May 27, 1694

Albermarl Co.
Pasquotank Precinct

In ye name of God amen. I GEORGE FLEMING being sick and weake of body but of sound and perfect memory praised be the Almighty God for it doe make this my Last Will and testament hereby revokeing all former wills that hath ???? by me made making them null and voyd.

Imprimis. I bequeath my soule to God that gave it trusting that in and through heinds(?) of my Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ to have compassion(?) and ??? pardon for all my sins that at the last day I may appear without spot or blemish.

2dly. I bequeath my body to the earth from whence it was taken to be desently buried ????? to the discrection of my Executor hereafter mentioned and as for my worldly estate I dispose of it as I have hearafter ????? after my just and lawfull debts are paid.

3dly. I give and bequeath unto THOMAS ELIOTT my long gun to him and his heirs for ever and furtner I give unto HENRY BRAY the Sonne of WILLIAM BRAY my ??? Coate briches skipp derpreese(?) and Hatt

4thly I give and bequeath unto JAMES ROBINSON one cow and calf one ??? increase male or female to him and his heirs for ever.

5thly I give and bequeath all the remaining part of my estate both reall & personally to my Daughter ELIZEBETH FLEMING to her her heirs & assigns for ever and she so be brought up at the discrection of my executor but if it shall please the Almighty God to taeke her out of this world before she comes of age or maryed then my will is that my Executor hereafter mentioned shall enjoy this estate he his heirs & assignes for ever.

I nominate and appoint SIMON RICE(?) my whole & sole executor to see this my Will & Testament and formed In witness hearin I have heare unto affixed my hand and seale this twenty seventh day of May 1694

                                                                                      GEORGE FLEMING

Signed seal & delivered in
The presense of us

His “W B” mark

His x mark

Her x mark


Recorded the 31th day of July 1694

Contributed and transcribed by Judy Merrell Brickhouse
(Transcribed as written, including errors in spelling and grammar.)


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