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IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, the fift day of october, one thousand, Seven hundred and twenty Eight. Benjamen Bundy, of pascuotank, in the province of North Carolina, being Sick in body, but of Good and perfect memory; thanks be to Allmity God; And Calling to remembrance the uncertenty of this transitory Life, and that all flesh must yeld unto death when it Shall plese God to Call, Do make, Constitute, odain and declare this, my Last will and testament, manner and form following, Rovoking and adnulling by thes presents all and Every testament and testaments, Will and wills, heretofore by me made and declared, Eigher by ward or writing, and this to be taken only for my Last will and testament, and none other, I Do Gieve and dispose the Same in manner and form following: that is to Say,

First, I Will that all those debt and dues as I owe in Right or Conscience, to any manner of person or persons What So Ever, Shall be well and truly Contented and paid, within Convenient time after my decese, by my Executors hereafter named.

Item. I Give and bequeve in witness unto my Loving wife, Hannah Bundy, the plantation whereon I now Lieve, together with a tract of Land Containing two hundred Eakers adioyning unto my Sd. plantation, during her naterell Life: and in Case my wife, hannah, die without Ishue begotten by my own body, then I will and bequeive the Said Land unto my Loving brother, Samuell Bundy, to him his heirs and assigns for Ever.

Item. I give and bequieve unto my Loving brother, Samuel Bundy, a certain tract of land Sirvaid by William Norris, Sinaor, Liing in Griffens Swamp, to him his heirs and assigns for Ever.

Item. I gieve and bequieve to my Sd. brother, Samll, one negro named torn, to him his heirs & assigns for Ever; and allso one young horse; and furthermore, in Case my wife Should marry After my decese, then I will and bequieve to my Sd. brother, Samll., one feather bed and furniture.

Item. After the decese of my now wife, I give and bequieve my negro Jack, unto my Sd. brother, Samll, him his heirs for Ever.

Item. I gieve and bequieve unto my Loving wife all my personable Estate, both goods and Chattles, that Came to me by her; and the Rest of my personible Estate att the decese of my Sd. wife, to go to my Sd. brother Samll., his heir or Assigns.

Item. I Except onn mare Coalt for my Cosen, Mary Ions.

Item. I gieve and beqeieve Unto my loveing Brother, Samill, all my Right and title to a tract of land Survaed by me and Tho.m Jesup, Lieing in griffens Swamp, To him, hie heirs or assigns for Ever.

Item. i do appoint my Loving wife, hannah bundy, and my brother, Samll. Bundy, my Sole Executors.

In wittness I have here Set my Seal.
                                                                                  BENN ± BUNDY. (Seal)
                                                                                        mark of

Signed Sealed and delivered In
the presents of Us:
      mark of

No. CAROLINA, SS. Octbr 26th,

Thomas Woodley & John Phitt, Two of the Evidences to the aforewritten will came before me & made Oath on the holy Evangelists, that they Saw Benjamen Bundy, decd., seal & Execute the same as his last will & Testamt., he then being of perfect mind & Memory.


Contributed by Nola Duffy

Copied from Original Will filed in the Office of the Secretary of State.

Source: NC Wills & Inventories – Grimes


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