Influenza Epidemic 1918

excerpted from: A Record of the War Activities in Orange County, North Carolina, 1917 – 1919, by Annie Sutton Cameron, published shortly after the end of WWI

Influenza Deaths in Orange County, 1918

Deaths in Carrboro:

Henry Joseph Burgess
Rosa A. Clark
Mrs. Ida Biggs Vaughan
John A. Foushee
Sidney Cates
Martha Blackwood
Nonie Burgess
Donnie Williams King (infant)
James O. Hargraves (Colored)
Melvina Jones (Colored)
Quen Victoria Brewer (Colored)

Deaths in and around Hillsboro:

Robert Adams, 10/19/1918
Frank Riley, 10/20/1918
James Jones (Colored), 1024/1918
Jim Jones (Colored), 10/1918
Mrs. Lacy Marlette, 11/1918

Deaths in Chapel Hill:

John N. Alston
Bessie Corinna Roper
Edward Kidder Graham
Veron Herndon
Mary Louise Strowd
W. McB. Bunting, non-resident
Robert L. Temple, non-resident
K. McKoy Scott, non-resident
Josephine T. Hannah, non-resident

Deaths in Little River Township:

Mrs. Ida Wagoner
Dock Parrish
Ed Hester (Colored)

Deaths in Cedar Grove:

There were about 375 cases of Spanish influenza in Cedar Grove Township and only four deaths.

Red Cross Volunteers

The ladies of the Red Cross were asked to make garments for the sick in emergency cases, and this was gladly done at a moment’s notice.  People were very generous in furnishing buttermilk and soup, not only those in town, but a quantity of milk was furnished by people out of town, especially east of town.  The Rev. Mr. Hester, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Robertson and Mrs. J. C. Web alternatively collected this milk for use at West Hill and in town.  Among those who helped by serving or furnishing nourishment are:

Miss Hattie Kirkland.  Mrs. Giles,  Mrs. Tom Jackson,  Mrs. Frank Weaver,  Mrs. James Scarlett,  Mrs. Jesse Martin,  Mrs. Cain Roberts,  Mrs. John Bacon,  Mrs. W. Y. Walker,  Mrs. J. W. Walker,  Mrs. P. S. Walker,  Mrs. John W. Jackson,  Mrs. John Sharp,  Mrs. W. D. Benton,  Mrs. W. H. Webb,  Mrs. E. M. Lockhart,  Mrs. Charles Andrews,  Mrs. W. A. Hayes,  Miss Sue Hayes,  Mrs. P. C. Collins,  Mrs. W. L. Wall,  Miss H. P. Collins,  Miss Mary A. Collins,  Mrs. Jos. C. Webb,  Mrs. James Newman,  Mrs. Mollie E. Latta,  Mrs. T. N. Webb,  Mrs. J. S. Spurgeon,  Miss Pattie Spurgeon,  Miss Mary Spurgeon,  Mrs. Shepperd Strudwick,  Mrs. tom Arrowsmith,  Miss Annie Strudwick,  The Misses Cate,  Gen. J. S. Carr,  Miss Margaret Webb,  Miss Mary Webb,  Miss Sarah Webb,  Miss Helen Webb,  Miss Margaret Forrest,  Miss Josephine Forrest,  Miss Virgie Cole,  Miss Lillie Bivins,  Miss Reba Reeves,  Mrs. James Webb,  Mrs. Claud Sharp,  Mrs. W. A. Heartt,  Miss Rebecca Wall,  Miss E. R. Hamilton,  Miss Annie Cameron,  Mrs. George Lynch,  Mrs. S. W. Oldham.