Revolutionary Pension Files

John Allison

Revolutionary Pension Application found in Cookeville, Tennessee Library’s Tennessee Room, filed in White County, Tennessee:

“Gen. Butler was our head commander. We were marched by Gen. Butler from Orange County down to Granville old Court House, in Granville County, where we remained some time. Some of us here obtained leave to return home for the purpose of intertaining the situation of our relatives, many of whom had suffered from the depredations of the British under the command of Lord Cornwallis….who with his army had lain in the neighborhood of this declarants fathers for two days and nights. When he arrived at his fathers he found his house striped of furniture. They had taken a wagon and team from his father and as much corn as they could carry. This property was never regained. He remained at his fathers one day and then went immediately and joined the troops under the command after Gen. Green”…The militia were here discharged after remaining a few days and this declarant returned again to his fathers. This was shortly prior to the surrender of Lord Cornwallis.”

contributed by Eleanor L. Johnson

Henry Howell

Revolutionary War Pension Application W795: Jane Howell, widow of Henry Howell. Microcopy #805 “Selected Records Rev War Pension & Bounty Land Warrant App’l Files” Roll 448. Exterior of file envelope inscribed: “2279 Know Tennessee Jane Howell widow of Henry Howell who served in the Revolutionary War as a Private NC Line Inscribed on the Roll at the rate of 28 Dollars 43 cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of Marcy 1848. Certificate of Pension issued the 6th day of Dec. 1848 Page 291 Vol 3.”

Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of Congress passed July 7, 1838 entitled And a granting half pay and pensions to certain widows. State of Tennessee Grainger County. On this 2nd day of July 1847 personally appeared before me, John Ivy, a Justice of the Peace in and for the county afore-mentioned, Jane Howell a resident of Grainger County aged 81 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 7, 1838 entitled An Act granting half pay and pension to certain widows “that she is the widow of Henry Howell who was a soldier of the Revolution and served as hereinafter stated (Viz) He served three or four terms in the militia of NC she cannot tell the names of his officers or give details of his service but depends on the proof of the Comptroller of Public Accounts of NC to sustain her claim. She further declares that she was married to the said Henry Howell on the 11th day of July in the year seventeen hundred and eighty four. That her husband the aforesaid Henry Howell died on the 4th day of October 1819. She was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the 1st day of Jany 1794. Jane Howell” (signed by an “X”) “Sworn and subscribed the day and year above written before me John Ivy Justice of the Peace.”
“State of Tennessee Grainger County. Be it remembered that on this 25th day of July 1848 personally appeared John Cocke aged seventy three years before me James Lacey an acting Justice of the Peace in and for the county of Grainger aforesaid in the state of Tennessee and being sworn on the holy evangelists of Almighty God deposeth and sayeth that deposnant (?) became acquainted with henry Howell as well as recollected in the year 1792 and in the year 1793 or 1794 settled in the west end of Hawkins county and in the neighborhood of said Henry Howell this deposnant named remained in said neighborhood and also the said Henry Howell remained in said neighborhood until the death of said Henry Howell who died 25 or 30 years ago the time of said Howell’s death not recollected this deposnant was very intimate with said Howell and also with Henry Ivy brother in law of Henry Howell and have frequently heard Howell and Ivy converse on the subject of the war of the Revolution and their being in the service of the United States and the different occurences. While they were in the army they stated they were in two or three battles with the British artillery (?) I think ___ both on one occasion Henry Howell was near being overtaken by the British light ___ narrowly escaped Howell and Ivy both served more than one term of duty, I think several. When both were in service they were attached to the same company and recollected they started they served one time under Captain Douglas and who their other officers were I do not recollect. When the county of Grainger was established in the year 1796 Howell was a candidate for major in the regiment of militia in said county and was elected during the contest for such office (“Leaves from the Family Tree” 976.8 A 428 pg 300 Grainger Co. 1805 Tax List relates roll of “Capt. Howell Co.” shows Howell coat of arms and mentions Capt. Caleb Howell Grainger Co. Tax List 1804 pg. 10, 1805 pg. 13 McClung, Knoxville) The military service of Henry Howell in the Revolution was highly approved when I first became acquainted with Henry Howell and his wife Jane they were living together as husband and wife claimed and acknowledged each other as such they raised a family of eight children four sons and four daughter. This deposnant ___ that Jane Howell who is claiming a pension as the widow of Henry Howell is the same person who was respected the wife of said Henry Howell during his life and claimed by him as such. John Cocke. Sworn to and subscribed. (Viz) contraction for “videlecit” to wit, namely, that is to say, to point out or render more specific. TN Ancestors V 10#2 Aug. 1994 pg. 129.
Genealogical Abstracts of Rev War Pension Files: Vol II F-M, Virgil D. White. USA Gen 973.3 W588 pg. 1733. Howell, Henry, Jane W795, NC Line wid appl 2 Jul 1849 Grainger Co. TN aged 81, sol and wid had m. 11 Jul 1784 and sol d 4 Oct 1819, one John Cocke stated sol lived in the west end of Hawkins Co., NT in 1793 or 94.

