New Hope Church

New Hope Presbyterian Church

from: A Historical Sketch of New Hope Church in Orange County, by David Irvin, published 1891. This file was contributed to the USGenWeb Archives by Anna Herbertson. It contains many names of founders/charter members and photos of churches.  Following are excerpts, just as they appear in the original work.

Ministers of New Hope Church, 1765 – 1890:
Rev. Henry Pattillo, Organizer—1765
Rev. John DeBow—–1775
Rev. Jacob Lake—–1785
Rev. William F. Thompson—–1795
Rev. James H. Bowman—–1802
Rev. Robert H. Chapman—–1815
Rev. Elijah Graves—–1818
Rev. Shepherd K. Kollock—–1820
Rev. Elijah Graves—–1825
Rev. Daniel L. Russell, Evangelist—–1831
Rev. John S. MCutcheon, Evangelist—–1831
Rev. Philip Pearson, Evangelist—–1832
Rev. George W. Ferrill—–1833
Rev. James Phillips, D. d.—–1836
Rev. Thomas Lynch—–1866
Rev. Henry B. Pratt—–1868
Rev. Alexander Kirkland—–1869
Rev. Thomas U. Faucett—–1870
Rev. Calvin N. Morrow—–1873
Rev. James L. Currie—–1874
Rev. Pleasant H. Dalton—–1874
Rev. James L. Currie—–1187
Rev. James E. Fogarite—–1890

Elders of New Hope Church and the Time of their Ordination:
Gilbert Strayhorn—–about 1765
John Craig—–about 1765
John Mitchel—–about 1765
Robert Baker—–about 1765
Mr. ___ Gill—–about 1765
Alexander Strain—–about 1765
James Hart—–about 1765

The above named persons were the elders through the first thirty years of the church’s existence:
James Strayhorn—–1795
John Strain—–1795
John Freeland—–1795
Alexander Gattis—–1820
Samuel Faucett—–1820
Gilbert Strayhorn—–1820
William Brown—–1832
Alexander Strain—–1832
Samuel Hart—–1832
David Hart—–1832
Allen Petty—–1832
John R. Faucett—–183
George A. Faucett—–1840
David Craig—–1840
William C. Blackwood—–1840
Joseph Kirkland—–1840
Samuel C. Claytor—–1859
Alexander Dickson—–1859
William S. Kirkland—–1859
Bryant Strayhorn—–1859
George R. Long—–1859
John T. Hogan—–1871
Samuel D. Blackwood—–1871
William C. Claytor—–1877
Nettleton G. Craig—–1877
Charles W. Johnston—–1877
Samuel Kirkland—–1879
Leroy Craig—–1879

The New Graveyard:
The old graveyard near the site of the first church was badly located, the ground being too low and forming almost a basin, and in the winter season it was almost impossibly to bury the dead in a dry tomb.  Great dissatisfaction existed in the minds of many persons as they saw their loved ones thus laid away.  It was in December, 1859, when a little infant brother of mine was buried there under just such circumstances.  My father, James Newton Craig, was greatly troubled and dissatisfied and determined that he would remove the remains at some future day.  It was never done, however, until he died February 11, 1879, when the remains were transferred to the new graveyard and deposited by his side.  But, when he had a second child to die, he determined to seek a new and dry place where he might lay its body.  And accordingly, in company with tuling elder David Craig, he selected a spot in the present graveyard, where his little son, Vernon, nine months old, was buried the 1st day of January, 1869.  This was the first grave, and the origin of the present burying ground at New Hope church where scores have since been buried.  It is a dry and beautiful location, looking to the sunrise, and a little south of east from the church, and will no doubt receive the mortal remains of generations to come.

New Hope Soldiers in the War between the States – Death Roll
The following persons lived within the bounds of New Hope congregation, and gave their lives to the “Lost Cause” …
Samuel A. Craig
William H. Craig
Joseph A. Craig
Thomas J. Strayhorn
George Strayhorn
Samuel Strayhorn
William H. Strayhorn
Egbert Strayhorn
Greene Strayhorn
Wiley Strayhorn
Archibald Strayhorn
John Kirkland
Alexander Baldwin
Jackson Borland
William Borland
Wilton B. Robson
Orin A. Watson
Bartlett Bishop
William J. Long
William G. Latta
Jordan Williams
Henry Gilliam
Wisely Barton
Maurice Sharp
William Crabtree
Leonard Crabtree
Munroe Crabtree
William Rhodes
John Neal
Thomas Sykes
Kern Sykes
John Howard
William Thompson
Monroe Thompson
Samuel Thompson