Will of

Agnes Trueblood

will dated 15 September 1692.


Know all men by these presents that I Agnes Trublood of Pasquotank River and of the County aforesaid widdow; through the  naturall affections that I bare unto my dear Children &  for other good reasons and  ___ ___ ____: doe To my voluntary good will and naturall respects to my fore children that is to say Mary Trublood Elizibeth Trublood John Trublood & Amos Trublood I doo freely give unto my fore Children the one halfe of all the negro Children that shall be begotten or born of the body of my negro woman called Diana; And if it should happen that she should have but one that then the young negro to be valued and my Children to have their choyce either the young negro or of halfe worth of ____negro & if the negro woman should have two Children that they shall have theire first choyce; And I doo freely give unto my Children aforesaid the mantainance of those young negros untill my Children comes to age to receive them; That is my daughter Mary to have the first negro child if it Lives my daughter Elizibeth the next as they fall in ___ as above mentioned _____To my Children partcularly as they come to age likewise I do give unto my four Children above said theire mantained untill they comeTo Lawful Age for the use of theire Estate; and to pay them theire portions as they come to Age according to the Appraisment of their fathers Estate as wittness my hand this fifteenth day of September/ 1692

Agnes Trueblood

Transcriber’s note: Agnes (Fisher) Trueblood (1656-1692) was the wife of John Trueblood. They were the first Truebloods in America.

Contributed and transcribed by Bob Stokley

(Transcribed as written, including errors in spelling and grammar.)

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