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In the name of God amen

I Joseph Wood of the State of North Carolina and County of Pasquotank being sick and in a low state of health but thanks be to God I have my perfect sense and under standing and wish to dispose of my worldly estate in the following manner. Viz. That is to say first of all I give to my loving wife Sally Wood my White Horse and Riding Chair and one bed and furniture , and the Boafat and furniture and one chest and one lining wheel and my negro man Tony.

Item the 2nd———–
I give to my Son William Wood one half of the Plantation I now live on and wish it divided by a line beginning on Malachi Smithson’s line and running across to Miles Smithson’s line and William to have the half the house stands on and also one half of the swamp I bought of John Smithson that is the half adjoining the land.

Item the 3rd
I give to my Son Spence Wood the other half of this Plantation and the other half of the Swamp that is the half adjoining Possum Quarter Landing and thirteen acres of the land I bought of Willis Davis and Enoch Winnbery beginning at Isaac and Archibald Frews corner and running down to David Frews corner so as to contain thirteen acres.

Item the 4th
I give to my Son John Wood the remainer part of that tract of land and the piece I bought of Willis Davis adjoining of it together with the piece I bought of Andrew Halstead.

Item 5th
I now leave the land I bought of Asa McCoy and the small piece I bought of John Halstead twenty five acres more or less with all my chattel and moveable property to be sold and I give my Daughters Mary Wood, Elizabeth Wood, Polly Wood, and Sally Wood, and Partheny Wood all thirty dollars each. Then after paying my just debts I wish the balance of my estate to be equally divided among all my Daughters say Nancy Whitehurst, Susanna McPherson, and Mary Wood, Elizabeth Wood, Polly Wood, Sally Wood, and Partheny Wood.

This I make and ordain to be my Last will and testament and do appoint my wife Sally Wood, Elliott Whitehurst and Alson McPherson as my Executors to it this the twenty second day of November 1822.
Signed and sealed in the presents of                            Joseph  x   Wood   {Seal} 
Leml Jinnings                                                                               mark
Joseph Sharber

Contributed and transcribed by Bob Stokley
(Transcribed as written, including errors in spelling and grammar.)


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