JULIAN C. BAUM (b. 1870) Family Bible


Bible in possession of E. O. Baum Riverside Ave., Elizabeth City, N. C.

Marriage at Annapolis, Maryland on January 11, 1892 between Julian C. Baum and Liley Jacob

Julian C. Baum was born 20 August 1870 in Currituck County, N. C. and died 12 May 1935 in Norfolk, Va.  

Liley Jacob was born 6 April, 1868 in Princess Anne County, Va. and died 31 October 1948 in Elizabeth City, N. C.


  • Alan Clark Baum born 17 September 1897 in Princess Anne, Va. 
  • Edward Ossian Baum was born 25 November 1901, Princess Anne, Va..
  • Julian C. Baum was born 11 December 1899 in Princess Anne, Va. and died 22 July 1900 at Princess Anne.
Notes from E. O. Baum, August 16, 1960:
Josephus Alan Baum, born 17 Sept. 1897
Addie Marian Brock, born 19 Sept. 1892

Source: North Carolina Bible Records – Compiled by Wilma Cartwright Spence and Edna Morrisette Shannonhouse (1973). 


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