Landowners Little River

Landowners in the Little River area about 1780

“Map of Land Holdings in the Little River Area, Last Quarter, 18th Century”
from: “The Turrentine Family” by George Ruford Turrentine; 3rd edition revised by Edgar Turrentine

“Map of Some Contiguous Farms Along Little River, About 1780”
from: “Our Baldridge Forebears” by Dr. Chester Kennedy

Alexander Turrentine, 1761 (a)
Samuel Turrentine, 1761 (b)
Francis Baldridge, 1780 (c)
James Thompson (d)
Reubin Young (e)
James Gibbon (f)
Thomas McMillan, Archibald McMillan (g)
John Kell, 1779 (h)
William Clark, 1779 (i)
Thomas James, 1761 (j)
James Watson, 1779 (k)
John Neely, 1780 (l)
William Jamison, 1780 (m)
James Cheek, 1759 (n)
John Brown, 1755 (o)
Alex Hunter, 1779 (p)
Edward Wortham, 1788 (q)
Thomas Perkins (r)
John Riggs (s)
John Hunter, 1755 (t)
William Churton, 1754 (u)
William Hall, 1808 (v)
John Brown, 1755 (w)
Henry Waggoner (x)
Henry Waggoner (y)