Meredith School

Thanks to Ben Henderson for sharing this photograph of the students of Meredith School in Orange County, taken about 1915.  His uncle, Thomas Young Berry, and aunt, May Berry, who later became Mrs. B. S. Carr, are both in the photo.  Thomas Young Berry died as a young man, from typhoid fever, just before he and Hattie Davis were to be married.

First Row:
Ralph Monk, Claiborne Berry, Thomas Young Berry, Carrie Monk, David Claytor (teacher), Robert Murray, Chester Gates, Murphy Wagnor, Alonzo Clayton

Second Row:
Lizzie Walters, Frances Carey, Ida Walters, Cathrine Monk, Fannie McKee, John Monk, Rose Monk, Clarence (in lap), Martha Jane Blaylock (holding boy), Annis Murray, Doc Parrish, Becky Parrish, Annie Parrish, Julia Parrish, Victor Walters, Luna Wagnor, Sadie Wagnor, Hortense Horton, Cora Gates, Angeila Parker

Third Row:
Lois Carey, Samuel Wilkerson, Jeff Riley, May Berry, Mallie Cozart, Hassie McKee, Ed Parrish, Maud Carey, Rosena Walters, John Parrish, Nannie Monk, Annie Walters, Bud Blaylock, Ida Carey Parker, Ira McKee, Jim Monk, Ruth Cory Gates, Dewey Carey, Sam Riley, Dewey Walters, Hattie Blaylock Ashley, Roy Monk, Collier Parrish, Annie Riley, Corden Otha Blaylock, Henry McKee, Dora Walters