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ROCHELLE, Jacob J. – Bible Record

Jacob J. Rochelle Bible – Pender County, NC – Bibles
Subitted for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Sloan Mason

Bible:Jacob J. ROCHELLE of Pender Co.,N.C.
Owned by Mrs. Blake of Onslow Co.,N.C.
Abstracted by Sloan S. Mason

(No Title Page)

Feb. 5th 1876

Holly Shelter, Pender County, N.C.

Brothers of Jacob J. ROCHELLE and wife Eliza

And their children.

Jacob J. ROCHELLE was born May 12th 1820.

Eliza ROCHELLE was born July 7th, 1825.


Edward Green ROCHELLE was born July 25, 1843.

Susan Jane ROCHELLE was born July 3rd, 1845.

Mary Anne ROCHELLE was born Oct. 6th, 1847.

Stratton ROCHELLE was born Dec. 18th 1849.

John W. ROCHELLE was born Feb. 5th, 1852.

Nancy Caroline ROCHELLE was born Feb. 3rd, 1854.

Eliza Priscilla ROCHELLE was born Dec. 27, 1856.

Hannah Seville ROCHELLE was born Feb. 1st , 1859.

Isaac Ransom ROCHELLE was born Feb. 7th, 1862.

Jacob Davis ROCHELLE was born Feb. 7th, 1862.

Owen Gibson ROCHELLE was born Dec. 21st, 1866.

This is the births of Mike P. ROCHELL grandparents and his aunts and uncle’s.



JAMES Family Bible

Bible-JAMES Family Bible

Transcript of Entries in the Old JAMES Family Bible
By Geneva Armstrong Thompson
Copied by Sloan S. Mason

New Hanover Co., and Pender Co.,N.C.



  • Eli H. SHIVAR and Hester A. JAMES were married July 27, 1868.
  • Isaac Thomas MORTON and Sarah A.P.G. JAMES were married February 17, in the year 1870.
  • Jacob K. JAMES and Hester J.L. ROCHELLE were married March 1862, at the residence of Isaac ROCHELLE.
  • John W. JAMES and Nancy C. ROCHELLE were married ———————–.
  • Gibson JAMES and Anabelle MURRAY were married Thursday, April 16, 1885 at Jonathan MURRAY’S in Duplin Co. by Rev. A.L. PHILLIPS.
  • Murray G. JAMES and Elizabeth MCGRAW were married at the residence of Mrs. J.T. WIGGINS in Wilson, North Carolina on June 1, 1926.
  • Dr. Horatio P. BELT and Rosa A. JAMES were married in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, S.A.; on October 25, 1923.
  • J.H. WOOTEN and Martha M. JAMES were married at Newport News, Virginia, May 5, 1920.
  • Ernest K. JAMES and Mary SUMMERS were married in Charleston, West Virginia, on July 6, 1929.


  • John JAMES was born on January 26, 1792.
  • Gibson JAMES was born on Dec. 17, 1854.
  • Ida T. SHIVAR was born on December 17, 1868.
  • Margarett Civil SHIVAR was born on December 28, 1870.
  • Jacob MARSH was born on January 15, 1853.
  • Dorothy O. SHIVAR, daughter of E.H. SHIVAR, was born on October 14, 1872.
  • Hester J. SHIVAR, daughter of Eli SHIVAR, was born on December 22, 1874.
  • Jacob ROCHELLE, the son of Benjamin ROCHELLE, was born on October 29, 1848.
  • Sarah A.P. JAMES was born on February 18, 1852.
  • Lenora Civil JAMES was born on February 6, 1886.
  • John JAMES was born on February 3, 1888.
  • Mattie Mabelle JAMES was born on January 12, 1890.
  • Murray Gibson JAMES was born on November 5, 1892.
  • Earnest Stearns JAMES was born on June 29, 1895.
  • Rose Augusta JAMES was born on August 28, 1897.
  • Joshua Stewart JAMES was born on October 26, 1907.
  • Mary Anna JAMES was born on August 9, 1912.
  • John Yoeman JAMES was born on May 6, 1914.
  • John Holcombe WOODSON, Jr., the son of Mattie Mabelle James WOODSON was born on Nov. 2, 1923.
  • Minnie MORTON was born on July 20, 1875.
  • Civil Senora MORTON was born on July 20, 1875.
  • Nicagah Biddle MORTON was born on Sept. 21, 1877.
  • John Gibson MORTON was born on June 19, 1881.
  • Thomas J. MORTON was born on April 13, 1883.
  • Jacob K. JAMES was born on March 2, 1840.
  • Murray G. JAMES, Jr., was born on May 17, 1927.


  • Susan N. JAMES, departed this life on May 28, 1874.
  • John JAMES departed this life on February 24, 1875.
  • Civil JAMES died on June 6, 1883.
  • Infant son of Gibson and Anebelle JAMES died on February 13, 1906, age 6 days.
  • Anebelle M. JAMES died on May 18, 1934.
  • Margarett Civil SHIVAR departed this life on October 29, 1874, age 3 years, 10 months, 2 days.
  • Sarah A. P. MORTON, wife of I.T. MORTON, died October 3, 1909.
  • I.T. MORTON died June 12, 1912.
  • Hester A. SHIVAR died April 24, 1927.
  • Jacob K. JAMES died on April 3, 1907.
  • John W. JAMES died on December 24, 1917.


