People Gazetteer

“Gazetteer of Orange County, NC”

“An Alphabetical List of the Names of all Business and Professional Men”

From “North Carolina Tobacco Belt Directory of 1886” by Charles Emerson


Allison, D. S.; blacksmith shop; Caldwell Institute
Allison, Miss M. J.; postmistress; Caldwell Institute
Bingham, Maj. Robt.; supt. Bingham School; Bingham School
Bradshaw, T. P.; postmaster and general store; Bradshaw
Cates, L. M.; general store; Rock Springs
Cates, T. J.; postmaster; Rock Springs
Compton, A. J.; grist mill; Cedar Grove
Dodson, T. G.; grist mill; Rock Spring
Ellis, T. C.; postmaster and general s tore; Cedar Grove
Faucett, M. R.; postmaster; Faucett
Faucett, W. R.; general store; Faucett
Harris, H. Y. & Co.; general store; Caldwell Institute
Hawkins, J. W.; saw mill; Laws
Hawkins, W.; steam saw mill; Laws
Horner, T. J.; blacksmith shop; Laws
Hughes, J. K.; grist mill; Border
Johnson, J. L.; station agent; University Station
Jordan, A. C.; physician; Caldwell Institute
Jordan, L. N.; blacksmith shop; Cedar Grove
King, M.; general store; Blackwood
King, R. S.; postmaster; Blackwood
Lasley, T. P.; blacksmith shop; Oaks
Laws, J. Jr.; postmaster and general store; Laws
Lloyd, H.; general store; Faucett
Lloyd, H. B.; physician; Faucett
Lloyd, W. R.; steam saw mill; Faucett
Lynch & Neal; steam saw mill; University Station
McAdams, J.; Postmaster; Border
McCauley Bros.; grist mill; University Station
McKee & Riley; steam saw mill; Caldwell Institute
May, G. D.; shoe shop; Oaks
Moore, M. W.; grist mill; Rock Springs
Moore, Oldham & Stanford; grist mill and cotton gin; Oaks
Morrow & Webb; general store; Oaks
Morrow, J. & Sons; saw and grist mills; Oaks
Neal, J. L.; postmaster; University Station
Neal & Lynch; steam saw mill; University Station
Parker, G. W.; saw mill; Cedar Grove
Parker, T. J.; saw mill; Laws
Patterson, S. C.; steam saw mill; Gath
Patterson, T. W.; physician; Gath
Patton, B. C.; supt. Cedar Grove Academy; Cedar Grove
Pickard, J. F.; general store; Gath
Riley & McKee; steam saw mill; Caldwell Institute
Stafford, W. G.; physician; Oaks
Stroud, W. M. & Co.; general store; University Station
Srayhorn, M. [Strayhorn ?]; blacksmith shop; Faucett
Teer, J. P.; general store; Oaks
Terrell, W. M.; physician; Cedar Grove
Terry, J. W.; general store; Caldwell Institute
Thompson, G. W.; postmaster and general store; Gath
Turner, E.; saw mill; Caldwell Institute
Vincent, S.; blacksmith shop; cedar Grove
Webb, Mrs. E.; postmistress; Oaks
Webb & Morrow; general store; Oaks
White, C. & C.; general merchandise; Bingham School
Workman, S. M.; saw and grist mill; Faucett

“Gazetteer of Orange County, NC: Chapel Hill”
“Being an Alphabetical List of the Names of Business and Professional Men”

From “North Carolina Tobacco Belt Directory of 1886” by Charles Emerson

Alexander, James M.; attorney at law
Barbee, A. S.; general merchandise
Battle, Hon. Kemp P.; pres. of the Faculty University of NC
Bland, T. A.; jeweler, dealer in watches, clocks and jewelry
Boothe, F. P.; dealer in general merchandise
Brew, H. B.; boot and shoe maker
Brim, Jack; blacksmith
Brockwell, Jackson; cotton gin and grist mill
Carroll, Thos. and Charles; cotton gin
Carr, J. W.; general merchandise
Cate; Thomas; wood shop
Cheek, Ruffin; meat market
Dunston, Thomas; barber and dealer in cigars
Green, Barnard; restaurant
Harris, H. W.; depot and express agent
Harris, Dr. J. W.; physician
Hogan, Dr. J. R.; physician
Hogan, O. & P.; cotton gin
Huskey, John D.; blacksmith
Jeffries & Co.; saw mill
Kluttz, A. A.; stationery, fruits, cigars, tobacco and cigarettes, candies & fancy
Lamb, Solomon; livery stable
Lloyd & Pritchard; dealers in general mdse. and guano
Lynch, Dr. Wm.; dentist
McCauley, D.; general merchandise
McCauley, M.; cotton gin and saw mill
McRae, R. S.; dealer in drugs and stationery
Mallett, W. P.; physician and postmaster
Manning, John; attorney at law
Marcom, John; blacksmith
Marshall, Andrew; blacksmith
Mason, James b.; groceries; attorney at law
Merritt & Wilson; druggists, dealers in drugs, books
Morris, J. R.; groceries, provisions, etc.
Parton, Thos.; carpenter and cabinet maker
Patterson, H. H.; general mdse. and agt. for Tennessee wagons
Patterson, Robert; grist mill
Pritchard & Lloyd; dealers in general mdse. and guano
Purefoy, Haywood; shoe maker
Purefoy, Mrs. Lucy; cotton gin and mill
Roberson, Dr. A. B.; physician; propr. Roberson’s Hotel; dealer in dry goods and
Sugg, M. R.; wagon maker
Trice, Geo.; restaurant; boot & shoe maker
Watson, John H.; propr. University Hotel
Weaver, Jordan; restaurant
Wilson & Merritt; druggists, dealers in drugs, books
Wilson, Dr. T. J.; physician

