UNC CH Senior Class 1860

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Senior Class of 1860
from: The Last Ninety Days of the War in North Carolina, by Cornelia Phillips Spencer, published 1866

“The Senior class of 1860 consisted of eighty-four members.  With only one exception, all of these men entered the service.  More than a fourth of the entire number now fill soldiers’ graves.  The proportion of the wounded to the killed is ordinarily estimated as not smaller than three to one; and judging by this rule, it appears and is believed to be the fact, that very few of the whole class remained unscathed.  Of the younger classes, my information is not sufficiently complete to justify the giving a list; but enough is ascertained to make it certain that the sacrifice of life among them was in very nearly the same proportion as among the Seniors.  As a matter of undying interest to the people of my own State, and significant enough to those of others, I present this record of the sons of her University.” — Cornelia Phillips Spencer, 1866

Adams, Robert B. In service from South Carolina
Alexander, Sydenham B., Capt. 42d NC Regt.
Anderson, Lawrence M., Lieut. Killed at Shiloh
Askew, George W., Capt. Miss Regt.
Attmore, Isaac T. Killed in Virginia

Baird, William W., Lieut. NC Regt.
Barbee, Algernon S., Lieut. Com. Dept. Army of the West
Barrett, Alexander, Lieut. 49th NC Regt.
Battle, Junius C. Killed at Sharp’s Mountain
Bond, Lewis, Chief Ord. to Gen. Jackson
Borden, William H., Lieut. 50th NC Regt.
Bowie, John R., Sergt. Signal Corps, Louisiana
Brickell, Sterling H., Capt. 12th NC Regt. Resigned from wounds
Brooks, William M., 3d NC Cav.
Bruce, Charles, Jr. Killed at Richmond
Bryan, George P., Capt. 2d NC Regt. Killed
Bullock, Richard A., Com. Sergt. 12th NC Regt.
Butler, Pierce M., 1st Lieut. 2d SC Cav.

Cole, Alexander T., Capt. 23d NC Regt.
Coleman, Daniel R., 20th NC Regt.
Cooepr, Robert W., Chaplain Cobb’s Legion
Cooper, Thomas W., 1st Lieut. 11th NC Regt. Killed at Gettysburgh

Daniel, S. Venable, 1st Lieut. 17th NC Regt.
Davis, Samuel C., Lieut. 4th NC Regt.
Davis, Thomas W., Lieut. 8th NC Regt.
Drake, Edwin L., Col. Tenn. Regt. Cav.

Fain, John H. D., Capt. 33d NC Regt. Killed at Petersburg, 2d April, 1865
Ferrand, Horace, Louisiana Regt.
Fogle, James O. A., Medical Dept, Richmond
Franklin, Samuel R. Died in service

Garrett, Woodston L., Lieut. 8th Ala Cav.
Gay, Charles E., Lieut. Miss Artillery
Graham, James A., Capt. 27th NC Regt.

Haigh, Charles, Sergt.-Major 5th NC Cav.
Hale, Edward J., Jr., Capt. A.A.G. to Gen. Lane
Hardin, Edward J., Lieut and Adjt. Conscript Bureau
Hays, Robert B. Forrest’s Cavalry
Headen, William J., Lieut. 26th NC Regt. Killed
Henry, William W., Capt. Artillery, Army of the West
Hightower, Samuel A. 26th Louisiana Regt.
Holliday, Thomas C., Capt. A.A.G. to Gen. Davis, Killed
Houston, R. Bruce B., Lieut. 52d NC Regt.

Jones, H. Francis, Lieut. A.D.C. to Gen. Young, Killed
Jones, Walter J., Heavy Artillery, Afterward, 40th NC Regt.

Kelly, James, Presbyterian clergyman
Kelly, John B., 26th NC Regt.
King, William J., Medical Dept. Richmond

Lutterloh, Jarvis B., Lieut. 56th NC Regt. Killed at Gum Swamp

Martin, Eugene S., Lieut. 1st Battery Heavy Artillery
Martin, George S., Capt. Tenn. Art’y. Killed by bushwhackers
McCallum, James B., Lieut. 51st NC Regt. Killed at Bermuda Hundreds
McClelland, James C. Died in 1861 in Arkansas
McKethan, Edwin T., Lieut. 51st NC Regt.
McKimmon, Arthur N., Q. M. Dept. Raleigh
McKimmon, James, Jr., Lieut. Manly’s Battery
Mebane, Cornelius, Adjt. 6th NC Regt.
Mebane, John W., Capt. Tenn Artillery Killed at Kenesaw Mountain
Micou, Augustin, Lieut. and A.A.G. Drew’s Battalion
Mimms, Thomas S., Western Army

Nicholson, William T., Capt. 37th NC Regt. Killed

Pearce, Oliver W., 3d Regt. NC Cav.
Pittman, Reddin G., 1st Lieut. Eng. Dep.
Pool, Charles C.

Quarles, George McD. Died in service

Ryal, Tims, Louisiana Regt.
Royster, Iowa, Lieut. 37th NC Regt. Killed at Gettysburgh

Sanders, Edward B., Sergt.-Major 35th NC Regt.
Saunders, Jos. H., Lieut.-Col. 33d NC Regt.
Scales, Erasmus D., Capt. and Com. Sub. 2d NC Cav.
Smith, Farquhard, Jr. 3d NC Cav.
Smith, Norfleet, 1st Lieut. 3d NC Cav.
Smith, Thomas L. Killed at Vicksburg
Sterling, Edward G. Died in service
Strong, Hugh, In South Carolina service
Sykes, Richard L., In Mississippi service

Taylor, George W., Ass’t. Surgeon, 26th Louisiana
Thompson, Samuel M., Colonel Tenn. Regt.
Thorp, John H., Capt. 47th NC Regt.

Vaughan, Vernon H. In Alabama service

Wallace, James A., 44th NC Regt.
Wier, Samuel P., Lieurt. 46th NC Regt. Killed at Fredericksburgh
Whitfield, Cicero, Sergt. 53d NC Regt.
Wilson, George L. Died
Wooster, William A., Capt. 1st NC Regt. Killed at Richmond

Of field-officers in the Confederate service, at least thirteen names are
among the Alumni of the University, namely:

Lieut.-General Leonidas Polk
Brig.-General George B. Anderson
Rufus Barringer
L. O’B. Branch
Thomas L. Clingman
Robert D. Johnston
Gaston Lewis
James Johnston Pettigrew
Matt. W. Ransom
Ashley W. Spaight
Adjutant-General R. C. Gatlin
Adjutant-General John F. Hoke

Generals Polk, Anderson, Branch and Pettigrew were killed,
and all the others (with the exception of the two bureau officers)
severely wounded, and most of them more than once.