JAMES, John W. – Bible Record

Contributed by Sloan Mason

Bible Record of John W. JAMES of New Hanover Co. & Pender Co.,N.C. Abstracted by Sloan S. Mason, from copy sent by Genora Williford (JAMES/ROCHELLE)

New Testament
American Bible Society
(Date not known)


  • John W. JAMES was born April 25, 1845.
  • Nancy C. JAMES wife of John W. JAMES was born Oct. 7,? 1848.
  • Sabrah C. JAMES daughter of John W. and Nancy C. JAMES was born March 14, 1870.
  • Annie C. JAMES daughter of John W. and Nancy C. JAMES was born August 31, 1872.
  • Susan P. JAMES daughter of John W. and Nancy C. JAMES was born June 30, 1874.
  • Marshal G. JAMES son of John W. and Nancy C. JAMES was born Sept. 11, 1875.
  • Jacob O. JAMES son of John W. and Nancy C. JAMES was born July 26, 1877.
  • Katie B. JAMES daughter of John W. and Nancy C. JAMES was born Jan. 14, 1880.
  • Mollie Ines JAMES daughter of John W. and Nancy C. JAMES was born April 7, 1882.
  • Virginia Florence JAMES daughter of John W. and Nancy C. JAMES was born Sept. 12, 1884.
  • John V. JAMES son of John W. and Nancy C. JAMES was born Sept. 18, 1887.

DEATHS (no deaths listed)

(Written in corner of this page-)

Mary Susan ROCHELLE daughter of Isaac ROCHELLE and Sabrey his wife was born November 18th, 1839.

Isaac ROCHELLE, son of Isaac ROCHELLE and Sabrey his




BURTON Family Bible

BURTON Bible Records

These Bible records were sent to me by Ken BURTON a direct descendant of the BURTON family. Please contact him at for further information. (sent by Sloan S. Mason)

These records were transcribed from two family bibles by Thomas R. BURTON, Sr., dated Jan. 27th, 1965.


Thomas BURTON, 1st born; born Feb. 2nd, 1790. Place unknown.

Kizzy BURTON (nee) JOHNSON, his wife was born September 27th, 1797.

(Their home was located down river 4 miles below Chinquapin, N.C. at what has been known and still known as Deep Bottom. However, near what is now known as Sloans.)

My grandmother was one quarter Cherokee Indian which features are still seen in all of her children and descendants. They were large slave owners.

Their CHILDREN were as follows:

1st Basil BURTON born Nov. 28th, 1816; married – recorded as Julia only. They migrated to Red River Parish of Louisiana; in about the year 1856; since which time no further record.

2nd-Susan BURTON born Nov. 11th, 1818-married a PADGETT.

Dickson BURTON was born Oct. 25th, 1820-married a MIDGETT-(may be wrong). He died during the Civil War while returning south, after action in northern Virginia, near or between Kenansville and Hallsville. He is buried on or along the banks of the N.E. River.

Nancy BURTON was born March 12th, 1823, died at age – and is buried between grand dad and wife (my grandmother).

Eliz BURTON was born July 7th, 1825-married a ROCHELL of Onslow Co.

Stratton BURTON was born March 26, 1828-married Singy LANGLEY of Onslow Co.Their old farm is still owned by their grandchildren.

Blaney BURTON was born April 18th, 1831-married a SLOAN, resided at Chinquapin all his life.

Lucy J. BURTON was born Sept. 2nd, 1834 and married a WEST of Bladen Co.

Owen K. BURTON my father was born May 8th, 1837-married Mollie T. BONEY of

Teachey, N.C. Her father was Daniel Teachey BONEY.

Olive BURTON was born Dec. 30th, 1839 and married Jaml. C. JONES of Philadelphia, Pa. He along with my father and Uncle Blaney and Uncle Dixon volunteered for service in Duplin Co. the same day for the Confederate Army.

Laura BURTON was born April 25th, 1845-married a NICKENS of Goldsboro, N.C.


My father’s family is as follows:

Dad and Mother were married April 24th, 1871 near Teachey, N.C.

Children as follows:

Owen Edgar BURTON was born Jan. 21st, 1872, died June 30, 1901.

Mary H. BURTON was born Aug. 8th, 1873-married Wm. M. WILSON of Onslow Co.-she died Jan. 4th, 1933.

Alice Kenan BURTON, born April 12th, 1875-married J. F. STANLEY of Whiteville, N.C.

Katie S. BURTON was born Aug. 14th, 1877-married Louis BATCHELOR, still living near Jacksonville, N.C.

Thomas R. BURTON (myself) born April 15th, 1879-married Edna FRINK of Macon, Ga.; but born in McRae, Ga.

