THOMAS SWANN (1733 Will)




The 7th. Day of May, in ye Year, 1733. Be it rememered that I, Thomas Swann, of the preci’t of pasquotank and province of North Carolina; being very Sick of body but of Sound & perfect mind & memory, thanks be Given to God, therefore caUing to mind ye Mortality of my body, & knowing yt it is appointed for all men once to Dye; Do make & ordain this to be my last Will & testament in manner & form following, Vizt :

1st. I will yt all those Debts or Duteys yt I owe to be well & truly Contented & paid in Some Convenient time after my Decease by my Exors. here after named.

2d’ly, I Give & bequeath to my Son, Samuel Swann, ye Plantation were I now Dwell, to him & his heirs for Ever.

3d’ly, I Give & bequeath to my Son, William Swann, my other plantation wch I bought of ye heirs of Robert Wallis, to him & his heirs for Ever:

Butt in Case Either of my sd Sons shall Sell, alien, Mortgage, or any other way convey. Either of ye Sd Plantations hereby Given out of the name of ye Swanns, that then it shall & may be Lawfull for the other of my sd sons to reEnter & take Possession of ye Same.

Item, I Give and bequeath to my Son, William Swann, my Negro boy Named Jack.

Item, I Give & bequeath to my Son, Samuel Swann, my negro Girl named Dido.

Item, my Will is yt my other plantations at Moyock and in ye prect: of Curratuck, be Sold for money wch I give to my two Daughters, Rebeca & Elizabeth Swann, Equaly to be Divided between them.

Item, my will is yt my part of ye Sloop Swann be Sold.

Item; I will yt a Sufficient quantity of corn be reserved for the family Use & Stock, & ye Remainder be Sold for money.

Item, my will & Desire is yt my Estate consisting in negrows, other Creatures or whatsoever it may, be & Continue & remain in ye possesion of my Dear & Loveing wife, Rebeca Swann, & ye Use of them for & towards the Maintenance & Christian Education of my Children; & when my sd. Children shall attain to Age, then to Draw out of my Estate there proportionable part, or share of Young Negroes, as shall be raised in their Minority.

Item, I give and bequeath to my Dear & Loveing wife my Best feather bed & furniture.

Item, I give & bequeath to my two sons, William & Samuel Swann, Each of them a feather Bed & furniture.

Item, I give and bequeath to my two Daughters, Rebeca & Eliz Swann, Each of them a feather Bed and furniture.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my two Sons, Samuel & William Swann, Each of them a horse, bridle and Sadie.

Lastly, I will that all ye rest of my personable Estate remain Intirely whole in the Possesion of my Wife, Rebeca Swann, untill my Children arrive to there respective ages, or Day of marrage and then to be Equally Divided among them.

And, I Do hereby nominate and apoint my loving wife, Rebeca Swann and my Respected frend Colo. Edward Moseley to be my whole & Sole Exors. of this my Last Will and Testam’t hereby Revokeing & Disanulling all other wills & Testaments
heretofore in any wise by me made, Rattifying & Confirming this to be my Last will & Testam’t and no Other.

In Witness whereof, I have hereunto Sett my hand & Seal
the Day and Year above written.

                                                                                        Thomas Swann. (Seal)

Sign’d, Seal’d, pronounc’d and
Declared by Thos. Swann, as his
Last will & Testament in the
presence of:

Benjm. Pritchard.
Mary Edwards.
Sam: Wise.

This Day personaly appeared before me Benjm. Pritchard, who Declared on the Sollemn aflSrmation of a Quaker that he Saw CoUo: Thomas Swann, lately Deceased, Sign, Seal & Declare the foregoing writeing to Contain his last Will & Testament, and that he was in his full Sences and no Compulsion was offered; and that also he Saw Mary Edwards & Samuel Wise, the other two Subscribeing Witnesses set their hands thereto. Given under my hand at Edenton the 9th. of Augt. 1733.

Geo. Burrington.

Copied from Original Will, filed in the Office of the Secretary of State.

Contributed by Nola Duffy

Copied from Original Will, filed in the Office of the Secretary of State


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