The Last Will and Testament of


October 20, 1796-July 20, 1800 

I JAMES PRICHARD of Pasquotank County in the State of North Carolina being of sound disposing mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body and that it is appointed for men once to die, do therefore make and ordain this instrument of writing to contain my Last Will and Testament for the disposal of my estate wherewith it hath pleads God to bless me with in manner and form following.

Imprimis: I leave the use of One third of all my lands with the whole of my buildings to my beloved Wife RUTH PRICHARD, during her widowhood, also One fourth of the clear profits of my water mill, or in liese thereof Twenty Five bushels of corn & Twelve & half bushels of wheat yearly leaving the liberty of choice to my Son DAVID PRITCHARD either to pay the corn and wheat or the Fourth of the clear profits as aforsd. During her widowhood. Also I give and bequeath to my loving Wife aforesaid all the property I had by her with it increase, also my Rhode Island Mare, called Blaze, & her horse colt called Pomprey One mare colt (natural pacer) called Light Foot, One yoke of oxen, One third of my sheep, Ten head of Hogs, her own choice, One large pewter dish, One ditto bason, Six do plates, and all the provisions that is or may be laid in for the families use., Two English Blankets, Two cows and calves, her own choice, one coper tea kettle, Six flagg bottom chairs  her own choice, one half of the beaufat furniture to her and her disposal, also the use of the beaufat during her widowhood.

Furthermore I leave to my loving Wife aforesaid the labour of one negro man named Moses, and one negro woman named Hannah with her increase during her widowhood. Also I give to my Wife aforesaid One Eight gallon iron pot that I bot. At the vendue of Benj. Richardson, One Iron Skillet, One new case knives and forks, her choice of those now in the house, to her and her disposal.

Item: I give and bequeath to my Son DAVID PRITCHARD the land and Plantation whereon I now live as far as a line of marked trees which begins at an oak standing in the head of a Little Branch, then along the said line of marked trees to the back line, so along the back line to the Mill Pond for Seventy acres, be it more or less. Also the land & Plantation whereon he the said DAVID PRICHARD now lives containing One Hundred acres be it more or less. Also a piece of swamp land called the Western Branch containing Six acres be it more or less. Also I give to my Son DAVID PRICHARD aforesd. My water mill and a new pare of Mill stones that I lately bought, Also I give to my Son DAVID PRICHARD aforesd. Eight negroes Viz: old Dick & Tamer his Wife, Judah, Solomon, Nan, Rose, Hannah & Miriam one larg iron pot to him his heirs and assigns forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my Daughter CHARITY MORRIS One Silver dollar, and one small case with some bottles, to her and her heirs forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my Daughter PEGGY DOUGE Three negroes viz: Ned, Eady and Fillis, all the pewter branded with the two first letter of her name together with what she has had away to her heirs and assigns forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter MARY DAUGE all the remaining part of the tract of land whereon I now live, that I have not given away already, containing One Hundred acres, be it more or less together with the Creek swamp from the horse bridge down to Samuel Prichard’s line with the land called Hacocks and the land I bought of John Bundy containing Forty acres more or less and one negro girl named Jane, one blue chest, one square table, one looking glass, one small iron pot to her Her heirs and assigns forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my Son JAMES PRITCHARD the land and plantation called Duffy’s it being the land I bought of Thomas Relfe and the land I bought of John Madren and the land and plantation I bought of Reuben Overman whereon Asa Jackson now lives, also a piece of land I hold by a deed of conveyance out of John Jennings patent, also a piece of land I hold by a Sheriffs deed being a part of the aforesd. Jennings patent also I give to my afsd. Son JAMES PRITCHARD seven negroes viz: Isabel, Elijah, Betts, Rachel, Moll, Dick and Ned them and their increase together with all the remaining part of my property not already given of what nature or kind soever or wherever to be found to him his heirs & assigns forever.

Furthermore my Will and desire is that in case my Son JAMES PRITCHARD should die without heir of his body lawfully begotten that all I have given him shall be equally divided between my Son DAVID PRITCHARD and my Daughter PEGGY DOUGE.

Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my loving Son JAMES PRITCHARD and my friends Thomas Jordan and John Price whole and sole executors to this my Last Will and Testament, revoking and disannulling all former wills by me heretofore made, ratifying and allowing this only to be my Last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenteth day of October in the year of our Lord 1796.

                                                                                           JAMES PRICHARD

Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the said JAMES PRICHARD to be his Last Will and Testament in presence of us

Willis Casse jurat

Sally Casse

Marey Casse jurat

Her x mark

Last Will and Testament of JAMES PRICARD

State of North Carolina

Pasquotank County

June Term 1800 

James Pritchard

Thos. Jordan      Qual’d. 

The Last Will and Testament of JAMES PRICHARD deceased was exhibited in open court by JAMES PRITCHARD and Thomas Jordan two of the executors therein named and proved in open court by the oaths of Willis Casse & Mary Casse two of the subscribing witnesses thereto who declared that they saw the Testator JAMES PRITCHARD sign seal and acknowledge the within writing for and as his Last Will and Testament, and that the said JAMES PRITCHARD at the time appeared to be of sound and disposing in mind and memory, that they also saw Sally Casse sign the same as a ?????? witness. The said executors appeared and qualified by taking the oath by law prescribed. Ordered that the will be recorded and letters Testamentary issue.

Test. Will. T. Muse Clk

Recorded 7th July 1800

In Book M. folio 39

P. Will. T. Muse

Contributed and transcribed by Judy Merrell Brickhouse

(Transcribed as written, including errors in spelling and grammar.)


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