James Daniel BURTON was born April 5th, 1881; married Ruby HOWELL of Columbus Co., she is now living.

Robert Sprunt BURTON born April 16th, 1883, died at 15 months.

Lula A. BURTON was born May 8th, 1885-married John HUDSON of Onslow Co.

William A. BURTON was born Nov. 11th, 1888; still living. Married Annie E. HUDSON of Onslow Co.-died March 10, 1966.

An infant stillborn, August 1890, buried at Manning, S.C.-named Nellie.

Annie Mozello BURTON was born March 25th, 1894-married Dave RAYNOR of Maple

Hill, N.C.

These Records were taken from the two family bibles.

Respfly: Thos. R. BURTON, Sr.-Jan. 27th, 1965.



POWELL-BURTON Cemetery, lists Nancy died 2 Sept. 1855, age 32.

Dickson BURTON married Priscilla WOOTEN

Stratton BURTON married Lucinda LANGLEY

Source:New Hanover Co. Gen. Library-from Ken BURTON

BATTS, John – Bible Record

Contributed by Sloan Mason

Taken from John BATTS bible which Henry C., his son has. J.T.R.?


  • John BATTS was bornd July 17, 1817.
  • Mary Z. BATTS was bornd Feb. 13, 1841.
  • Lunsea KIRBY was bornd August 5?, 1860.
  • John L. BATTS was bornd June 23, 1866.
  • Jerrie S. BATTS was bond Feb. 1, 1869.
  • Ida Bella BATTS was bornd March 17, 1872.
  • George BATTS was bornd Feb. 24, 1875.
  • Mahala Z. BATTS was bornd Feb. 8, 1878.
  • Thomas M. BATTS was bornd May 11?, 1880.
  • David Ransom BATTS was bornd June 10, 1883.
  • Henry C. BATTS was bornd April 26, 1886.
  • Mary Isabell BATTS was bornd Jan. 8, 1919.
  • Azalie BATTS was bornd Dec. 2, 1922.


  • Ida Bell BATTS, Deceased-April 17, 1874.
  • George BATTS, deceased, Dec. 2, 1877.
  • John BATTS, deceased-Dec. 19, 1897.
  • Mary Z. BATTS, died October 18, 1908.


(This family lived in the Maple Hill area of Pender Co., N.C.)


ALDERMAN, Isaac – Bible Record

Published in 1850 by E. H. BUTLER & Company, Philadelphia. Was owned in 1958 by Mrs. Thomas WILLIAMS of Acme, N.C.

Isaac M. ALDERMAN and Susan HIGHSMITH were married Jan. 29, 1835

Jacob WELLS and Mary C. ALDERMAN were married May 13, 1853

J. S. BOONE and L.J. ALDERMAN were married Sept. 16, 1862

T. O. KELLY and M. A. ALDERMAN were married Nov. 24, 1867

W. A. ALDERMAN and A. J. HENRY were married Aug. 17, 1871

James D. ALDERMAN and Mary A. KEITH were married Feby. 8, 1882

Robert H. HALL and Alice ALDERMAN were married Oct. 3, 1888

Maggie HALL and Thomas H. WILLIAMS were married Nov. 25, 1914 in Hopewell Presbyterian Church by Rev. P. L. CLARK.

Isaac M. ALDERMAN son of David and Nancy ALDERMAN was born April 17, 1805

Susan HIGHSMITH, daughter of Isaac and Edith HIGHSMITH was born June 28, 1815

Mary C. ALDERMAN daughter of Isaac M. and Susan ALDERMAN was born Oct. 31, 1835

Lavinia J. ALDERMAN, daughter of Isaac M. and Susan ALDERMAN was born Jan. 27, 1838

Margaret A. ALDERMAN daughter of I.M. and Susan ALDERMAN was born July 12, 1840

Louis T., son of I. M. and Susan ALDERMAN was born Oct. 31, 1842

William A., son of I. M. and Susan ALDERMAN was born May 4, 1845

James D., son of I. M. and Susan ALDERMAN was born Aug. 9, 1847

John W., son of I. M. and Susan ALDERMAN was born Oct. 16, 1850

Major L., son of I.M. and Susan ALDERMAN was born Sept. 19, 1853

Susan A. , daughter of I.M and Susan ALDERMAN was born March 2, 1857

Robert H. HALL, son of Albert and Rachel HALL was born March 1, 1851

Major L. ALDERMAN departed this life May 15, A.D. 1860

Louis T. ALDERMAN departed this life Sept. 16, 1864

Margaret A. KELLY departed this life Jan. 31, 1872

Susan ALDERMAN departed this life March 1, 1887

Susan Alice HALL departed this life December 4, 1913

Helen D. NEWTON departed this life Aug. 8, 1909

Isaac M. ALDERMAN departed this life July —, 1890

Louis T. ALDERMAN, Officer in the Confederate Army, was shot and killed while leading his command. In his death the 18th N.C. Regiment sustained a great loss, his family a dutiful son and the Church an exemplary Christian.