County, North Carolina, 1849 – 1881, by Robert C. Kenzer, University of Tennessee Press
  • Land Grant Records of North Carolina, Vol. 1, Orange County, 1752 – 1885, compiled by Pat Shaw Bailey, pub. in 1990 by Mountain Press
  • Abstracts of Land Entries: Orange County, NC, 1778 – 1795, compiled by Dr. A. B. Pruitt
  • Abstracts of the Minutes of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Sept., 1752 – Aug., 1766, abstracted by Ruth Herndon Shields
  • Abstracts of the Minutes of Inferior Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1777 – 1788, abstracted by Alma Cheek Redden
  • Orange County Records, by William D. Bennett (out of print, & rare as hen’s teeth):
    Volume I: Granville Proprietary Land Office, Abstracts of Loose Papers
    Volume II: Deed Books 1 & 2, Abstracts
    Volume III: Deed Book 3
    Volume IV: Deed Book 4
    Volume V: Granville Proprietary Land Office Deeds & Surveys, 1752 – 1760
    Volume VI: Granville Proprietary Land Office Deeds & Surveys, 1761 – 1763
    Volume VII: Granville Proprietary Land Office Miscellaneous Records
    Volume VIII: Deed Book 5, Abstracts
    Volume IX: State Land Grants 1 – 500
    Volume X: State Land Grants 501 – 1000
    Volume XI: Deed Books 6 & 7, Abstracts
    Volume XII: Deed Books 8 & 9, Abstracts
    Volume XIII: Inventories & Accounts of Sales, 1758 – 1785
    Volume XIV: Deed Books 10 & 11
    Volume XV: Deed Book 12, 1805 – 1807
    Volume XVI: Inventories & Accounts of Sales, 1800 – 1808
    Volume XVII: Deed Book 13
    Volume XVIII: Deed Book 14
    Volume XIX: Deed Books 15 & 16