contributed by Dorothy Howell

Henry Ivy

Jane, widow of Henry Howell application for Rev War pension, supporting affidavit of John Cocke mentions “…..Henry Ivy, his brother in law……” See notes re Jane wife of Henry. Military: Abstracts of Rev War Pension Files, White, pg. 1808. Ivy, Jane W433 NC line sol b. Orange County, NC, lived there at enlistment, aft Rev moved to Grainger Co., TN, then to Jefferson Co., TN appl there 11 Mar 1883 aged 79, wid appl 5 Jun 1840 Grainger Co. TN aged 81, sol and wid ma 4 Mar 1774, sol d. 27 Jun 1834. John H. and Benjamin Ivy made joint affidavit 5 Jun 1840 in Grainger Co. no relationship stated. Clayton Library Microfilm Cabinet 39 Drawer 7, M-805 Roll 463 Is-Iz. Service NC Ivy, Henry, Born NC, Jane W433. Henry Ivy of Jefferson Co. TN Pvt in Co commanded by Capt No(a?) of Reg’t commanded by Col. Moore, NC line for 9 months. Inscribed on the roll of East TN at the rate of 30 dollars per annum to commence 4 Mar 1831. Cert of Pension issued 13 Jun 1833 and sent to John Blair Jonesboro Arrers to the 4th of Mar $60. Semi annual allowance ending 4 Sep $15. $75. Rev Claim Ac 1832 Recorded by David Boyd Clerk Book E Vol 7 page 48. Knoxville N Jane Ivy widow of Henry Ivy who was a Pvt in the NC line inscribed on the Roll at the rate of $30 per annum to commence 4 Mar 1843. Cert issued 6 Apr 18 (44?) Sent to A ray Present, Recorded Book A Vol 1 page 219. Teste Hon. W. M. Cocke Apl 18, 1848. Henry Ivy stated 11 Mar 1833, drafted, served under Capt. Norton, Col. Moore and Major Naul. Entered service in the county of Orange state of NC. Stationed some time at a place then called Shepherd’s Hill, marched to Fayeteville. Under command of Gen’l Gates…..before engagement between reinforce Gen’l Sumpter……slight engagement w/British Dragoons. About time or shortly after defeat of Gen’l Gates served abt three months. Immediately after return home I volunteered under Capt William Douglass, was attached to Regiment (Capt Douglas mentioned by John Cocke in stmt re Henry Howell Rev War service, M805 Roll 279 located Pvt Wm. Douglas NC S4828,not yet located Capt Wm Douglas) commanded by Col Taylor and Major McCauley, in this tour served three months or more…..marched from Orange Co NC to vicinity of Cherew (?) Hills in SC. After return to Orange Co again volunteered under Capt. Abraham Allen, was engaged in opposing the torries at Lewis ___ in Orange Co and was wounded. Lt Joseph Young was killed…..battle was fought at Lindley’s Mill w/party of torries under Col. Fanning. At conclusion of tour rec’d discharge for three months service. Believes rec’d discharge for each tour but does not know what has become of them. He has no documentary evidence of his service. He was born in Orange Co. NC where he lived several years after the Rev War and then removed to East TN, has resided in Grainger and Jefferson Co’s, resides now in Jefferson, Elilsha Millikan, clergyman Moses Hodge and Caleb Howell residing in the same county certify that we are well acquainted with Henry Ivy…..believe him to be 79 years of age… respected, etc.

contributed by Dorothy Howell