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Costin Surname Research

I found my in my Mother’s Bible the following information:

My mother Corrine Elizabeth Costin Newell :Her Mother Elma Corrine Costin and
sister Nellie Dean Costin were born to Dulie Costin and Stewart Costin. (Dulie
Costin died 06-24-1941). From what I learned Dulie Costin and Stewart were
cousins, and he died at an early age. Dulie Costin were the children of Chancey
Costin and Mary Moore. I can not locate any information on Stewart Costin.

Also in talking with my Mother over the years they lived and own a farm in Watha
or surround area of Watha, and there were several uncles she mention. Uncle
Oscar, Uncle Early, Uncle Mike who married Aunt Laura, and several other names,
one being a sister who I think moved up North. I have listed on some paper work that
is filed away.

I’ve been working on this information for several years here and there. I am not very
good at this, however I fine it very interesting. My plans were to go to Burgaw and
look up data, and visit the cemetery.

Email direct at: Barbara Lewis McFatter
Submitted April 4, 2008