Families & Surnames

I have combined the surnames of interest for each researcher, instead of listing those individually; so please use your browser “find” function to find all listings of a surname.
These addresses were checked in January 2012, and invalid ones removed in February 2012. If you discover a non-working or non-responsive address, please let the county coordinator know. Also, the best people in the world make mistakes, so check sources and verify conclusions yourself.

Allen, Baker, Baskett, Brooks, Coharon/Coherin/Cothran, Doherty/Dority, Hester, Hinshaw, Jones, Lewis, Link, Malone, Murray, Muzzle/Muzzall, Norris, Thomas, Warren — Charlie Weaver
Allen, Atkinson, Cox, Cruze, Dixon, Hadley, Lamb, Laughlin — Don & Alice Allen
Allison, Browning, Nichols, Pettigrew, Rice — Barb
Allison, Clark, Corder, Hamilton, Thomas, Tolar, Whitefield/Whitfield — Eleanor L. Johnson
Allred, Clark, Cooper, Hackney, Henderson, Lineberry, May, Phillips, Snyder, Stout, White — Linda Allred Cooperwebsite
Andrew/Andrews, Bird, Pickard, Whatley, Woody — Hal McCawley

Baldridge, Turrentine — Nancy Brister
Bankston/Banckston, Connally, Holt (German) — Myra Vanderpool Gormley’s website
Berry — website
Bird, Garrison, Graham, Hazell, Hurdle, Kernodle, King, Mebane, Roney, Shutt, Tapscott, Walker — John Fox
Bivens, Clark, Hatch, McPherson, Morton, Ray — Joyce Harrison’s website
Blanton, Cate, Collins, Durham, Elmore, Eskridge, Irvin, Lacy, Lindsey — website
Bradford — website
Brewer, Coulter, Gee, Hatworth — Bobby J. Wadsworth

Carey, Cash — Daniel Singleton
Carrigan, Kirk — Bill Davis
Carroll — Faye Strycker
Cashat, Reid, Richardson — Valeria
Cates — Charlie Ward
Chambers, Hastings, Jackson, Johnson/Johnston — Ron Johnson
Cheek — Forest Cheek, Jr.
Cheek, Cole, Ellington — Richard Ellington
Christmas — Ginger Christmas-Beattie
Clark, Pearson, Petty — Linda Dunham
Cobb/Kopp — Dan Michael Patterson
Cocklereece/Kachelriess — Peggy Reece Bruckner — website
Coleman — Gayle Blackerby
Couch, Faucett, Harris, Hopkins, Woods — Kathryn Hopkins
Cox — Audrey (Hausen) Haverkamp

Dollar — Carmen Johnson

Edmiston, Gilston — Charla Manica
Edwards — Joyce Larson
Edwards, Ferguson, Herndon, High, Mainard/Maynard, Markham, Patterson, Roberts, Sears, Walton — D. Markham

Gibson, Lebanks — Pam Debeni
Glenn, Hicks, Rigsbee, Williams, Wood — Janet Burks
Griffin — Judy Ballard

Hart — website
Hastings — Victor Hastings
Herndon, Huver/Hoober, Rhodes, Staley — Ward & Darrylin Collinsworth
Hessee — Skip Pickering
Hollingsworth, Owens, Penn, Yates — John Baker
Hood/Whood, Kirk — Cheryl Zelek
Horton — Thelma Shields
Hughes — website
Hughs/Hughes — Steve Hughes

Isley — Cathy Larkins

Jackson, Strayhorn — Earl J. Strayhorn

Kimbrough / Kimbro/ Kimbrow —Sherri James

Lacock/Laycock — Terry Jordan
Laws, Wilkins — Carl Wilkins

McDade — website
McDade — McDade on Kerley website
McKee — Heather Brush
McKerall — Sandra Van Wyk
McMullin/McMullen — Denise Kincaid

Milliken/Miliken/Millikan/Millikin/Milikin — Keith Hunter

Phelps — website
Phelps — another website
Pickard — Katie

Ray — Carol
Ray, Ricketts — John Ricketts
Rountree — Gail Mosuch

Smith — website
Walker — David Walker
Walker — W. R. Walker — website
Walker — Les Walker
Wolf — Antoinette

The old website had some old files which were actually copied from the RootsWeb mailing list and message board for Orange County. Those postings are best left in their original locations. Please search those sites for any surnames of interest. You can find links to those sites on the Queries page.

Compiled family genealogies are not the best source of information, so please be careful, although people can benefit from comparing sources and conclusions.

RootsWeb has a service called FreePages available that people can use to post their own family trees for others to see.

Scans and transcriptions of source documents are certainly valuable resources. Please contact the county coordinator about those.