“Gazetteer of Orange County, NC: Hillsboro”

“Being an Alphabetical List of the Names of Business and Professional Men”

From “North Carolina Tobacco Belt Directory of 1886” by Charles Emerson

Hillsboro Officers:

Mayor: Joseph A. Harris
Clerk: Thomas D. Tinnin
Treasurer: John Laws
Constable: Devereux Turner
Commissioners: A. W. Graham, James Webb, Jr., George C. Corbin, D. M. Laws,
W. H. Newman, J. W. Hooker, W. E. Steward

Name; Profession; Location

Bain, Jerry; blacksmith, King St.
Beverly, Haywood; tanner; King St.
Cameron, Wm.; physician; Queen St.
Cheek, John; manufacturer of carriages, buggies & furniture;
undertaker; office and factory’s end Churton St.
Cheek, J. A.; saloon; Churton St.
Cooley, C. S.; furniture & undertaker; King St.
Cooley, J. G.; agt. Richmond & Danville RR & Southern Express Co.
Crabtree, Chas. F.; wheelwright; King St.
Currie, Rev. J. L.; supt. public schools, office Court House
Faucette, Robert; shoe maker, King St.
Graham, A. W.; attorney at law; Court House
Graham & Ruffin; attorneys at law; Churton St.
Hamilton, D. H.; agent North Carolina Home Insurance Co.
Harris, Frank W.; grocery and restaurant; barber shop; King St.
Harris, Joseph A.; mayor; editor & propr. Orange County Observer, pub. every Saturday;
Churton St.
Hays, J. L. G.; saloon; King and Churton St.
Hayes, W. A.; druggist, dealer in drugs, medicines, toilet articles; Churton St.
Hooker, J. W.; livery, feed & sale stable; Churton St.
Hooker, Dr. O.; druggist, dealer in drugs, medicines, toilet articles; Churton St.
Hughes, John K.; sheriff of Orange County; Court House
Jones, H. P. & Co.; mnfrs. long cut & granulated smoking tobacco; office & factory near depot
Jones, J. E.; general merchandise; Churton St.
Jones, Pride; clerk superior court; Court House
Jordan, A. c.; coroner of Orange County; Court House
Miss Kollock and the Misses Nash; select boarding & day school for young ladies & little girls
Laws, D. M.; family groceries & confectioneries; King & Churton St.
Laws, D. M. & G.; furniture and undertakers; w side Court House square
Laws, John; register of deeds Orange County; Court House
Laws, J. & Son; stoves and tin ware; King St.
Lynch, Lemuel; watches, clocks & jewelry; King St.
Moore, Empson; blacksmith; King St.
The Misses Nash and Miss Kollock; select boarding & day school for young ladies & little girls
Parish, C. E.; attorney at law; Court House
Parish, H. L.; dealer in dry goods, notions, boots & shoes, hardware, groceries, cigars &
tobacco; Churton St.
Parks, C. M.; wholesale & retail dealer in general stock; agent Hazard’s powder; Coats’ spool
cotton; one of the best equipped millinery rooms in the State; Churton St.
Parks, D. C.; broker; King St.
Parris, D. C.; physician; Queen St.
Pogue, E. H.; propr. Occoneechee Hotel; King St.
Roach, David; eating house; King St.
Rosemond, J. & Son; dealers in general merchandise, confectioneries, fruits; King St.
Smith, Julius; eating saloon; Churton St.
Spurgeon, Dr. J. W.; dentist; Churton St.
Stewart, W. E.; dry goods & groceries; Churton and King St.
Strayhorn, Ike; attorney at law
Strudwick, Wm.; physician; Churton St.
Taylor, F. H.; deputy revenue collector; Churton St.
Taylor, Mrs. M. L.; millinery, fancy goods & notions; King St.
Tinnin, T. D.; postmaster; dealer in hides, wool & paper stock; n s Court House square
Turner, Devereux; constable
Turner, Josiah; attorney at law
Turner, Josiah; saddler, dealer in saddles & harness; Churton St.
Turner, Israel; saloon; w side Court House square
Webb, James, Jr. & Bro.; dealers in dry goods, notions, hardware, groceries, boots, shoes,
& hats, clothing, fertilizers, agricultural implements, wagons, shingles,
lumber, furniture; Churton St.
Webb & Co.; manufacturers of plug & twist tobaccos; e side Court House square