BRIGHT CARTWRIGHT (b. 1829) Family Bible


Printed in 1839

In Possession of Brightie Davis


Bright Cartwright the son of Thomas Cartwright and Jane Bright Cartwright his wife was born 12 April 1829.

Louvenia Harris the daughter of John Harris and his wife Margaret was born 30 March 1832.

Bright Cartwright and Louvenia Harris were married ____.


  • Queen Victoria Cartwright the daughter of Bright Cartwright and Louvenia Harris Cartwright his wife was born 10 April 1853.
  • Louvenia Harris Cartwright married William Washington Betts–
  • William Thomas Betts the son of William Betts and Louvenia his wife was born 15 March 1869.
  • Johnnie Betts the adopted son of Louvenia and William Betts was born 26 January 1879.
  • William Washington Betts was born 22 February 1833.
  • Queen Victoria Cartwright married Ephriam G.  Davis 12 October 1879.


Old Cartwright will

Peter Cartwright and wife Jane

Son: Morgan Cartwright

Son: Robert Cartwright

Son: Daniel Cartwright

Son: Timothy Cartwright

Son: Mark Cartwright

Son: Joseph Cartwright

Dau: Elizabeth McBride

Dau: Jane Bray

Dau: Ann Cartwright

Dau: Hannah Cartwright born 10 December 1780

Dau: Sarah Cartwright

Dau: Nancy Cartwright

Youngest sons Timothy, Mark, Joseph and son-in-law Elisha Mcbride

28 July 1781

Wit: Jonathan Herring and William Whitehurst 

Source: North Carolina Bible Records – Compiled by Wilma Cartwright Spence and Edna Morrisette Shannonhouse (1973).


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