ADAM S. DAVIS (1794-1846) Family Bible

Source: Year Book – Volume 4 – Pasquotank Historical Society – Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Compiled and Edited by Edna M. Shannonhouse (1983).

NOTES:  Adam S. Davis was the son of Sanford Davis and his wife, Ann “Nancy” Smithson of Pasquotank County. Ann “Nancy” Smithson is listed in the will of her husband Sanford Davis and in the will of her father-in-law Arthur Davis who died a few years after the death of his son Sanford. Nancy is also named in her father’s will, although he leaves her “nothing”. (See the will of John Smithson.)

Martha Penelope Sykes was the daughter of Joshua Sykes and his wife, Margaret Wood of Perquimans County. All of the children of Adam S. Davis and Martha Penelope Sykes were born in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Adam and Martha settled on the Sykes property that was later deeded to Martha in 1823 by her father, Joshua Sykes.

We do not have the exact date of death for Adam S. Davis, but we know he died in 1846. Frances C. Griffin found at the Archives in Raleigh, N. C. the Estate Papers of Adam S. Davis showing that on 15 Dec 1846 John White went to the Courthouse in Perquimans Co. and stated that Adam S. Davis had recently died and requested that he be made Special Administrator of his estate –the request was granted. –Susan C. Griffin


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